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Jeanine I hope the fires have passed and you are back at home.

Mrsb Sounds like you have a lot going on. I hope Marty's party is great. I have to say after having four kids I don't do babies/kids at birthday parties until they are about 4 or 5. I find it ends up being too hard with sharing and presents and everything. I like my little ones to be the star! I hope the new daycare time/class works out well and Marty adjusts quickly. Here's hoping that tooth heals up soon.

Sunshine Good for you on telling the ped what's what! I wish I could have seen his face too. I haven't taken Dahlia to see anyone yet and I have no desire to every time I hear stories of docs trying to push thier agenda.
I had a margarita the other night and it was sooo tasty. I bought a vitamix and that thing blends drinks like nobody's business.
I wish I had some advice for you about the premies but it does sound like they are hungry and need to eat more. Maybe you could suggest it as a trial thing like "hey if they are fussy since you changed the time between feedings maybe you could shorten it up for a few days and see if there is any change?"

Katie Every picture I have seen of you is great. You are think and hot and beautiful! You don't look slightly pregnant or even bumpy. Please don't let one insensitive person get you down. You are AMAZING! I wish I could have been you when I was raising my first.

I have to get out today and enjoy the weather because it is going up to the 90's later in the week. It finally stopped raining and now it will be HOT, HOT, HOT! So today is the big day to go out and enjoy the 70's.

My dh is taking the boys to a minor league baseball game this evening. I hope they have fun. I hope Eavan doesn't put him through the paces too much.

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Jeanine, stay safe again. I hope you are home soon.

Wendi, thank you for the post. I have no idea why but I am just in tears today.

Dh took the 4 to the free movie and I tried to pick blueberries. Linus would have none of it. I was able to get 4 pints but I am short at least 1 if I am going to make jam. It is going to get hot and my hives are already terrible so I don't think I can go out in the sun for a couple of days to get more.

Sunshine did you pay for TF? She is ready.

Mrsb422, enjoy the party. I have to get something planned for Thursday, Charlotte is turning 3. All she wants is balloons and a green comb. She already has a brush she says when asked.
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
Wendi, thank you for the post. I have no idea why but I am just in tears today.
I hate those days. Sometimes it seems that life is just poignant. I am sure having hives doesn't help anything at all. I know when I have hives everything sucks. and some soothing lotion.

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I am in trouble. Dahlia started pulling herself up to standing and is now starting to cruise the couch. Yikes! It is hard enough to keep the legos away from her on the floor but now all the low tables and couch! Uh oh!!!

She is very proud of herself and is standing at the couch talking about how cool she is!

What a ham she is! I just took her picture and as usual she cried when I put the camera away. She LOVES getting her picture taken. I will get some pix up today.

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Sick of me yet? I am avoiding doing anything productive.

I had to share what Eavan said to me yesterday. He comes up to me on the couch and does a big sniffing sound and says "Yum I smell breastmilk on ya!" That was his way of asking to nurse. :

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server ate my post.

I am not sick of you, I am hanging on every word.

The kids ate 1 pint of blueberries just walking through the kitchen.
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what is up with itrader? I can't find it and I want to destash my diapers - I have some tie dye prefitteds and some unbleached GMD green trim prefolds and hemp prefolds and maybe some tie dye green trim prefolds and more I am ready to sell.
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Last time I found it someone wanted/needed diapers cheaply and I should have jumped on it. She is gone and I am too lazy to work on it for the slow moving itrader. It makes me a great cloth advocate locally if I have extras on hand. I just love my flats right now and the prefolds are making me feel guilty.
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I have some guazy flats that are sitting in my cupboard too just taking up space.....I can't get them folded right. I have a pretty tyedye one too somewhere.....

I miss you guys....

Lilah has been pretty high need the past few days.....everytime I try to hop on, she's upset. This tooth is giving her fits and she's back to nursing almost every 2ish hours all day and night. Her butt has gotten snooty and if there is a pea size amt of poop on it she flips out until I change her. I found a small bead in it today....I vaccum like twice a day so I told dd1 that her bead and stuff need to stay upstairs for now. She also cruised along the wide chair yesterday, let go with one hand and bent to pick up a toy. WHAT????? Slow down baby.......

Jeanine: Thinking of you and sending fire be gone vibes so you can go home.

Mommaj: I paid this morning after I saw the post....YUMMY.

Wendi: Seems like Dahlia and Lilah are hitting things in similar time. It's kinda neat....LOL @ Eavan asking to nurse.

Jess: I can't believe it's birthday party time....Can't wait to see the pics!!! s DD1 partied with a bunch of us "old" ppl and had a blast.

Katie: WHAT????? I worked in food service all my life either as server, bartender, manager or owner and I could never imagine something like that coming out of my mouth. HOW RUDE! I am sure Andrew was just trying to help......

Ok, that's all I'm "allowed" to do right now.

DD1 has dance tonight. Out of the 6 classes for summer session we are going to do 4 and the owner prorated them for me.....so she can have dance. She is thrilled. I'll have to get a pic of her all ready to go.

xxoo to all.
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Been checking in to read but not able to post for a few days. for everyone who needs it!

