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Heather, I think a blog is a great idea. I emailed my mom frequently when we lived overseas and I wish I had access to those notes. They chronicled the early years for my two oldest children and how I grew during that time. At one point she was going to print and bind them as a journal and then predictably enough life got in the way. I wish I had that now (though it doesn't motivate me to do it for myself going forward).
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Tired today.

Went out for a beer and nachos with a friend of mine. There is a pub on property here. It's nice but way pricey. Like I wanna pay $5 for a pint of Stella...So, I just got a miller light and ate some nachos...It was nice to be out. They have a sand volleyball court and before it got busy we went down and put our feet in the sand. So nice...it was warm and toasty....as close to the beach as I am gonna get anytime soon besides our virtual one. My head hurts a bit this morning and I can't decide if it's from the 2 beers, lack of sleep or just everything all together. I just took 2 excedrin though so it should be on it's way out.

Lilah is still sleeping. DD1 woke her up on her way to bed last night and it was like she had had a nap and was RECHARGED and ready to go go go WIDE AWAKE and wanting to play......So, we played and rocked and about 2 hours after I got home, she nursed to sleep for a few minutes. And is still sleeping.

DSD's mom will be here in soon..she's actually late but whatever. DSD is out of school for the summer and even though Monday and Tuesday's are our days to have her her mom is still gonna come and pick her up like if she was in school and bring her back at dinnertime. I think it's crazy but whatever. If that's what she wants to do and they have agreed on it, what's it to me. I just don't think that the relationship btwn dsd and dd1 is going to get any better if she's not here when she doesn't have school. They don't have a formal court ordered custody order so....at least it's amicable btwn them enough to do something like this and I can't complain bc it will take some stress off of me to not have them fighting like cats and dogs all day........

Heather: The water was coming from our neighbor's A/C unit. It had a hole in the hose and had been slowly leaking into our place. We didn't notice it bc the speaker lays there and it's where I store the Boppy and the Spongebob pillow dd1 got me as a gift at the thrift store last week. We weren't able to move the entertainment center thing last night either so it's still wet under there a bit. The maintence guy said that he fixed it and it should be ok but if it's still pretty wet to call and he'd find the time to come back out. He was surprised that I didn't have our A/C running full throtle and I told him, " I lived in SW Florida for years. This is hot hot hot and annoying but not hot enough for me to turn on the A/C for the year since it will prolly be in the mid 70s the rest of the week...." LOL....It's still wet so I am gonna have to call in a few.....

Dryer: Our dryer isn't working either....I think I may have mentioned that. I have a weeks worth of laundry and all my prefolds that need washed or have been washed and just didn't dry right so need rewashed bc they smell so musty.....sniff sniff....All that prep for my GMD Reds.......sniff sniff....all musty. I asked the guy about it yesterday and he said that the priority right now was the water issues and A/C issues bc it has been so hot. I told him my priority was clean clothes and diapers for the baby. I've been squeezing her into her infant prefolds and the one lone cover that's clean. If she didn't have such a snooty butt I'd toss her in some sposies but they make her butt break out so bad......snooty butt. I just wanna wash some clothes and dry them. There isn't anywhere here for a line either...poop. I seriously think that they need more than 2 maintenance people for an 800 unit place....

Jess: Are you in the area on the coast with the 100+ temps?? I am sooo going to stop complaining about the heat after watching the news this morning. We had a good rain last night...loud and productive...it's only 64 out now and so nice. I opened some windows.......

Mommaj: I'll pm ya in a bit when I have some time. I need this headache to go away before I do anything else today and hopefully before babe is up for the day.....Oy....I have some notes and such like that that I didn't save from when my first was little. I'd so love to have them now. I am not as good as keeping up with this babe as I was with the first who's baby book is brimming with info and daily notes in the calender of her first year, even if it's just a few words....Poor second kiddo....

SweetTx: Aw, don't be so hard on yourself. I did that with dd1 when she was about 6 months old. I thought I had her strapped in her carseat and picked it up and she fell on the floor....about a foot. I felt awful and didn't want to leave the house to go to the family function......Sounds like you have a pretty neat job. I sew but only if there are under 10 pattern pieces and only children's clothing....I'd love to sew some things for myself but I'm btwn sizes on most things and I am not good with adjusting the patterns.....not good at all...

