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I'm too dang lazy to put it on!
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I never wear make up anymore. I always feel self-conscious and fake with it on. Plus some days I don't remember to brush my teeth (eww, ick) let alone fiddle with make up. lol
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Originally Posted by tireesix View Post
I am so insecure I CAN'T wear make up tee hee hee. I always think I have done it wrong or that it just highlights my worse aspects lol.
that's why I never got into make up. No one ever showed me anything about it, and I always felt weird about it.

Every once in a while I use concealor under my eyes.
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Originally Posted by BelovedK View Post
I wear it for fun. I sometimes don't wear any though. I am a performer, so I sometimes have to wear exaggerated eyes (which I think is fun~~like playing dress up)
Yep, same here. I almost exclusively wear makeup for performances, but will occasionally play with it on any old day if I'm bored.
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I can't leave the house without brow pencil and mascara.
Anything else I get to apply is a bonus!
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I grew up in North Texas where big hair and lots of makeup were kind of the local uniform. I wore makeup every day from the time I was 12 until I moved to Ohio as an adult. Women here are different in general. (I realize I'm making sweeping generalizations here.) People aren't quite so concerned with outward appearances. It didn't take me long living here to start rethinking why I do certain things. Now, I am much more likely to go out in public without makeup, but it's still ingrained in me that I look terrible without it. I'm trying to change that. I know it's ridiculous.
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I think of make up as just fun. Always have. I don't wear it regularly and will run out of the house all the time without worrying about having a "face on". If I do put some on for daytime I just use foundation, mascara, eyeliner and a light color for lips with my lip gloss or a tinted lip gloss. If I'm going fancy I use the lipliner, the concealers and the eyeshadows too.
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I wear makeup daily...even if im not leaving the house. Why? I enjoy it, i love the ritual of putting it on and having a few minutes of quiet. I love playing with different looks, I enjoy looking polished. I have good skin and could go without makeup, but I like it. I even do my hair everyday. I have left the house before without it, but I usually wake up, shower, feed kids, and get ready for the day..so by 8am I am fully ready.
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I don't wear much

but I have no issue with it

I'm too lazy too wear it (one less thing to do in the morning) but I am thinking about trying some new products.
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I almost never wear makeup, but I don't care if other people do.

I don't know any of these people that will not leave the house without makeup on. I thought that was a made up tv thing.
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I love it...big, gothy 80s eyeshadow (Siouxie!) and red lips. I don't do that just for chasing DS around the house though, of course. I like more creative make-up.
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I wear makeup everyday. Over the years, the look has changed from full makeup to minimal. I don't think it's insecurity- rather I like how I look with better than without.
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I leave the house all the time without make up on. I also like wearing it. I go minimal/natural most of the time though. However, I DO enjoy taking 30 minutes or so to get made up for a date. It's fun for me. Eyeshadow is my favorite thing to play around with.
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Originally Posted by MilkTrance View Post
As someone who does have skin issues, it annoys me to no end when makeup-free women judge makeup users. That's great you have better skin and maybe some eyebrows.

I have very red, blotchy, noticeably "sensitive/irritated" skin, so I do wear makeup most days.

I am also very fair skinned, so I have the sparse eyelashes and small features.

I look one hundred percent better with even the smallest amount of makeup.

It IS sad, but it's not right for anyone to judge. Some people have scars, rosacea or other things they might not want the world to see. I don't view it as any different from wearing a full-piece swimsuit as opposed to a bikini -- some people feel more comfortable with more "coverage" and others do not.
ITA...it must be nice to have great skin but please don't judge those of us who don't! Some tinted moisturizer and/or well blended bare minerals powder make my skin look so much nicer.
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I don't leave the house without it, but it looks like I barely have any on.

Do you wear it only on special occasions?

I wear more-smoky eye, etc. I don't like dark lip color, usually always stick with neutral shade.

Could you not care less about it?

I love makeup-I never used to care about it when I was in my20s and 30s (and interestingly enough I worked as a cosmetics buyer for a large dept. store,) but now that I'm in my 40s I'm appreciating the art behind it and what you can do to enhance/camoflage. I'm mostly interested in treatment and having my skin appear as flawless as possible.

Do you see it as one more thing that objectifies women as sex symbols and produces low self esteem and a distorted view of beauty in the entire female race?

of course not
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I've never really worn makeup except for special occassions. And then it's just eyeshadow and lipstick. I think this stems from high school where school started at 7:20am, and I could either sleep ten extra minutes or do makeup. I chose sleep.

I just don't care for it, the time involved, the money involved, the maintenance involved, etc.

TBH, I don't care for most beauty rituals - just for the reasons above. Never had a pedicure/manicure/plucked my eyebrows/facial, etc. If other people like them, more power to them. They'd probably think some of the things I *do* enjoy are odd, as well.
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I wear makeup to work--I need to look polished and professional. It's growing on me, I don't wear a lot (some mineral powder to cover blemishes, blush, neutral eyeshadow, mascara, maybe some lip tint)....but I still wash it off as soon as I get home. Looks good though!
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I have blonde eyelashes so I wear mascara most days. When I dress up I will add a little blush in the winter, a little eye shimmer to make me feel a little fancy and a lip shimmer as well. My philosohy on make up, to each her (or his for that matter) own. If it makes you feel good about you go for it!
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I don't wear a lot of make up but I put it on most days. The only time I don't is if I'm sick or my kids are sick. I have blonde eyelashes so without mascara, my eyes look lost. So I wear a little mascara, eye liner and eye shadow.
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I wear it everyday and will not leave the house without it. I have a large red birthmark on one cheek, very blotchy, oily skin. I feel much more comfortable with my skin covered up a bit otherwise I am very aware of just how red it is. I would LOVE just to be able to run out of the house after just combing my hair, but if I were to do that then I get comments asking if I have been ill lately.

I also have sparse eyebrows and eyelashes so I help them along a bit.
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