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February 08 - 1 Year Ago We Were All Knocked Up!!

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New month, new thread!

Anyone else's babe have a CRAZY nap schedule? Peter takes one long super nap a day - we're talking like 4-5 hours. No other naps, except for maybe a 15 minute catnap or two.
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That's one heck of a thread title No, mine is boring and conventional and sleeps in buggies and baby carriers and occasionally, even in my arms, and generally falls asleep just as it's time for him to be moved.
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wow hard to believe it has been a year!

i wish henry slept for one nap like that. he still takes a nap about every hour for about an hour. I am kinda ready not only for him to be up longer but to have a schedule of some sort so I can plan outings. He will not sleep in the car or in the stroller and will usually fall asleep in the sling.

Actually I wanted to talk about sleep...ok so at nap time he seems to do better laying down by himself. Sometimes he fusses and i will stay next to him or pat him but if I lay down with him he just smiles at me. Ok occasionally he will fall asleep nursing but he has to be really tired.
but then at night, he will not go to sleep without a fight. I have tried lots of different bed times, but it doesn't matter. I laid with him last night and that worked until he woke up freaking out in pain from his teeth.
Any ideas on how to make bed time fight free? anyone else's LO do that? that and when is a good "bed time"?
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Lol - has anyone here ever forgotten to feed your baby because you weren't looking at a clock? So rediculous!!
no kidding...if he is fussing I always try the breast first, if he doesn't want that then we try something else.

justmama...don't be so hard on yourself. You are doing a great job with 3 girls on your own. being a single mom is really tough, heck being a mom is tough, and we all miss things.
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A year ago I was because I'd gotten my period. I was counting down to O (we conceived Robin June 4).

I guess this means I will start having flashbacks to the crippling morning sickness soon. : God, did that suck. I'm so glad I get to have my baby to enjoy this summer, and not spend the whole time in bed barely able to function. Woohoo!!!

Robin falls asleep in the sling, and sometimes while nursing, esp. at night. Only a few times has she fallen asleep while lying down (and that was with me right next to her).

She suddenly seems SO GROWN UP!! It's kind of scary!!

DH and I are having some rough times. Lots of ups and downs. I'll be glad when things settle in and we get even more comfortable as parents.
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It sounds like my sister is in labor! I am so excited! They're having a homebirth, which I NEVER expected from her. Yay!
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Smokeylo, . I am there with you. My DP and I haven't settled into our new roles either. Some days are really hard, and we aren't married so the possibility of walking away is easier for us. I want us to stay together, but we have to get it together for that to happen. I am giving us a bit longer cuz I really want DD to have both parents, but only if we can be good together.

birthmommom, for you too. DD will also fight bedtime but I just feed her, burp and then cradle her in my arms and hold her until she sleeps. Sometimes she really fights, so I try to use my hands and arms to keep her legs and arms still, kinda like a momma swaddle. Then I watch her signs really closely to see how deep her sleep is before I try to lay down with her, other wise I will have to sit back up and calm her to sleep again if I try to rush it. I sometimes hum a special tune I made up for her, or if she is really loud I shush her and of course there is some form of rocking or bouncing taking place. Other times I talk to her about the sleepy fairy who is on her way to sprinkle some sleepy dust in her eyes.... oops, there she goes, she so fast and she just sprinkled some sleepy dust in your eyes..... I'm not very good about a schedule, its usually sometime after 10 when I go upstairs to bed with her.

I am not sure what day I concieved. DP and I were technically homeless, although it was by choice. We had decided to make a long distance move and had been camping out for about 5 weeks by this point in late May/early June as we explored different towns and stuff where we thought we might like to live. DD was so not in our plans, and unfortunately it has created some stress, mostly on DP's part cuz you know how men are. They have to be able to support a family financially and we were just floating around having a good time, living in a little debauchery, homeless, unemployed and living off our savings. I do know what day my pregnancy made itself known. It was June 24th. I woke up early one morning in our tent and realized I was going to throw up. I had to quickly unzip the tent door and lean out far enough that I didn't get any on the tent. After I was done retching, I looked at DP and said "what was that?" He looked so scared and I am sure I did too, because we both knew even though we wanted to live in denial at that point. On June 24th my life changed, I was also down with crippling morning sickness that seemed to last forever. I think it was about 10-12 weeks long, and that is forever when you are throwing up 5x a day, or everything you eat. It kinda tapered off and one day I just stopped vomiting. Thank God for the placenta! And now I am grateful for this beautiful little girl I get to love for the rest of my life.

