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Originally Posted by kate~mom View Post
i'm off for speedwork with adult running friends.
Originally Posted by kate~mom View Post
oh caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallie. i have in my hands something that you wanted.
: I may be making something out of nothing here, because I'm too lazy to go back and check posts, but :
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what??? what are we lurking for????

eks, I finally looked at your MT pictures....SO cute! and Griffin is totally adorable. Such a smoochy little baby face! Glad you guys are liking the carrier.

I should have run this morning just for sanity's sake but did not...the kids actually slept kind of late and I could not ratchet myself out of bed. And ITA with katemom that my kids (and I) need something structured every day.

I have another job offer on the horizon, speaking of, but I HATE HATE HATE that it's always all rumors and speculation. This time it's someone who actually talked to my dh so it's pretty straightforward, but I still feel like I'm waiting on a date to call. hoping it works out this time...it's another close church that I really like and the senior is a great guy, no weirdness like before. so we'll see. I also got a freelance gig which I'm excited about that came out of the SLC thing I'm doing in a few weeks. Good to have some work.

I'll be running tomorrow if the radar looks good, plus Saturday. and I'm going to force myself to do yoga again today to be in solidarity with HBM and her hellacious body sculpting class!
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i ran this morning while kids were at swim team practice and it sucked. i was having a hard time breathing - probably due to humidity and poor air quality. i really should get up much earlier to run when it's cooler but have not found the motivation yet...not sure where it's hiding!

cheryl ann!
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Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
: I may be making something out of nothing here, because I'm too lazy to go back and check posts, but :
nothing major - a book with some writing in it.
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Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy View Post
I forgot to mention I was shopping on drugstore.com the other day and did a search for Body Glide and found a liquid. I thought it was perfect-no crumbling mess. I started reading the reviews (which were stellar, for the most part) and then I realized they were talking about a whole different type of product. :

Originally Posted by kate~mom View Post
oh caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallie. i have in my hands something that you wanted.
So... : do you think a little paypal your way would convince you to part with it? :

you are awesome But Eksmom, don't get too excited, it is nothing involving Sports Lick

MB - : for the job!

DrJen - glad your DH is okay! and happy bday to your DS!

tjs - love your pics! your son is such a cutie!!
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Hellacious body sculpt done. I think I actually cried from the pain. I was planning a short run afterward, but sheesh, my legs are like jelly. Maybe tonight...

Plady-wanna pass that arnica salve this way?

Poppy-yeah, we have totally sucky air quality right now. Yesterday was red, but today it's back down to orange. We seriously need rain for many reasons around here. Good for you for doing it, though.

: <----This guy is just too cute. Here's some love and joy for all of ya!
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DrJen, I'm glad your dh is okay! What a PITA! Happy 11th birthday to Justin!

Ouch, Plady! Hope it heals quickly!

Megs and tjsmama, can you guys please remind me why Ibuprofen is not good to use? It is a regular part of my day and I need to hear why I should give it up.

Hi Poppy! I think your motivation is hiding with mine.

I'm getting lots of work done this morning. When Sophia wakes up (it's 10 and she's still sleeping!! Wow!) we're going to go do 2 miles again.
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poppy, do you have anybody you could meet to run? I would SO not get out of my bed that early (therefore missing the good air) if my neighbor were not waiting for me.

HBM, I missed your earlier story that is hilarious. And I have to admit every time Mr. J pulls the bodyglide out of my bag I am a bit embarassed at the name in public! heh heh.
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RR: Sophia didn't get up until 11 and she was still too groggy to want to go with me and I really wanted to get out the door. Man! She has always been my best sleeper, but this adolescence thing seems to be starting a little early. Naomi still doesn't sleep much. Anyway, I left without her and took a route on a dirt road where I can bring my dog off leash. She will heel without a leash but most of time time I let her roam. As soon as a car comes or another runner or dog I just call her and she heels. It's amazing! I was only going to do 2 miles with Sophia. Even though I've been putting in longer runs they've all been really lousy so I am trying to run shorter and more often. I got to a mile and felt really good so I kept going. I ran right past 1.5 miles so I decided to do a total of 4 and make 2 miles my turn around point. I felt really good until 2 miles and my heart rate stayed right around 150 where I want it to be. But, at 2.3 miles it started shooting up and was hanging out around 180. Of course that feels lousy, so I started walking. The whole time I was walking my HR never went below 145. I have got to figure this out or I will never be able to run anything over 3 miles without feeling like crap. Maybe I need to be bringing water even for short distances? Maybe a sports drink? I don't need the calories, though. These are stinking short runs!

