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I had my first "successful" hot weather run yesterday. I've done a few in the heat with disastrous results, but the key seems to be run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute and drink water, and then repeat. It was only 3.5 miles total, but it felt so good to not let the heat conquer me and to maybe feel like I will be able to build my base back up over the summer so I can train for a December mary :

plady - : on the diva... I've also learned that they are not good for wearing on AF day 1 on a 15 mile run with a mostly-male running group... "Callie, what's taking you so long in the porta potty?"

Po7 - I hope you feel better!!
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Anyone use house cleaners? I could use some advice
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thanks jaygee and tjsmama! i think i have a grasp on the concept now. i think it will be easier at first for me to do this on the treadmill. i know there is a track at the high school up the road so i just need to figure out when i can hit it.

hoping to go for a run in the morning, before it gets too blistering hot!

oh and get this: we had a swim meet scheduled for tonight but they had to cancel it because one of the kids on the opposing team had an accident in the pool during their warmups! yes, poop. so they decided to shock the pool and then told us the kids could not swim for two hours afterwards [just as well!] so they called it off. i was fine with it being canceled and i couldn't help but feel sorry for whatever kiddo had the accident.
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RR: Tonight was week 1, day 1 of c25k for me.: I alternate between feeling pure joy at moving again and solemnly realizing how far I have to go to get back to where I used to be.

I wore the Fiona bra on the tightest setting and it seemed to help. I noticed my boobs less, which has to be a good thing under the circumstances.

My knee issue is still there. The pain is right on top of the kneecap. It is kind of erratic though, which is new - i.e. it comes and goes and even happens going uphill. Most of my knee issues in the past seemed to be mostly related to going downhill or down stairs (basically, weak quads). Anyway, it's not bad and I will just keep an eye on it as I move through c25k. I need to find out if it's ok to take glucosamine/chondroitin while BFing.

NRR: DS is growing like a weed. We are definitely going to have to shop for summer wardrobe, take 2, as he is growing out of 6 mos. sizes. It's crazy - things that fit in the last week or two just suddenly don't anymore. This is all new to me because EK's age and clothing size more or less stayed in sync.
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We're heading back to St. Louis today for a quick 4 day visit. The kids are so excited to see our old neighbors, and I am bringing my bike so I can ride with my old tri club . Have a great rest of the week, everyone!
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Congrats Eksmom!!!!!

Enjoy, Jaygee, have a great time!

must wrangle kids who have NOT gotten enough exercise lately (curse you RED SMOG DAYS!!!!!!! : ). rr: 4.5 with my neighbor, we're getting faster!
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eksmom - Yay on c25K! Let the pure joy at moving be your major emotion!

poppywise - In 6 years of swim team with my kids, I haven't seen that one happen. That poor kid!

RR - Ran 4 ish on the treadmill last night. I had a big plan to go run my speed workout on the track this am before I have a scheduled cesarean with one of my clients, but it was storming when I woke up - plus the hospital called me about 6 times last night and I'm tired. The lock the track at the high school at 2:30 pm, so I'm not sure if I'll get there of if I'll have to try to do it on the treadmill tonight.
I faxed in my re-commitment to the marathon last evening (today is the deadline to say you are really going through with it!) I've raised a little over $500 without a lot of effort so far, and now have 2 mos or so to hit the fundraising goal. I'll be officially entered in the marathon by the end of the week! Now I have to actually do it, I guess!
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HELP!! I need yalls opinions on a NRR thing...

DH wants to take a week at the end of July go visit his parents. However, I've used up almost all my vacation time on our recent trip and I have a huge amount of work and research that I wanted to finish this summer. We don't want to push the trip back bc that week is right before DD starts her new preschool, and we thought that going then might make the transition from her beloved babysitter easier and prevent us from having to take our vacation week at the preschool later on this fall.

He is okay with taking DD and going by himself, but I'm having a lot of guilt about that option... not only would I mostly enjoy seeing the ILs, it would also be nice to get out of AZ when it is so hot, and I would miss DD so much while they were gone. But I like the idea of having some time home to work and get organized for the fall semester, it would save us a little $$, and it would be nice to not get stressed about visiting the ILs. I've taken DD twice to my parents w/o DH, but that seems a little different, I'm not sure why... I keep worrying too that the ILs will think I don't like them.

Am I being totally neurotic? Is it totally crazy and anti-family for me to consider staying home?? Have any of yall done this?
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Originally Posted by calicocj View Post
Am I being totally neurotic? Is it totally crazy and anti-family for me to consider staying home?? Have any of yall done this?
Not neurotic... realistic! I did almost the same thing when DS was about 3. DH took DS for a week to my MILs in Savannah and I stayed home in Illinois. They had a GREAT time.
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ITA with Jaygee....it's great daddy time and at least in our family, while the ILs like me, they REALLY care about seeing the kiddos. enjoy the time!
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Callie - stay home, get a lot done, and your DH and DD will have a blast!