Ok, that's all my brain is good for right now. Pounding behind my eyes. I think it's the weather more than anything else as I have sat here and thought about it. Hot hot hot to cool to rain rain rain to dry dry dry....I wish it would just make up it's mind already. Gonna go lay on the sofa before L wakes up.....Would love some coffee but I'm pretty sure the coffee maker didn't make the move for some reason as I can't find it....

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Sunshine - I'm glad you were able to get out for a little while and have a break.

Today I am 22 years old. A year ago today I was hugely pregnant. Hard to believe. Andrew got me a cake which I am very much looking forward to tonight : Other than that just a quiet night at home but that's alright with me.

The LWAB thread for Aug/Sept moms thinking of conceiving again got me thinking. I really don't know what to do. We know we have a deployment coming up, we just don't know when. Once we find out we have a few options, but the likelihood of it being during our planned TTC time next year is very high. One option, which seems kind of strange but plausible, is to save some swimmers and do IVI at home. There is one military mama that I know of on here doing this now. The other option would be to try after the deployment, but heaven forbid something happens while he's deployed. We could also try during his leave time, but its hard to plan conception during 2 weeks of leave. The other option would be to try before his deployment, but definitely NOT before Liam's first birthday. I don't have a problem being pregnant alone and birthing without him so that isn't an issue. I'm really stuck, and deployments suck. WWYD?
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Katie Happy Birthday! You are so young! Makes me feel like a geezer. I am not sure what I would do in your situation. I think I would probably just start getting busy after Liam's first birthday but it's so hard to say what is the perfect solution. I hope you are able to figure it out.

Sunshine I think Dahlia was on that same wavelength last night. She was up and ready to party. I was so exhausted. She finally went down about 1am. I used to be a nightowl now I am just plain old!

This is Eavan's last week in school. I hope we have a good summer. He seemed to have turned a corner this week and was easier to deal with then this morning he totally snapped before school. I just don't get him.

Still no fourth tooth here. I wish it would pop through quickly I can't stand these late night much longer.

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You ladies move too fast!

Off to catch up - be back soon.

(I do have to say - Happy Birthday, Katie - since it's almost midnight here)
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happy birthday Katie, enjoy being 22
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Happy (belated!) birthday, Katie! Got any leftover cake you wanna send my way? :

We had Lucy's 9 month WBV, she's 29 3/4" long but only 17 lbs 14 oz! I weighed her a couple weeks ago at 17 lbs 13 oz, but I'm using a little postal scale and a laundry basket to weigh her at home, lol, so maybe not the most accurate method. This appointment was just with the NP, not the ped, but I'm still in awe over how relaxed they are about the vaccine issue! Like, "Okay, she's not having any vaccinations today?" ("No.") "Are you planning to do them at all?" ("No.") "Okay! Let's get her height and weight!" She's still "on her growth curve" but has dropped from 70th percentile to 32nd percentile in weight from her 6 month to now. I'm not worried, but of course the NP starts talking about how "breastmilk isn't very fatty" and we should try to add fat to her diet, like butter or yogurt. I'm not giving her dairy for a while now, with the allergies in the family and the rash on her face (which went away until I stupidly caved and had a glass of milk with cookies!), and I'd rather make sure she nurses more or eats things like avocado (which we haven't done yet, for some reason, even though it's been on my list since we started solids!).

Anyway, that's that. She had a cold for a week and wouldn't nurse a whole lot and wasn't really interested in solids at that point, so I wouldn't be surprised if she lost a bit of weight in the past couple weeks. She's picked up so much with solids lately and is still nursing all the time, so I'm not too concerned! Of course, now I feel like I'm coming down with another cold, UGH. The lack of sleep is really wearing me down. Anyone have any awesome immune boosting tips for me?
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Been stuck in the bathroom all day with a darn UTI...darn things....want to use other choice words but I am pretty sure they are a UA Violation here. I called my MW office and they need to see me. I was like REALLY? SERIOUSLY?? If you look at my chart there on the computer, I get them all the time. UGH. I took some OTC stuff for it and it's not as bad now and I think I'll be able to make it to my appt at 545 but geez......They are gonna want a sample to test and I was like good luck buddy....LMAO. My old MW would've just called something in for me but she left to be a staff midwife at the new hospital so...and the one that walked in as I was catching Lilah at the hospital is out on maternity leave so it leaves the 2 OB's...jerks. I had to go in when I had that Mastitis a bit ago even though I had all the classic symptoms including the red streaks. The last thing I need right now though is a $65 bill from their office.....poop poop poop.