Anyway, I'm frustrated about it and don't know what to do. My hip is not better but I'm doing piriformis stretches and gluteal and quad strengthening so I'm hopeful about that right now. My limiting beliefs start to pop again like, "See? I was never meant to be a runner. My body is just not made for running."
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Cherylann, megs has way better info on the ibuprofen stuff than me, but I did want to chime in about your hip. I have found, through my PT experiences over the past few months, that core strengthening really can be the key to hip pain. If you think about it, if your core is weak, you get too much pelvic motion when you run, which then causes issues with the hips/it band/piriformis, etc. If you haven't already tried it, I strongly recommend getting on a good core strengthening program, as well as icing after every run. It's made a huge difference for me!

Oh, what a day. Started off well enough! I met a good friend to run this morning with the kiddos in the chariots, then we hung out at the playground and talked while the kids played. I headed over to Lowes to pick up ceiling fans for my DIY project that I'm going to attempt. I had the fan all picked out, but when I saw it in person, the blades were too light, so I found another one I liked. Picked up a ladder and went and paid, took it all out to the car and loaded it in, then looked at the receipt. She only charged me for one of the fans. So, being the honest person that I am, I unstrap DS and go back in to pay (and she gave me a 10% discount, which was nice). Get home and find that the new one that I picked up doesn't have a remote (which I really need). : So now I need to make another trip to Lowes to return the stupid things and find a new one that I like that has a remote. And of course, DS was pretty much a complete angel all day until we got home where he turned instantly into Cranky McCrankerson. I would ask when the two's get better, but I've heard the three's are worse. I took DS and my bike to the bike shop across the street to get my flat repaired. DS refused to walk, so I had to carry him while walking my bike. Then the guy accidentally popped the first tube, and my ear has been ringing intermittently since, causing a nice headache. Is it time for bed yet?

rr~A slow, but chatty 45 minute run with my friend. Neither of us was really in the mood, but we knew we needed to do it, so we forced ourselves. We ended up getting just over 4 miles in, so not terrible, but definitely not fast! Tomorrow and Saturday are off days before my race, then Monday I will get my MRI results. I'm getting a little scared that I have a meniscus tear...it's been getting worse and is actually starting to bother me a little when I run now. :
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Breathing a collective sigh of relief. Crisis #1 averted: dh has a half-time load for fall semester. We shall a). have health insurance we can afford and b). have enough $$ to do more than the *bare* minimum.

I've been absent because I've been working at a camp this week. Today was a day I was supposed to take off from camp to work with my advisor on getting a paper out the door but unfortunately she miscarried her 10w baby. I'm really sad for her. But I also took the day to have a little fun in the middle of a super tough week.

And running related -- it is finally hot here (well for Minnesota). I've been running at 6 am. It is working well for me. Good thing sunrise is at 515 these days or I'd never drag my rear out of bed.

Ladies, I am so relieved that dh has employment. I wish he'd apply for bigger and better things, but this gets us through the short term. We will probably not make the big gathering in July, but I'm chatting with him this evening regarding just that.

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CherylAnn - I have been going through some hip stuff too, ever since the marathon... The PT said similar to what tjs said about the core, but also that I didn't have any strength on the insides/outsides of my legs, because all I really do is run, walk, and bike - so the front and back muscles are stronger and the sides are weaker. That was compounding a tiny bit of toe out on one of my feet, and making the hip problem worse.

I've been doing stuff to strengthen those areas - like squat side steps (like the pic except w/ an exercise band tied around my ankles) and also a modified version of the same thing, except stepping backwards and out (at a 45 degree angle) from the squat and doing that alternating legs backwards across the room. Also lying on my side, knees at 90 deg angle w/ exercise band around my knees, open and closing the knees; side lying leg lifts, stuff like that....