Here are some recent pics:

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it doesn't make any sense, I put Henry to bed tonight at 6, he fell asleep in about 5 mins. He woke up 30 mins later. So I spent another 30 mins swaying, and shhing and he fell asleep only to wake up again 15 mins later.

I am so frustrated, he has done this now 3 days in a row. and he just cries...I don't understand.

what am I missing? he is tired...if dh was home he would take him out of bed but I feel like he needs to sleep.

please help.
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birthmommom, read my thread, titles WHAT is going on with her? Mine is doing the same thing. Just crying and not sleeping. Sigh.
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Our bedtime routine:
I give Ocean a bath maybe every other night (I don't always use soap, though), which calms her, put on her "bedtime" diaper (usually a Bum Genius) & pj's...
and then I nurse her on the couch around 8, then when she falls asleep after a nice long nurse, I put her in the bed (she sleeps in the middle between DH & I), she sleeps through the night until 9am (but nurses 2-3 times, without opening her eyes~ when I sense her stirring, I just pop a boob in her mouth )
Around 9am, her eyes pop wide open & she's babbling away.
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Originally Posted by birthmommom View Post
it doesn't make any sense, I put Henry to bed tonight at 6, he fell asleep in about 5 mins. He woke up 30 mins later. So I spent another 30 mins swaying, and shhing and he fell asleep only to wake up again 15 mins later.

I am so frustrated, he has done this now 3 days in a row. and he just cries...I don't understand.

what am I missing? he is tired...if dh was home he would take him out of bed but I feel like he needs to sleep.

please help.
6pm seems really early to me...I think I would keep him up a couple of hours~ maybe give him a nice warm bath, rock him, etc. and put him to bed around 8?
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Originally Posted by applecore View Post
It sounds like my sister is in labor! I am so excited! They're having a homebirth, which I NEVER expected from her. Yay!
Awesome!!! My sister is having her second in July, but I could never convince her to do a home birth, heck...I can't even convince her to *try* to birth naturally
ELV for your sister, can't wait to hear the story
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ELV for your sister, applecore We're way past the anniversary of River's conception, and my bfp, and all the rest of it- he was conceived at about 9.30pm on May 13th (before the results of the Eurovision song contest came in), I ovulated on the 12th, and I got the first bfp on the 21st, but the line was so faint that I wasn't sure whether it was there or not. I've still got the picture on my photobucket
Birthmommom, that sounds like overtiredness to me. I'd try calming your whole afternoon down, moving his bath to the morning and doing a gentle massage before bed. I'm not a big fan of evening baths for babies, I think it gets them overexcited.
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i wasn't knocked up just yet...

i'm pretty sure cash has a regular nap schedule, but i don't really pay attention. i do know that he nurses at 9:30pm then again at 11:30pm and is usually out for the night. maybe waking once or twice.

i still haven't had af... two negative tests and i'm not really feeling pregnant. could the last period have been a fluke? going to see my mw saturday for my check up and pap if still no af. i'll do a test again that day just to make sure. i don't want to join the jan 09 ddc!!!!

check out this picture of cash with his cube
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Elyse, the presence of a period does not imply that you are ovulating, and the only certainty in a woman's reproductive life is that true menstruation follows ovulation within 18 days or so... I can geek out on you at great length, but my guess is that your bleed was a fluke and unrelated to fertility.
FWIW, I had one day's spotting and that was it. I think it was actually just more fertile cervical mucus, as I know that my CM used to be very blood-tinged after the miscarriages. I think this could be just my new normal end-of-pregnancy thing:
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elyse cool photo!!!!!

Helen, you mentioned in the previous thread a connection between low weight and eczema...Nellah does have a small patch on her chin as well as her elbows -- not sure how it's related to having a low weigh in

birthmommom, -- I feel for you! That sounds like Nellah in the beginning, but we seemed to have fallen into a lovely night-time routine. Maybe Henry is growing or his teeth are coming in and this is the time he feels it the most. It's frustrating to listen to your baby fuss and not be able to help them!
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I was preggy a year ago too! I can't beleive it's been a whole year and the Feb. 09 boards are creeping up!!!
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A year ago today,. dd and I were working opposite shifts so I hadn't seen her to tell her. I'd already told what felt like the whole freaking internet, but I wasn't about to tell her on instant messenger.

