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how is it solstice already??????????

i think i a missing time.......

lactivist: yay for sleep.

i've been such a slacker with the group....i had hoped to become a more active member.....life's just been so busy and crazy.......

i hope this finds everyone well and happy....

i'm off to find out where the months have gone.....
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Happy Happy Solstice! We are eating a sunlike pizza for dinner.
I couldn't get it together to do anything special but I had a nice evening and we are just hanging out spending some family time. Have a great one!
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Up way past my bedtime again. Thank goodness Andrew is home so I can sleep in tomorrow, yippee!

I made this tonight I'm pretty happy with it but cotton velour does take some getting used to because its so stretchy. The fabric is very yummy though, I could snuggle it all day.

Andrew had a social event for his class and another class at a bar tonight until 8pm, then he came home and brought me some dinner. I fell asleep on the couch while Liam was playing and woke up to him trying to peel my eyes open with his fingers. He's such a funny kid. He had a low-grade fever tonight because of his canines, they're still super swollen and not poking through yet.

Love the pictures of Cian!

Sabo - Great job! Doesn't it feel so good to lose it? I know what you mean about the tummy. I'm slowly coming to terms that mine will never, ever look the same again. It has the texture of....well...let's just say its really wrinkly from excess skin.

Wendi - I'm so excited for you! You are going to be a wonderful grandma.

Jeanine - Can't wait to see pictures of the cake :
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Wow, I've missed a few days, will have to go back and do some reading. I went to the dentist with a toothache on Wednesday, they put me on penicillin for an abscess. By 4 am on Thursday, half my face and my whole upper lip were super swollen, so that afternoon the dentist had me come in and they lanced it and said to keep taking the penicillin but to go to the ER for IV antibiotics if it got any higher toward my eye or down toward my throat, and by Friday morning, it had, so I spent yesterday in the hospital. I was able to nurse her before I left in the morning (my mom took me in while Lucy stayed with dh), then he brought her in for me to nurse before I was admitted around 9:30, then he and my mom sort of traded off all day and I learned how to use my hand pump while they tried to keep her happy with her new favorite (banana-avocado mix), pears, cereal and rice rusks. I managed to pump about 10-12 oz, dh ended up giving her 3 oz when we knew I was coming home last night instead of in the morning but said she was FURIOUS when it was gone, so fortunately I was home shortly after that and she nursed all night.

So that was fun, still swollen but not like the past two days, thankfully. Now I have to go find out how to keep her/us from getting thrush from these next two weeks of antibiotics.
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sorry to be such a bummer, mamas... BUT:

we came home from our vacation to find a real estate agent showing our house to a couple exclaiming, "Oh, it's perfect!!" When the lady saw me with baby on the hip she said "This is why we need this place, so we can have a family too!!"

I was speechless and stunned. We're renting by the way, and have a lease. It was not for sale when DH found it and signed the lease. She even managed to say "I hope you enjoy your new home!" as she left. Honestly?

I completely broke down crying after she left. I can't imagine moving again in any amount of time. Even moving in 6 months at the end of the lease sounds horrible. They still haven't replaced the dryer - no wonder since they're selling!

Also, are cars are still not here so I called another company who quoted me, ready, $5080 to ship both cars from CA. I cried a little harder. We don't have that money! Our original quote was $1500. I managed to find a place to do it for $2050. Hopefully we get our cars by next week. This is on top of the thousands we've spend already, moving, renting cars, et cetera.
In summary:

however, I have been wondering, where are you Plaid Leopard and JazzyBaby?
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I'm so sorry Falicia . They didn't tell you when you signed the lease that the house was for sale? That should have been part of the lease, giving you an agreement for when you needed to be out of the house if it sold. Our house in NY was for sale when we leased and we had an agreement that we would have 30 days to vacate if the house was sold. If they are not taking care of the upkeep they're also violating their responsibilities as a landlord. If the dryer was included in the description of the house I would threaten to take them to court if they don't fix it, and I would also inform them that they needed to inform you that the house was for sale, if they don't I don't see how they could ask you to vacate. Is there any way you can start looking for a new place to live? I know it may be a long-shot but that might save you some grief.
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Oh, and an update about the friend drama. I don't think our friendship is going to survive this crap. Recently she came to me saying WIC said her son was too big at 4 months and 19 lbs, and she needed to start scheduling nursing sessions. I reassured her that he was normal and there was no reason to not let him eat on demand, explained how breastfed babies are bigger at first and slow down when they get mobile. Now she is convinced that she needs to night wean him because he's "fat" and doesn't need to eat 3 times a night. I feel like no matter how much research I show her and how much explaining I do, all she wants is justification for being selfish. I'm sorry, I'm just really pissed at her right now. I sent her a long message about why night weaning is not a good idea and how night waking is normal, we'll see how she responds.
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Ishy I hope you are feeling more like yourself soon. It is so hard to be sick.