On a happy note...DH and I had a talk.....not much of one but it's a start. So we'll see what happens. I think he realized how crappy he was but there still isn't an excuse for some of the angry things that came out of his mouth.....I think they were made more angry bc he was all calm when he said them. But it's a start like I said and I'll take it.

DSD's stepdad just came to pick her up a few minutes ago and she'll be gone the next 5 days. They aren't doing anything for father's day so I think I am going to take Dh to lunch at the Hibachi (they gave me a free coupon for dd1's food bc they were so impressed with how well she "behaved" and how polite and sweet she was..guess they don't see it often??) with dd1 and dd2 and then grill out for dinner and have dsd come over then. I know it sounds bad not inviting her to the Hibachi but she won't eat it and last time complained the whole time about not liking any of the food when I know she'll eat some turkey dogs and corn.....no issue. Ya know??? So, I arranged that with her mom this morning....Pretty lucky to be mostly amicable with her.....

KATIE: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....insert all kinds of crazy smilies here. My computer is rejecting them today.....I hope it was nice and you had a bite of birthday cake for me.....YUM. 22 was on of my favorite years!!!!

Ishy: Lucy weighs more than Lilah does....by a full pound....Yay about the practice. I am awaiting issues when I take Lilah in a few weeks for her belated 9 month (i had em weigh her when we went for dd1s 4y appt 2wk ago bc we were there and i was curious...lol) bc we are being pretty selective and our ped and I sat down and wrote out a schedule which she signed, the other ped in the practice signed (she had to get an ok with another one) and I signed saying we agreed to it and all was good....but she is on vacay that week and I hope that the one ped is there to ok it bc the medical assistants can't order the shots. Last time it happened (my ped had a family emergency) the 2 other's wouldn't ok the vax I wanted even though we had that signed paper....It was a royal pain in the ass and she wasn't happy to be called about it.....ugh.......So nice that they all seem to agree at your practice. I think it's funny that it's the men that won't at mine...esp since the one's wife is a head LC at the hospital and they are both very ap friendly...OH well...

Wendi: I was such a nightowl before kids.....I worked from 4p-4a a few nights a week and was perfectly fine with it until about a year or so ago.....I can still stay up late but it's too hard when the 4y gets up at 7am.....She went down really nice last night. Daddy even rocked her which was a first!!! YAY!

Katie: I don't know what I would do in your situation. I think I am tending more to agree with Wendi right now and start as soon as you can after Liam's birthday.....just in case it takes a few cycles.....I love my Spring baby!!! I did see that thread and we've never TTC'd...they've just sorta happened when we were chatting about having one or another....My hormones are so messed up, I got preggo with Lilah last December and hadn't had a cycle since I got preggo with dd1 in July 2003. My MW just figured that my body was gearing up for it.....Do you have a ballpark idea of when deployment may happen?? I'm happy I didn't have to think about that when I was in the Air Force all those years ago.....(hugs)

Heather: YAY blog! I tried it but kept forgetting about it. I am so jealous of a friend of mine's family blog....it's so wonderful and she's so witty at times. Just as she was in college.....LOL

Well, I think the OTC med has kicked in. I wish I got the type that goes away with cranberry......so easy.....

Dh just stopped by to drop off lunch on his way out of town. Just an hour away but he'll be there all afternoon. My belly was just rumbling too......But still, at these nice things don't make up for anything......but it's a start.....

bb in a bit. Lilah is moving around and just stole a piece of her sister's chicken and popped it in her mouth.....and pulled it out and is shredding it with her teeth.....gotta go watch that to be sure she's careful.

I need a nap too....

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Thank you for all the birthday wishes! The cake was from coldstone creamery, mmm so good : I have lots left!

