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It's JUNE! What's For Dinner?

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Can you believe it is June already? I can't decide what we are having and I need to make my new menu plan so I was coming to get inspiration and realized what day it was!

Anyway, what's for dinner everyone? :
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1)chicken olive fennel with brown rice
2)tilapia sweet potato bake with sprout salad
3)mustard baked salmon with corn, asparagus & mung sprout salad
4)whole-wheat spag with veggie & bison tomato sauce
5)bean salsa wraps

Yum! Can't decide in which order yet.
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Roasted chicken with oven fries and green salad, turtle cheesecake for dessert.
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BBQ'd chicken (legs and thighs only), scalloped potatoes, romaine w/ left over Caesar dressing I made last night

Breyer's black raspberry/chocolate chip for dessert
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I think I have decided we are having cheesy chicken broccoli rice casserole, dh has been asking for it.
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I already have dinner going since I am using the slow cooker today.

Slow Cooker Beef Brisket
New potatoes
Slow cooked southern style green beans
Yeast rolls
Apple Cobbler and vanilla ice cream -- my neighbor is moving and gave us a huge can of apples, so I think they will work in a cobbler.

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I am thinking it is taco night. I need to find a good spanish rice recipe to go along with.
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Penne with Spinach & Garlic sauce http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com/...e-and-the.html

and some sauted scallops on the side

Poolish Foccasia http://veganyumyum.com/2008/05/poolish-focaccia/

And a tomato, basil, balsamic vinaigrette salad on the side.
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shrimp and king crab linguine with garlic-lemon sauce, zucchini and diced plum tomatoes.

It's dh's idea - he is cooking tonight, wOoT-wOoT!!

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Yesterday was the first chicken pick-up day at our local farm, so last night was roasted chicken, potato gratin, and mixed greens salad with goat cheese and tomatoes.

Tonight will be Thai food.

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Wow. Everyone's dinners sound so yummy. I am hoping to get some creative ideas from this thread.

Tonight we had shrimp, spinach, and cheese quesadillas and balsamic roasted potatoes.

For the menu this week is: tortilla soup w/ cornbread; pancakes, veggie sausages and cantelope; tofu and spinach in peanut sauce over brown rice. That's all I've got so far. I need to do some menu planning.
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Tonight we had sloppy joes in wheat pitas with cucumbers and some fresh corn on the cob!
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firecracker salmon, braised bokchoy, and probably brown rice.
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Last night was 2 different kinds of pork chops, mashed potatoes and steamed green beans.

Tonight we're having polish sausages and sauerkraut at my mom's.
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So its the height of mango season around here. We know how lucky we are and so are taking advantage of it at every turn...

Mango BBq pork tenderloin with pita chips and mango sweetened guacamole

Mango chicken

Fresh spinach salad with garbonzo beans, bacon and egg and vinegrette.

Coconut crusted fish and coleslaw
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Last night dh made chicken verde enchiladas and rice.
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Grilled Greek Chicken
Spring Celebration Orzo
Sliced fresh tomatoes
Garlic bread

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i haven't been cooking much lately that is why i haven't been posting. we have been super busy so we either go out or wing it at home. i hope i am back in the kitchen though for now. i got the whole week planned out. tonight we are having honey glazed salmon on the grill, mashed sweet potatoes w/ginger, grilled asparagus and honey flax bread. mmm..mmmm....goooood! can't wait till dinner!
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Originally Posted by octobermoon View Post
honey glazed salmon
Oooh, recipe please? : I just realized last night that I am officially burned out on my erstwhile favorite, firecracker salmon.

No idea what's on the menu for tonight. I've got a million ideas but no energy to make any of them.
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Tonight we have t-ball so we'll be snacking before and then have panini's and fresh fruit after.
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