I don't know, maybe you already do some of those, but if not, it might be worth a shot
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Cheryl, taking NSAIDs in the first 48 hours or so after an injury (so I'm just talking about acute injuries here -- not chronic like you are) can interfere with the body's ability to heal itself fully. I'm sure after a while it kind of evens out, but in some of the studies we've looked at, muscle strength and connective tissue strength were both impaired in groups that took NSAIDs compared to control groups that didn't take anything.

RR: I ran almost 3.9 on Tuesday night and it RAWKED. Finally I feel like I'm getting my wheels back under me. Tomorrow I plan to ride my bike to the 50M pool (though I am a-skeered about traffic), do 1000M or so, then ride home. Good study break, eh?
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Originally Posted by Mommabelle View Post
I'm liking the sound of all these races! Just need to come up with $$!

Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post
forgot to forward my mini marathon pics. Picture #21 has great legs! (if I do say so myself )
Awesome pics!

Originally Posted by VeganCupcake View Post
I've used Sportshield. It has worked pretty well on my feet, under my bra straps, etc.
Must try something like this. I have been wearing my Garmin heartrate monitor and it is too big so it constantly moves and causes irritation. I think it is weird tht it is one size and is so big. :

Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy View Post
OK-I just ordered from Zombie Runner.com. I also got a hat and a pair of socks, but sheesh, I could have spend thousands on that site. They have everything.
Must shop now.

Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post
Sigh. My speed workout bit the dust today unfortunately. I was going to get up early and run on the track, but it was raining and I'd been up a lot in the night and decided that was reason enough to stay in bed. So I planned to do it on the treadmill while Catherine was at swim practice this evening, but my dh was in a car accident and I had to go pick him up an hour away. Fortunately, he's fine, but the car is not. He was stopped in traffic and the pick up truck behind him was hit from behind by an SUV - the guy in the pickup saw the SUV coming and tried to turn to the side to not hit my dh, but wasn't fast enough and his truck was pushed all alongside the driver's side of dh's car, and both dh's car and the pickup were pushed into a tow truck in front of them. We don't know for sure yet, but the shop where they towed his car on a quick estimate guessed $3000-3500 worth of damage. We were planning to hopefully give this car to oldest ds in the fall (it's only 4 years old but has 150,000 miles on it because dh drives so much) as ds's car has 210,000 miles on it and is burning oil and losing coolant all the time. We haven't talked to insurance yet, so don't know whether they'll want to repair it or what.

Anyway, by the time we got home, we decided we'd better take poor Justin out to dinner for his birthday (my youngest son is now 11!) as he always somehow gets shorted on his birthday. Seems like something always happens on his birthday. Now it's too late to run. Hopefully, I can sneak the speed workout in tomorrow night instead.

And add me to the club who couldn't understand why someone would buy a product called Sports Lick - I was having a hard time understanding that one!
Glad your DH is OK and and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your ds.

Originally Posted by poppywise View Post
i ran this morning while kids were at swim team practice and it sucked. i was having a hard time breathing - probably due to humidity and poor air quality. i really should get up much earlier to run when it's cooler but have not found the motivation yet...not sure where it's hiding!

cheryl ann!
I really must do my long run really early this week. It goes so much better. I just hate to do it when the kiddos are sleeping. It seems so much better to take an bit of time to myself at night.
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I totally appreciate all the hip advice, tjsmama and Callie! I have been doing a core class 2x a week. Unfortunately, it aggravated my issues. I saw the ortho I went to for my shoulder and he ordered an MRI, found nothing, and suggested piriformis syndrome and that I see a back specialist. So, I have an appt. at the end of July for that. This has been going on for 3 years. I enjoyed the core class and felt stronger, but it was discouraging that it increased the hip pain. I've taken a break for the last 2 weeks, but plan to start up again on Tuesday. The hip injury originally was caused when I pulled my psoas while diving into the lake 3 years ago. I've been running through it since then, knowing it was related, but trying everything I could find info about to get it better. The only thing that helped was some special kind of massage done by a PT during my marathon training, and whatever form of woowoo massage my friend does (she is very intuitive and throws in lots of energy work. Unfortunately, she was away at school for a couple years). She is now a licensed acupuncturist, so she is going to be giving me both kinds of treatment starting next Tuesday.