No run this morning...but I did mow part of the lawn. Planning 3 miles either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I did quarter-mile repeats yesterday (4 of them) and they were all between 2 minutes and 2:08. That was way faster than the ones I did on the TM in early spring...but I think that has more to do with the gradual increase in speed that the TM requires. Still, I am hopeful for a relatively speedy 5K in August.....
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Callie - Let them go! They'll have a great time and so will you. Dh has taken dd a couple of times on his own (though the time that I didn't have Ali G it was only for two nights) and it has been great for all involved.

No RR - yesterday we went off island to do a big shopping trip which is a totally exhausting day so my Tuesday run is going to have to wait for Friday.
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forgot to forward my mini marathon pics. Picture #21 has great legs! (if I do say so myself )
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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post
forgot to forward my mini marathon pics. Picture #21 has great legs! (if I do say so myself )
Is a cat call inappropriate?
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Hello Dingo Friends!!!

Just subbing for now and hope to check back, read about Pumpkinseed's new little one and probably not get caught up, but hopefully jump back in.

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
Is a cat call inappropriate?
: Lisa you look awesome!!

Thanks yall for your reassurances! DH is coming over to my office this afternoon to buy flight tix so : that I keep my nerve up and let them go Although now I'm second guessing bc of the allure of getting out of the heat for a week
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eks~: Yay for c25k! Are you doing any kind of quad strengthening? If it's your quads that are the culprit, there are a bunch of really easy exercises you could be doing to help things out a little.

I am feeling pretty good about life right now. I've had good healthy food today, good workouts, took DS to the playground this morning, have plans with friends the next 3 days (including meeting up with geo on Saturday!), H finally emailed our therapist to get things set up to go back in. Life's not too shabby. I am ever so slightly irritated that the bike course for my race on Sunday has been changed/shortened just because it throws off being able to truly compare to last year's results and see how much improvement I've made. Oh well!

rr~Track workout this morning. Everybody else did a ladder: 400, 800, 1200, 800, 400. Those of us racing this weekend did the same thing, but without the 1200. I hate 1200s! Then I decided to do a pseudo brick and went to spin class (I call it pseudo brick because it was 5 hours later!). Spin class was freaking HARD after doing a track workout this morning! I usually prefer being out of the saddle in spin class, but today every time we were out my quads were just SCREAMING at me. In a good way, of course!

I decided to go ahead with a semi-taper. Harder (double) workouts today, easy but slightly long-ish run tomorrow, and Friday and Saturday off. Partly taking Friday off just so we can go to the pool with friends, but that's ok! I get my MRI results on Monday, and then I can officially plan out the rest of my training up to the Oly.
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Dang Lisa! Those are SOME LEGS! Great pics. I can't believe how good you look at the end of a race. Cute haircut, too!

Gaye- I'm glad things are good. It makes life a lot nicer, doesn't it?

Hi Cheryl

Callie-I'm sure your dh and dd will have a great time.

Zumba was great this morning. I wore my new skort. I'm glad I tried it for zumba first. It totally will not work for me for running (maybe short distances), but the undershorts ride up SO much. I actually had a wedgie of the entire shorts leg. : I looked obscene pulling it out after each dance.

I talked to my cousin last night. We run the P'tree together, but she told me she hasn't trained enough and will just jump in about half-way. That really kind of irritates me. : Those numbers are precious and it just doesn't seem right.

Does anyone know of another product like Body Glide?
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Congratulations JenLove!!!! Woohoo!!! You sound so good, too.

Pumpkinseed, I've been looking for your birth story and so far, no luck. I am so excited to read about G's arrival.

If anyone can point me toward Pumpkinseed's birth story I would be much obliged.

The Boph and I just finished 2 miles. She decided she wants to do the sprint tri with me in just 4 weeks. She's a super strong swimmer, but she doesn't ride her bike much or run for running's sake. So, I'm going to do a couple miles of walk/running with her most days between now and then and then she'll inspire me to get on my bike, which I haven't been doing enough of. I also haven't been in the lake yet. It's so danged cold!!! I'm still doing these events but I'm so not ready for them. It'll be fun to do the half with my sis and the sprint with my kiddo.
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HBM - I've read of a lot of runners using Aquaphor for preventing chafing... that might be worth a shot.

I've never tried it bc it seems like it might be too thick, but hey, if Dean Karnazes likes it...
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