Katie: I can't believe any waitress in her right mind would follow up that comment with, "Wow, you're big!" You look absolutely gorgeous in your signature photo (tinier too because of that big strapping boy!). I, on the other hand, have always felt I'm naturally "pregnant-shaped" and it's just exaggerated by postpartum flubbiness, so I might understand if she'd been talking to me--but I can't see how she could possibly have been looking at you!

LWAB: Lucy and I have been readjusting after Friday's hospital stay, which has basically meant she's a bit extra clingy and wants to nurse for literally 2 seconds every few minutes, just to make sure I--and the boobies--will be available when needed. She finally slept somewhat better last night which was a nice reprieve after nursing every hour all night every night since Friday.

She's also hit paydirt on various milestones all the sudden--pulling up, cruising, sitting unassisted, feeding herself without gagging on anything, holding her sippy cup and actually tipping it upwards so she can drink out of it! I'm ditching the mesh feeder and the banana-avocado mush I'd been spoonfeeding her and letting her feed herself small chunks and her organic Oatio's and she's doing awesome. I still can't imagine having waited until this point for solids, but I do feel like she's officially "ready" to do it all on her own.

Her new vocalization is what we like to call "monster sounds," which is hilarious and generally super cute. It's still hard to believe this little almost-toddler is replacing my infant, but even when she's clinging to me for dear life when I have to pee or frustrating me because she's tired but won't sleep, she's constantly making me laugh, too. Even when all I want is half an hour of uninterrupted me-time to take a shower or bath, I still have to admit that I feel awfully special to be so privileged as to be mama to such a great little munchkin!
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Katie I don’t have a problem whipping it out in public either, but DH freaks. I just thought maybe that had something to do with it…IDK. You’re right about the supply issues though…if you don’t use it, you lose it when it comes to supply and its really hard to get back!!

Gia It sounds like your friend can’t see the forest for the trees…maybe because she’s right in the middle of it, ykwim? From an outsider’s perspective it is majorly apparent that she’s missing the big picture, but she might be too involved to “get it.” Ask her if she snacks between lunch and dinner, typically more than a 5 hour period. When she inevitably says yes, ask her to think about the size of her tummy compared to her babies tummies because they are tinier, they need to be filled more frequently. IDK when you break it down and remove the emotional element (that we’re all sharing right now maybe she’ll get the point without seeing it as an attack. Either way good luck…that is a crappy situation all around. 5 lbs. is still too small at 6 weeks old, no?

: about the virgin margarita. I’ve been there…just ain’t the same. I had a few of those while I was PG. I had a wine cooler the other night and DH kept looking at it. I offered him one and he was like, “oh, no, that’s ok.” Because guys can’t drink those right? Heaven forbid they drink something that actually tastes good. He broke down and had one and was like, “Wow, not bad.” Men!!

about the ped…good for you for standing up to him. Where do people get off?? I swear!

Jeanine Oh, I’m so glad you’re ok. This is so scary. Please keep us posted as you can!!

Katie I had a similar experience at the Home Depot when DS was smaller, like 6 weeks old, and I couldn’t believe anyone could be so dumb. We’ve all seen pictures of you full body and you don’t look pregnant by any means. IDK why your hubs didn’t stand up for you and tell you you’re beautiful, but you are and you should know it. The post-PG body is hard to get used to and takes time to heal. It isn’t losing weight or getting in shape it is healing. You are gorgeous, stunning, and super-smart so that dumb waitress can go play in traffic if you ask me :

Wendi at Eavan. That’s so cute.

Rachel Your DD sounds just so sweet! This is such a great age

Well we survived our first day on the new schedule and in the new classroom. I am so grateful because although I just survived, DS thrived and I couldn’t have hoped for better. His new teachers not only talk to me (what a concept) but they seem to really enjoy the children, caring for them, and are super sweet. I’m sure this is just a rosy beginning, no one is perfect, but I am already in such a better frame of mind than I was with the last room. Marty had a really good day overall although he didn’t nap really at all and was all tuckered out when we got home. He tried to fall asleep at 6 pm and I kept him up until 7 pm which turned into 8 pm…that’s what I get for being greedy with my baby time I guess!

This brings me to my version of the day…it was horrible, work was just a mess, I was a mess, and the time clicked by slower than molasses. Working the extra hour tortured me so I only worked an extra 50 minutes…ooh, such a rebel I will get the hang of this, but the extra hour, plus Marty being so tired, turns into even less time with my boy and there is nothing in the world that I look forward to more in my day. Humor, style, and grace, right??
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Dude, I totally don't know anyone here but I'm glad to (gently) crack some skulls for you.. where in WI is your friend located?
She's seriously feeding premies only every five hours? What is she doing the other 4 hours 59 minutes? Happily listening to them scream?

I don't get it.

Originally Posted by sunshine's mama View Post
My friend is scheduling her preemies.....the ones I told you guys about...