Ishy - I would definitely go with the avocado over butter and other fatty things. Plus it good for brain development. We were off on our weight estimates of Liam also because we were weighing him on a digital scale. Our NP suggested taking him to the grocery store and putting him on the produce scale, which is clever.

Sunshine - Ugh on the UTI, I hope that clears up quickly. I'm so terrified of getting one again after I was in the hospital for a kidney infection, it seems like my body never registers a UTI or even a bladder infection. As for deployment, we will know for certain when we find out his unit and our duty station in July, probably toward the end of July. The earliest he could be deployed is October is my rough guess. I know he would be fine with whatever we do, but I just have to decide what I'm okay with.
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Katie …hottie?? Me??? You crack me up girl! Thank you though…too sweet. I took it as a compliment too once I picked my jaw up off the floor. Some people just don’t even think about their language in public. As a recovering potty mouth, I just can’t deal with it!! I can’t remember the last time someone looked twice when I walked by though so I enjoyed my moment…hee hee.

Heather those pictures are gorgeous and what a sweet DH?? You’re a lucky lady!!

Lactivist Even shorter than mine?? Wow, you are brave!! Can’t wait to see the pics!

That’s as far as I got and DH just got home…BBL
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I keep getting so far behind, I'll try...

greenmagick~ those were awesome! I can see why never bought one, those are great!

carriers~ I don't like mei tei's for me, personally, they cut so far into my extra padding that I look like a sausage or something, not at all flattering OR comfortable.

mrsb422 - you look awesome!
dh is going to have to take some pics- my hair is extremely long, so long that I've had people ask what my religion is. I've had so many compliments & folks telling me I should never ever cut it but that's what I'm about to do. I never let it down anymore, once in a blue moon.. ruby would pull on it like a monkey and it takes so much time to wash & condition that I only do it every 4 days or so. If I were to figure up all of the energy it takes to keep it, I think it would be pretty significant... to brush it & put it up at least once a day, shampoo & condition & re-comb every few days... which takes 20 + minutes of (heated) water pouring out. I've been working on water conservation & doing the big shower comb out w/out the shower running (ie standing there wet & cold)... but I want to know what it's like to just be low maintenance. I think it will save a lot of time & effort (tho I'm not likely to hear about my "mermaid hair" anymore). I'm planning to tie it in a ponytail on the top of my head & cut it off for locks of love (I think I may have enough for TWO wigs of 10" that way!). I really hope it works, I don't want to pay for a haircut, my mom & grandmother were lifelong hairdressers, nobody else has ever cut it. I cut dh & dd1's hair, too... I'm too cheap.

HeatherB~ your dh is so sweet!!

Sunshine's Mama~ Ugh,UTIs are brutal! Hope you're feeling better, pronto!

Wendi~ we're in the same place with crawling, standing on the verge ! WATCH out!

I never had much self-control with waiting to TTC, I think I waited until my dd was a year and it took us 2 1/2 years of trying to have Ru.

It's weird to be avoiding! We tried for so long to get pg last time I thought I'd never try to abstain again (well, I think I was willing to admit I'd have to stop at 4). I just couldn't go through the sleep deprivation & exhaustion of another baby, it would do me in! I'm worthless without my sleep. I am so thankful to have two kids, tho.

I think of you mamas out there w/many & just . Wow.

LWAB=Ruby is changing so fast that it's hard to keep track of it all. She wants to stand at all times and stood unassisted for 5 seconds today. She is funny & shows her sillyness every day. She does something funny or cute & waits w/her eyebrows raised to see how you'll respond.