Falicia, I sure hope you get things worked out. I can't imagine not even being done with one move and being slugged like that.

Katie, I have a bit of friend drama going on right now too. Not the same but I hate feeling like I have invested myself in someone that isn't worth it. It is too bad for her baby that you aren't getting through. LLL has a nice way of saying "take what you can use and leave the rest here" when it comes to parenting advice. I hope that she continues to see how you and Liam are growing together and reconsiders some of what you have said. If not this time then maybe next time.

Okay, now my vent. I have five children - preteen to baby. Do you know who is most demanding of my time? My husband. He is very easy going and tries to be helpful but it doesn't work. It is driving me nuts and I don't think it is going to change as it has been this way since 1992. I am the only one that cares about so many things here. He supports me if I care but he doesn't care. It is really hard to explain. It looks like a united front, and he isn't disagreeing with me, he just lets me make all the decisions ALL BY MYSELF. Rant over.

Plaid is moving again very soon and will hopefully rejoin us then, assuming her internet is easier.
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Lactivist, Did you know that sleep can make all the difference in the world? I really need some sleep so I can color my world happy.

Sunshine, how is your weekend. Is there more of an update on the hair?

My mom called me to tell me not to worry, that I look nothing like my photos, she thinks I look much better in real life. I am not sure how to take that so I am taking it all wrong. I have a newish friend that I want to disentangle myself from and an older friend that is pregnant and moody. Linus doesn't sleep unless it is dark out which would work if it was Dec 21st. Dh is the absent-minded professor. My two oldest are pubescently hormonal at the same time. They are 23 months apart but he is older and girls are earlier developers. She has been mistaken for his twin since the beginning it seems. I should have seen this coming. I need a new ortho as he broke his retainer again this morning.

gotta run they are home from the pool.
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weekend is acutally going somewhat smoothly....

i'll update in a bit. i have a naked baby on the sofa, stealing grilled squash from my plate.....


falicia: OH MY.......i wish there was something i could do. pm me if you want to chat.......
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I just wanted to say thanks for all the support mamas

and post some good stuff: new pics of baby!!! I even put a video of her laughing on our website, it's at the bottom of the Baby Chaya page

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FaliciaGayle~ what beautiful pics! all of them are... but the kisses from Peaches Sending home retaining vibes out to you!

I have a friend drama, I won't talk about it because she's been known to read up on me here. Guess this might instigate a discussion with her about it. I've been too afraid to talk IRL(she's very intelligent, well-spoken & sharp tongued, and I've got some serious mommy brain going), but if she's still searching for my posts that'll be a good starting point.

mommajb~ so glad to hear of plaid leopard! Looking forward to hearing from her again. That's weird, what your mom said... you look so incredibly beautiful in those pics!

I'm just NAK before we leave for camping. First time going in a tent since we had kids because we always had campers. :

Be well, everyone!
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Hey there Mama's!
Hope everyone has been having a good solstice weekend!
I've been along with DS all weekend and it's been a bit rough. For over a week now he had been waking up often in the night and has been inconsolable.
Can't figure out what it is. Perhaps it's everything. Growing hurts. I just hope it passes soon. Looking forward to DH coming home tonight.

I noticed in a lot of the pics of the babes lately the amber teething neckless. Do they work? Where/what site would you recommend to buy them?

Thanks Mamas. Gotta fly. the 20 min. snooze is over.
(someday this child will sleep!)
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Katie nice looking diaper!

Ishy so sorry you got an abscess that sounds so painful. I hope you heal quickly.

Mommajb I am not sure how I would take a comment like that but I am sure it would be badly. I thought you looked great and if you look better in person than DAMN!

Falicia I really can't believe that sh*&! I hope that everything comes together for you very soon. You deserve a break. I will look at your pictures in a bit.

Beemama have a great time camping.

Sunshine glad to hear you are having a good weekend.

