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Originally Posted by Andee View Post
Oh, me too! I expected weird cycles for at least a few months, but they seem pretty average so far. The only weird thing is that before bcp, my cycles were very long (32-40 days) and erratic. These last two cycles post bcp have been 28 and 27 days respectively. The only other thing that changed while I was on bcp was me going vegan, but I don't see how that would have an effect.
you know i have a feeling going vegan might make a difference, maybe i read it somewhere?? but i don't know for sure. like, since your body is so much healthier, and has to deal with fewer toxins it might be more efficient? or something, i don't know. i'm vegetarian, semi-vegan actually, i got lazy. i do know that not eating dairy is supposed to help PMS type symptoms for those who get them though.
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I've been totally out of it this cycle, barely charting. Bad CTA'er.

You know what I hate? That we have all this amazing 'technology' and information available to us, such an awareness of what is going on- and I still don't trust it.

I told DH on day 20- I'm going to be late this cycle. I know I will, just so you don't freak out.

But of course... starting on day 27- I start running to the bathroom and the slightest feeling of moisture, convinced that I'm starting my period. Why won't I just believe myself that I won't start until day 32 onwards?? *smacks forehead* I'm on day 31 today and just barely started to feel like I'm going to start soon towards the end of the day today, but I've been on edge since tuesday.
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Originally Posted by akaisha View Post
well i'm no expert, but if you did O on day 20, then you're only 8 DPO (and have only 6 (or 7 depending on the day with no temp) DPO above the coverline), that could easily be too early for a HPT to pick up a pg, it depends how long your luteal phase usually is. you can tell when AF is due by looking at your old charts to see how long your luteal phase usually is, if it's usually 10 days you should have AF in about 3 days, etc.

in any case, if you DTD on CD 15, and didn't O till CD 20 it's possible that you could be pg (sperm can survive up to 5 days), but not all that likely. it's hard to say without having any info on CM, since they would need five days of fertile CM to live from CD 15 to 20. and since you did use withdrawal, your chances of being pg are less than if you didn't.
Thanks! That's more or less what I was thinking. As far as getting a positive HPT, I tested at 8dpo with DS and got a very faint line. My luteal phase has been super-short since DS was born, so I wouldn't think that would be a good indicator at this point and I don't think my pre-pregnancy LP lengths would be much help at this point either.

But, in any case, when I put in today's temp, FF moved my crosshairs to CD26. That seemed off to me, so I took out the temp from that day, which was probably low because I woke up with no blankets on, and it now shows me Oing CD24, which makes the most sense to me because it's the only day all cycle that I noticed my CM, which was copious amounts of stretchy EW on the tp. So, as I suspected in the back of my brain, not even the faintest chance of a pg and now we are at 5 dpo so we're safe to dtd. Thanks again for the help!
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Hey. I'm new. I just went to my NFP class last night! This is going to be out practice month, I'm still on b/c but we're going to temp and record to get in the habit. When I get off b/c I'll post my chart up.
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i'm excited, my temp dropped this morning and am now spotting, maybe i'll end up getting the temp drop on a regular basis and last month's continuous high temps was just a fluke? i hope so.
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double post
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Just have to say... have a low grade fever from a sinus infection has made charting this cycle a huge pain in the butt!
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I'm temping again! I haven't been since I went on a roadtrip in March. Have been paying attention to CM. We don't use protection all the time, so I've had a few times where I was wondering. :

I don't want to get pg, since DD is 13 mos and still nursing at least 60% of her intake. But I've got baby fever bad! Help! Make it stop. I babysit for a friend's 3 yo and 10 mo and still have baby fever. I don't want to wean DD before 2 yo. I'm leaning towards CLWing.
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Go figure the month I loose my thermometre is the one with a wonky cycle!!!

I'm on CD 37, and swore I haven't O'd yet, but typically have AF by now. Not knowing what's going on is driving me bonkers!!!

And as if not having temps wasn't enough, I totally slacked off on recording CM when it geared up to get fertile, but EWs never came so I wrote that whole episode off.
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FINALLY, finally, finally i have stopped bleeding! 18 days of spotting/period was really starting to wear on me! i have watery CM (although i had EW while bleeding) so hopefully i will O soon and actually get a + on my OPK!
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I am here. ALthough my cycle has had some odd temps so far. I will be keeping my schedule of temping at 7AM over the weekend even though I want need to get out of bed until much later.
I had a nasty temp spike two days ago I know was a result of waking up late and fishing for the thermometer which I couldn't reach.

That's really all for now. I should take a break from temping all together. I have this feeling that the rest of summer I am going to be living like a Nun. Three kids, in a 900 square foot apartment. You guys give me the odds.
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WOOOO I got AF this morning!!!

I am excited for many reasons

1) I’m not pregnant!
2) I can start charting again

If you only sleep 1-2 hours at a time, is the BBT still accurate?

I think I need to do a practice cycle before dropping the condoms. I need to refresh on all the TCOYF rules.

Also, how do you link that little chart symbol to your FF page?
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I think I am firmly having an anovulatory cycle again this month. Sigh. I'm glad that my one ovulatory cycle though was the first one, it gave me hope and a reason to keep CTA. Anyway...CD 34ish and no end in sight.

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I want to be added! TexasPeach i will PM you!
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I added momtokimari, and ShwarmaQueen to the list.

question for everyone, is it ok if I go back and change the list to say cta SINCE month/year (or year) instead of having the actual # of months? that would make it easier for the next person to post the thread, since the month count would not need to be updated.
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Fine with me! Thanks for the tip on the FF link TexasPeach! Does it show as a chart or a link?
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Originally Posted by ShwarmaQueen View Post
Fine with me! Thanks for the tip on the FF link TexasPeach! Does it show as a chart or a link?
yeap it does, but it shows the whole url - if you want it to show alternate text, just edit the text btwn the url brackets, or add in the : icon
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check this out -

human egg emerging caught on film
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So cool! I always wondered what it looked like! (Thanks for the help on my sig!)
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Originally Posted by texaspeach View Post
check this out -

human egg emerging caught on film
That is too fantastic! How do you find these things?
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