Oh, gotta run. Blessings, Mamas!
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Ok, I ate dinner and I’m back…can’t believe I’m eating this late but whatever…back to my personals…

lactivist your new business sounds so exciting! Anything where you get to be creative has to be good, right? Good luck!!

heather ikwym w/the viral infections and incisors…ugh. It was horrible. They’re only through the skin and about 50% exposed…I am not looking forward to the remainder of their descent!!

mommajb …I can just picture your dd giving you “what for.” I’m sorry mama. It sounds kinda funny, but not when you’re in the middle of it, I know.

michelle …sorry about all the tumbles and stumbles. All I can say is, it happens…to all of us…at one point or another. I dropped my little sister on her head when she was less than a year and she’s a straight A student (just finished her sophomore year of HS)…maybe it helped

heather I think blogging is good if you can find the time. I registered for a blog once…can’t remember where or what I called it. Clearly I never got to blogging

sunshine it is probably the heat/humidity – not the 2 beers though I have done that with wine accidentally. I hate washing my wine glasses so once I used a regular drinking glass which apparently is a LOT bigger. I went to work the next day hung over…from one glass of wine…how embarrassing is THAT!? Anyway, not 100+ but close. I can’t believe we’re getting heat like this in NJ. I mean yeah, it is summer, but this is late July/early August weather. It is craziness. Today was cooler and for that I am grateful. I tried to PM you but your inbox was full

Katie 22? Wow, you seem so wise for your years : IDK how you have arrived at such a centered and mature place in life in such a short lifetime. I wish I had half of your common sense and patience when I was 22. I hope you have a wonderful 22nd year!! Belated Happy Birthday As for the TTC…hmm…that’s a tough one. I think I’d wait for DH to be w/you personally. Doing IVI kind of freaks me out, but that’s my opinion and nothing more. You need to do what is right for the two of you and your family.

ishy Wow, what a long baby!! She’s a tall one, huh? I don’t think DS has even reached 29” yet and he’s 11 months!! Your BM is clearly some good stuff!! Follow your instincts :

sunshine UTI? Seriously? You poor thing . I hate those more than anything in the world. I hope the meds work and fast!! :

Well I only have a few minutes…so bummed…but it is late, I am pooped, and DH is actually home so I better go see him for the remaining 45 min. we’re awake DS is such a sweetie. I was putting him to bed tonight and he hugged me so tight. He likes playing with the back of my hair now that it is short and it is the best feeling in the world. I’m just thinking about it.

to you all…I’ll try and stop by tomorrow with more…miss you all

DDDDDC to whoever left one for me…you are the sweetest woman ever. What a beautiful thing to say about me. I am truly touched :
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beemama - i've donated to locks of love twice. the last time was about two years ago. since then i've heard bad things about them, like they wind up throwing away *a lot* of hair because they're a teeny organization and they get just inundated with donations. however, there's another organization run by pantene that's supposed to be good - they're such a big company they have the resources to deal with all the hair. i read about the bad things about locks of love and about the pantene people here on mdc, so you could do a search if you're interested. or ask about it....probably in tao?
here's a link to the pantene website: http://www.beautifullengths.com/en_US/requirements.jsp

ok, gotta go, i'm supposed to be doing laundry. my poor family is running out of clothes
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Originally Posted by jeaninevp922 View Post
beemama - i've donated to locks of love twice. the last time was about two years ago. since then i've heard bad things about them, like they wind up throwing away *a lot* of hair because they're a teeny organization and they get just inundated with donations. however,
oh, that sucks! After my wedding I donated to them:
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okay, so many things I want to say but absolutely no time.

My 9 yo dd had hair to her waist and she wants it above her shoulders. I keep cutting 4 inches off at atime and when we get close I may take her to a pro. Another woman made me feel like a big meany for not donating her hair to locks of love. I wish it was a great organization but given that it may not be I'll have to look into it so I can tell her next time she comments/Alice gets a hair cut.

crap. He is up. I may be back. I no longer sleep much.

ETA I know donating it would be nice but as she has always had long hair I thought taking the summer to transition to shorter hair would be better for her. A slow transition negates donating her hair.
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beemama: I went from below the butt hair when I was 22 to a Winona Ryder pixie cut like when she was in Girl, Interuppted and LOVED IT.....I had wanted it down for awhile but just never got around to it. My normal hairdresser wouldn't do it bc my hair was "so thick, so beautiful" so I was like whatever. Excused myself to the bathroom and snuck a pair of scissors........And put a ponytail on top of my hair and chopped it at the base of the elastic. Came out and told her she needed to fix it. She did and then she LOVED IT...I kept it for about 9 years and grew it out to past my shoulders, cut it again stacked in the back and then grew it out and that's where it is now. Mid back...waiting to be cut short again but I need to drop some of this weight first since it gained in my face too.......Can't wait to see pics!!!!