Nikki always nice to see you post. I got Dahlia'a necklace from a coop with Inspired by Finn. I love them and think they work great. She looks really good in them too. She can be super fussing and clenching her sad little teeth and I put on her necklace and about 15 minutes later she is happy as a clam. I think it works better than any of the teething stuff I have tried.

My weekend is going pretty well. Yesterday was busy, busy. I went to a family bbq at the end of Zaid's football camp and that was fun. He was just beaming because he won the tough guy award for continuing to play and not complain on a sore ankle. He is not tough so this was a big deal to him.

I then went to a gathering of a mama friend of mine. She had some women friends over to hang out and see her 4 mo baby. It was great until the baby started fussing and she said she was going to go settle her in bed. She comes back down in 2 minutes and then proceeds to let baby CIO!!!!! She said that when she goes in and tries to comfort her it takes almost 2 hours to get her to sleep and if she CIO then it is only 15 minutes. I thought I was going to barf or jump out of my skin. Everyone was talking about it like it was no big deal and I had to say that I couldn't do it personally. She is a really loving mama and trying her best but man it was so hard for me. Just about when I thought I would have to leave the baby fell asleep. She did run up and get her at the first sound of the baby. It was just so hard.

Dahlia was a dream as usual. She loves going to social events. She has been practicing pulling herself up and standing every chance she gets. She fell and bonked her head about 5 times last night. Luckily she is a tough little bird.

Today is just mellow. We are about to make smoothies in our new vitamix Dahlia hates the sound of it but she is sleeping so hopefully we can get away with it.

Jenabe and Kaija are going out of town on Friday. I will be here with the littles and Zaid (10yo) for almost a week. I hope I make it!

Hope you all are doing well and are having a great weekend.
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Sunshine I just saw the thread about DD’s hair even though that was days ago. I’m so sorry mama. It will grow back, but I know that isn’t why you’re upset. IDK what to say to make it better…you’ve had so much happen lately, I just hope it gets happier soon :

Jeanine Enjoy the treasure hunt! That sounds fun What a cool idea!

Nicole Cian is gorgeous!! OMG what a handsome lil’ fellow!

Sabo every time I feel crappy about my flubby tummy I look at DS and remember why it is that way. What a reward! I know sometimes it won’t work and I won’t feel better about it, but I wouldn’t trade the flub for that little man any day!! 8 lbs below pre-PG is awesome!! Congrats!!

Wendi I’m so glad the sleep did you good!! I can’t believe your DD is already 50% done…it seems like just yesterday you announced the news. What an exciting time for you both!!

Katie at Liam pulling your eyes open. DS just pokes mine!! The diaper cover is gorgeous! You’re so talented.

Rachel Ouch, an abscess?? You poor thing. Hope it feels better soon.

Faliciagayle OMG…I’m so sorry mama…I’d by too. You poor thing. How could they not tell you that they were selling?? That is wrong on so many levels.

Katie Sorry about your friend drama, but it sounds like this may be someone who doesn’t really want to hear what’s good for her baby, rather what’s easier for her. I think we all know at least one person like that. Either way, I’m sorry you might lose a friend in the process but hopefully it’ll open up space for someone new in your life. It was wonderful of you to provide her with the knowledge and information about BFing though. At least YOU have her baby’s health and wellness in mind.

mommajb IDK how you do it with 5…or 6 including DH : I was just saying that to DH the other day…were your ears ringing??? Anyway, I’m sorry. It is something about men, especially once they become married and comfortable…apparently helpless also comes as part of that package. I feel your pain!

Faliciagayle Chaya is so sweet!! Oh that little face!!

Kelly Have fun camping!!

Wendi I don’t get it on the CIO either and had a similar experience yesterday at a picnic too…weird.

Yesterday was the surprise anniversary party for the IL’s and it went off without a hitch. I spent 150% of Friday baking and icing the cake…I am sooooo pooped. I fell asleep on the couch at 8 pm after DS went to bed, woke at 9 when the delivery man came w/dinner …ate my dinner w/one eye open and then passed out again. I have never been so tired in my life!! It was a looooooong sunny day, but the weather was perfect and everyone had fun. What more could I ask for? DS was a complete angel the whole time and walked with anyone who would let him hold a finger so he just walked and walked all day long. Tooth #5 showed itself this weekend too (top front tooth on the right) and despite that he’s been just wonderful. I am so lucky. What a great little guy.