The high point of my day was struggling to consciousness enough to turn off all the alarms so I could hear dd in the bathroom showering and brushing her teeth before she went to work and I passed out again. We could go for weeks without actually seeing each other long enough to say "hello."

ds1 was living on the streets or with my ex and I didn't know which and the cops in this town made it clear that they weren't going to help.

I didn't have any other family.

Crap, a lot has changed in a year. Granted, a lot had changed and not for the better between my last two insem attempts, but I'm so glad I went ahead anyway. I didn't bring this baby into the world to protect him from it, but to change it.

And he has.

((((((((((((((((Terran-Sage Revolution))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I wanna be more like the baby when I grow up.

As for toys, dd loved her skwish and also her hug a planet at this age and all the competitiveness and backstabbing hadn't started yet, so I feel reasonably good about recommending both products. Terran still doesn't play with toys but he LOVES playing games. He always manages to engage my coworkers at my office job and spent the last day there sort of leaning against my shoulder and standing while I stuck stamps and address labels on 300 postcards. Just sitting still that long was novelty enough. He's all about walking. ds1 held his hands while Terran's feet were on the floor and "walked" him across the room the other day--UGH! I remember what that did to my 24 year old back with dd! At first he was just like his sister and didn't want to do anything else, but he seems to have calmed down now and accepted the fact that I just CAN'T.

His hands are very gentle now: lots of stroking, patting, and caressing and less batting. I'm still wearing my Little House on the Prairie braids and my nursing necklace every day, but since he's more likely to touch something with nerve endings than something without, he's adapted the use of his hands accordingly.

He loves books, but we've moved right along to the regular picture book section of the library since the toddler books just weren't doing anything for either of us. I find myself being very picky these days, but we had a great haul of nature books and history books this week. Hopefully we'll make it to baby dance class tomorrow because he definitely takes after his sister that way, but the gas to get there and back costs about three times what the class itself costs.

He has a fairly predictable schedule now: He'll wake me up with smiles and laughter and reasons to live and pull me out of my funk (I've been sad about my parents and dd1 and other broken things that can't be fixed; don't worry; I'll get over it; it's just a 40-something thang) while I have my kauphy(sp). Then he goes back to sleep in the sling while I do dishes, laundry, and whatever other housework I can cram in before I have to get ready for work. I have to wake him up to get him dressed unless I remembered to do so during his first wakeful period, which isn't pleasant, but he usually falls asleep on the walk to whichever place of employment we're going that day.

He wakes up when we get there usually and is quiet and alert and cute and undemanding and otherwise a poster boy for "take your baby to work" day. His afternoon nap is longer and if it goes on into the early evening it's a good idea for me to lie down in the bed with him when I get home and try to nap while the baby naps.

Then he usually gets up around nineish and depending on the older children's schedules, we may or may not have to be quiet and stay in the bedroom. He likes to sit in my lap at the sewing machine for limited periods of time (although he hates cutting out pattern pieces and that's best done while he's asleep) and we can also read or listen to music on the bouncy ball or splash around in the tub. He's usually down again by one-ish and stays asleep (although he does nurse plenty) until 9 if I'm lucky, 7 if I'm not.

Terran is the pouch sling king of our DDC and has been fine sitting on my hip for limited periods of time for absolutely ages, but he was born on January 18 and he is a big kid. I finally threw my back out last week, but fortunately I didn't throw it out very badly and didn't miss any work, although I did have to break out the ergo to walk across town. Dang, that thing helped a lot! I mean helped as in it felt GOOD, as in the weight wasn't just distributed so that it didn't cause any more damage, but as in it actually helped, as in I'm going to keep the ergo after Terran outgrows it and put a random 20 lb weight in it and walk around the house to help my back kind of helped.

It helped so much that I had no trouble walking home with the sling king back in the pouch again.

New pic--same bamboo tie-dye; glad I "messed up" the neckline so it fit for four months!!!!


hands are very useful things

the sling king in his natural habitat
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Happy Anniversary of getting knocked up Mamas!
May 28th was DH's 30th birthday and the one year anniversary of him and his cup and then me and my IUI. Fun!
So I need to brag about Trixie for a little...
the other day we were in bed still in the morning and she was awake and lying between us where she sleeps and I was playing with her. I asked her where Daddy was and she looked over to DH and then he asked her where Mama was and she looked over to me! I was so proud!

and now some pictures!
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OK, I have to eat my sceptical words on the subject of babies with recognisable words : River's come out with a few consistent ones recently- doggy, hello, that kind of stuff. I might be imagining it, but the kids are sure he's trying to talk.
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