So, I went to my appt today and they wouldn't see me. Something up with the insurance saying it was invalid but it's not but I didn't have the $65 to self-pay. The receptionist was pretty rude and the RN behind her knew why I was there bc she is the one I had talked to and she just stared at her when I was told you either pay today or you can't be seen. I told her, "Seriously? I am going to pee in a cup, wait 40 minutes for an MD to come and give me a script bc it's too late for labs to go out today...." And she was like well, that's the policy now.

I asked her if any of the MW were there today and she said not this late. I told her I get paid Friday but she said they no longer bill....insurance or self pay the day of service. I told her well, cancel my appt and that I hoped that I didn't get a full blown bladder infection when I knew there were 3 MD's back there that if they looked at my chart they would see I get them all the time and know what I am talking about....I was pretty rude and realized that when I got back to the car with my friend. I felt bad for being rude but geez. So, I have to call the insurance company in the morning to see what's up. I'm gonna be really ticked if I find out it IS ok and the girl just messed up one of the numbers punching it in....

Anyhoo...I sent an email to my old MW who is now a staff MW at the new hospital and explained what happened and she said that's why she left. They got too big for their briches with a call center, fancy new offices and rules. She called me in a script and I can pick it up in the am. LOVE HER. My friend bought me some cranberry juice that is just made of cold pressed cranberries and it's the NASTIEST, FOULEST thing I have ever drank.....so sour, so tart, my mouth waters after drinking it. So, I am drinking it through a straw as much as possible at a time...blech....

The news just said this......

"Cosleeping with a child causes them to suffocate and die from SIDS." 4 babies in my county died the past few weeks. UGH. They said to avoid this...you need to......
Always put baby in own crib
sleep in firm matress
no blankies
not too warm....

UGH.....Nice for the news to say if they parents had been drinking, or had too many pillows, or circumstances of things. IRKS ME.::::

Jess: My PM box has some room now

Mommaj: L is sleeping now which is why I am able to be on here. DD1 kept getting out of bed today and I thought she went back up but just found her on the landing bc I heard her snoring.... Dsd wanted her waist length hair cut and I told her she needed to ask her mom bc I would not do it without her mom telling me so she told me she did and I called to verify and we cut it off in 4" increments. It's just below her nape now and angles a bit longer in the front with her bangs. She loves it. DD1 wants hers cut now but I still want her to have her baby hair bc she doesn't understand just yet that if you cut it, it won't grow back like her Baby Crissy doll....yikes!!

Ok, I may bbl....

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Originally Posted by mrsb422 View Post
mommajb …I can just picture your dd giving you “what for.” I’m sorry mama. It sounds kinda funny, but not when you’re in the middle of it, I know.
It is funny. Keeping a straight face may be the hardest thing about discipline (on a good day).

I wish my brain worked to respond to everyone. It just doesn't. I hope all the teeth are pain-free, the utis are clear, hair is combed, showers are cleansing, and babes are asleep.

fallling... When I was about 5 my mom told me to watch my 1 month old brother, we were headed to the ped and she must have had to go find her keys or some such thing. Well, watch him I did as he rolled offf the couch. Luckily we already had the appt as he needed stitches on his face. Not to worry, he looks good now.
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locks of love - here's a link to a thread about them. i don't think it's the thread i originally read, but there's links in it to other organizations and also to another thread about donating hair. hopefully there's some good info in it somewhere. i don't remember a whole lot about what i had read, since i had just donated. all i really remember was thinking "look into it more before you donate again"
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briefly: we took the train from CA to IL - it was delayed 10 hours! We got in at 3 AM instead of 4 PM.
After renting a car and driving from IL to WI, we arrived at our new home to find that the sump pump had broken and the bottom floor of our house had flooded.
The washer/dryer do not work. When I say I have a mountain of laundry to do I am not kidding! Still no internet or phone (tomorrow night).
Whole family is finally on the mend from this terrible cold. Chaya's still not crawling. She still has only two adorable teeth.

okay. Gotta go. Send me happy house vibes!!!!!
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