I hope you all are having a good weekend. DH is leaving for Vegas through Wednesday tomorrow morning so I have to go do the laundry and then I’m sure I’ll be on here lots during the week since I’ll have no one to talk to at night. Looking forward to having time to catch up!! :
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FaliciaGayle, Chaya is such a cutie. I am a sucker for baby giggles.

beemama, have a great time camping. I hope my friends aren't checking up on me here though I have been known to look irl friends up here just to say hi.

nikkihoi, I like tha ember and don't really do anything else about teething. I usually notice a red, hot cheek and an extra long nap before a tooth but Linus is tooth-challenged so I can't really say right now.

Lactivist, I can't imagine Dahlia almost an aunt. My sister tried to let her baby cio at my house while she took a shower. As soon as the water turned on I ran to get her lo. It was not appreciated but I had could not listen to that heart-breaking sound.

Jessica, I am glad the party went well. I was looking for a post from you last night. Mighty-Mama and her boys have been so on my mind this weekend. I am not sure why. We are all so lucky to have all we do, the good and the trying.

My mom. I have no idea what to say. My dear husband is off trying to get hurt playing in a lacrosse tournament. I went to watch for the first game. The other team is a bunch of recent college grads and he is not. All I hope is that he is able to drive home and go to work tomorrow.
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Mommajb - You're beautiful...don't worry what your mom says.

Falicia - Great pictures, Chaya has a beautiful smile!

Beemama - Have a great time camping!

Nikkihoi - I also purchased Liam's at inspired by finn, and I have a matching one for myself. They really are beautifully made.

Wendi - So sorry you had to witness that, I probably couldn't have stayed around that kind of energy, it would have ruined my whole day. You are a stronger woman than I for sure.

mrsb - Glad the anniversary party went well and it was lots of fun for DS!

Liam is a walking fool right now. He walks 4 or 5 steps in between whatever he can hold onto or walks without any real encouragement from us, he's just very determined to start walking it seems. He'll hold onto something and walk to the middle of the room and stand there, its the craziest thing to see. He had a bit of a fever yesterday from teething but the canines still haven't come through.

As for the friend drama, I think it may have worked itself out. We talked some more and she agreed that he does still need to eat at night, but she explained that he has nights where all he does is eat and refuses to eat during the day, so I'm happy that she elaborated. He's going through a growth spurt right now and I'm still trying to convince her to stop replacing his feedings with bottles, but she still does it once a day at least. She has a tendency to use bottles in public instead of breastfeeding I guess. She says she's still pumping 6 ounces at a time, but it used to be 10 ounces so that indicates to me that her supply is dropping. I gave her some help for trying to get his nights and days back in order so that he'll eat during the day and maybe give her three or four hours at night, so I think that will help. She doesn't have any friends who breastfeed or co-sleep so all she has is me to talk to about it but I'm getting her in touch with la leche league and hopefully she can meet some other ladies there.
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I'm around...

Really tired.

Lilah has been under the weather and by around 6pm tonight, looked like she'd been on a 7 day binder....all runny/snotty/cranky. She had a pretty low grade fever but was just all blah.

She is finally sleeping soundly but I am preparing for a night of wakefullness.

I had a bout of insomnia last night and finally fell asleep at 3am only to have Dh knock something over when he got up to get some extra hours in at work at 6am and so I'm sleepy and should be in bed but my brain is saying awake awake awake.

I need to go and read about everyone's weekends......

We had a pretty calm and easy one until about 3pm today......nothing major, just over it a bit but.......siblings are siblings and someone in the house needs to realize that her siblings aren't going anywhere and the days do not revolve around her. but whatever, i told her she could either pout/tantrum/whathave you in her room or she could be down here with everyone else...(we were painting) and she chose to go upstairs. But the rest of the weekend went smoothly and that's better than anything....

Oh, anyone who is in the Tierra coop.....any clue when totals are going to be posted??? I have paypal just sitting in there and i wanna pay Cutie before my fingers get paypal happy bc I NEVER have paypal just sitting in there....LOL
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damn server, now you get the short version:

we evacuated due to a forest fire. please pray, send vibes, etc. we want the wind to blow south and the firefighters to hold it at the river.
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Originally Posted by jeaninevp922 View Post
we evacuated due to a forest fire. please pray, send vibes, etc. we want the wind to blow south and the firefighters to hold it at the river.
ACK! Oh Jeanine, sending many good vibes and fire free thoughts your way
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