Things you've suggested that I haven't done...I don't ice after every run. I usually just ice when I climb into bed at night while dh and watch a little tv. And probably only a couple times a week at most. So, I'll start icing immediately after running. Also, while I'm doing lots of quad and gluteous maximus and even some gluteous medius (which involves some outside leg) work at core, I'm not doing a lot of side leg strengthening. My PT gave me those exercises and I have the bands to do them. Just haven't done them in a year. They didn't make a difference for me last year when I was doing them consistently, but that doesn't mean it won't work now. So, I'll pull out my bands and do them again. Thanks for the reminder!

Megs, thanks so much for the Ibuprofen info! You've given me that before and I just couldn't remember.

Oliver cut his foot at the lake today. It happened just as the on-call person at the clinic had taken his last patient, so I had to fork over the co-pay at the ER to have it stitched up. The funny thing was, my kids were all at a birthday party for one of Naomi's friends. They were having a tie-dye t-shirt painting fight, squirting each other with dye. So, when I got the call he was injured I hurried over to find him covered literally from head to toe in multi-colored dye. When we first walked into the ER people were really alarmed because he was shirtless and it looked like he was covered in horrible bruises. His feet were the worst, but instead of looking bruised they were just deep blue. After the initial shock wore off, the ER staff were all amused. I need to get pictures before it starts to wear off! He can't get in the tub until tomorrow night, anyway, so I still have some time. The cut was more than an inch wide and about 1/4 inch deep. Not bad, but since it was on the bottom of his foot he got three widely spaced stitches. Poor kid. He's been such a trouper, but a bit emotional this evening, thinking about family he misses and pets that have died. Funny how acute injury can bring up stuff sometimes.

Planning a quick 2 mile run first thing tomorrow as I have to be in town by 10 AM (I'm so spoiled!). Might be swimming with dh in the evening. He's been learning TI and doing so well swimming in the lake!!! He is more than ready for his Olympic tri!!! I'm so proud of him.
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Cheryl, what Oly Tri is your DH doing? I signed up for the Apple Capital in Wenatchee on 24 August. I'm not going to smoke it, likely (considering the lazy training I've done so far), but I think I'll finish it OK and have a good time.
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Originally Posted by Megs_BK View Post
Cheryl, what Oly Tri is your DH doing? I signed up for the Apple Capital in Wenatchee on 24 August. I'm not going to smoke it, likely (considering the lazy training I've done so far), but I think I'll finish it OK and have a good time.
Very cool, Megs!! I'll be there to cheer you on! Fletcher is doing the ChelanMan
. But he's also talked of doing the Wenatchee Tri. His training is going so incredibly well. I think he'd be ready for the Half Iron! But, this is his first one, so he's being conservative. We may have a few more friends doing the Wenatchee Tri. I'm so excited that I'll get to see you there!
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Hi dingoes....just back from nearly-three humid miles....it was supposed to be a "tempo run" but I crapped out after 2.75, walked a bit and then sprinted the last 0.2. at least the 2.75 were at tempo pace.

Our dog seems to be getting worse...he had one hypoglycemic "episode" yesterday and one today. And he is having accidents in the house, which he never ever used to do. This stinks.

Anyway...I'm planning 6 miles this weekend and taking my kid to a 5-year-olds birthday party where there will be 12 kids. Gulp. Not my kind of fun. DD2 is already planning her 3rd birthday party..."chocolate cake, pink frosting on it, Seepy Booty* candle, I blow it out!" She knows her birthday is in August, but I don't think she has any concept of what "August" means....she just hears us tell other people that's when her birthday is.

*Sleeping Beauty - she's on a huge princess kick, which must be a recessive-gene thing.
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Nancy, I think many of us have been shocked by the princess phase. It IS just a phase, right (as my dd prances around the house at this moment in full on garb )????

I ran my 8.5 loop this morning and took another 3 minutes off! Not sure what is up but it's fun to keep improving. I'm wondering if I can really smoke a half in six months or so. If it's not pouring rain, right?

kerc, glad y'all are out of the woods! whew.
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So, does the princess thing skip a generation? how does it work? my mom was a tom boy and I was very prissy and into dress up and princesses... is this a good empirical model for predicting that DD will be a tom boy? I was kind of looking forward to the princess stage


kerc - I'm glad your DH's job worked out for the fall!

cherylann - too funny about the dye, but glad your DS is okay!

Did a quick 2 miles last night, planning 5-6 for tomorrow....
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