Here's what I just posted in that forum in LWAB to get some advice from BTDT preemie mom's bc I just want to rant rant rant to her.....

How do I tell her without RANTING that they need to eat more than every 5 hours??????

She nursed for 2 weeks and went to formula bc she didn't want to bother with the nursing bc it was too hard. Ok...fine.

The twins turned 6wks old this week. She did have them eating every 4 hours....and decided to stretch it out to every 5 the other day.

And is wondering why they are so fussy and such now....saying, they were such good babies before...eating ok, sleeping great and now they are bad...

WHAT? They are hungry. Feed them.

Her MIL brought over some rice cereal and they are going to water it down alot with the formula so it keeps them fuller longer....

They both have pretty bad reflux and are on Zantac right now.

They were born almost 6wk early.

They both weighed just over 3lbs. I think they weigh about 5lbs each now.

I came to this area to ask those with experience how to approach her without sounding too soapboxy.....

But I read it and my jaw dropped to the ground and it took awhile for the shock to wear off.

Thanks so much.....

Many hugs to you and your wee blessings....

************************************************** *******

Ok, off to read and then update.
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Jeanine: and I'm glad you're okay! All my friends in Cali are telling me how crazy smokey and nasty it is... I can only imagine what it's like where you are.

Katie: Stupid waitress. You're a beautiful woman, and sometimes, men, especially our husbands, are really... really. insensitive.

Sunshine: way to go, mama! You sound very informed and confident. Excellent.

I went to my first social function here ... a surprise baby shower for one of the wives at DH's work. So it was all the wives (and other assorted women) of the new company. Very nice ladies all. I gave the mom to be a hot sling. She totally dug it! It was so funny to hear her say: "Have you all ever heard of Dr. Sears?" I stifled a laugh because I almost included The Baby Book with the sling but then I thought,... eh, that's kinda pushing my parenting style on someone I don't know so maybe not.

Yay attachment parenting!
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no progress on the fire, although they have kept it from moving closer. we're still in town. no hot water, but other than that it's ok. i took a shower today : there's hot water downstairs so i could shower there after hours, but it seemed like a hassle. the cold shower didn't seem like such a bad idea until i got in : i won't be doing that again :
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Faliciagayle How does one crack a scull gently?? I’m right there with you. How could anyone be so cruel?! : Yay for AP!! I say push it on everyone, what’s the worst they could do, push back? Look at us like we’re nuts? There’s a new concept! :

Jeanine Cold showers are the worst. I did that in college once because we had a bad hurricane and the water was supposedly contaminated. The National Guard brought in potable water and it was ice cold. I hope it is over soon and you are able to go home. : for you and your family.

Well my office is like 20 below this morning…WTH??? I am so sick of that. I have no idea how to dress anymore.

So here’s my big whiney gripe-o-the-day…my stepmom called yesterday. She started in on me about trying to get DS, DH and I to nail down a date to come out and see them (we live in NJ they live in CA…not a trip I really feel like taking with a 1-year-old, but I’ll entertain the idea now and then). It is one of those things that seems like a good idea now, but I know the morning before the trip I’d be cursing myself going, “WTF were you thinking??!! :” Anyhoo…she goes on and on about how the ONLY thing my dad says he wants for his 50th birthday (7/6) is to see his grandson. She even threw in that she told him to call me and ask me to come out, but he told here he didn’t want to ask me because he couldn’t bear to hear me say no. Oh give me a break!! Talk about drama?! I responded, and I am so damn proud of myself, “Well that presents two problems for him. First, he’d have to hear me say no and second, he’d actually have to pick up the phone and call me in order to have that conversation.” My father hasn’t called me in months. If I don’t call him, I don’t hear from him. He used to call once a week and then he told me, “Oh, sorry, when the year changed (it was February or March) I forgot to write it on my new calendar and if you’re not on my calendar then it doesn’t happen.” So warm and fuzzy, right? What every little girl wants to hear from her daddy. Oh brother!!

Here’s the kicker…my grandmother, my stepmom’s mom, passed away on 4/22. She wasn’t my grandma by blood, but never made that a problem – she always treated me the same as her other grandkids even in her will which shocked the pants off of me. My stepmom says to me, “So did you know that Grandma left you $5k in her will?” Ok, she’s the executer so how could I possibly know that if she didn’t tell me??!! This after the major guilt over ‘are we coming or not?’…so she’s trying to tell me how to spend the money. I went from “OMG, that was incredibly generous and sweet of Grandma” to “Holy : are you trying to tell me I have to spend this on a trip to see YOU!?” Ugh!! I am so I can’t even get excited about the money because 1, I miss my grandma, and 2, apparently I have no choice in what to do with it. She even threw in the “Oh, well I’m not telling you how to spend it, but I hope you would do something special with it.” GRRRRRRR!!!!!

So, on a LWAB note…please send some to one of my supervisors…she was being induced last night at 8:30 and I have heard nothing about any baby news. I’m excited for her, but she has seemed kind of ambivalent about the entire pregnancy so I’m really curious on how this is going to go.

DS cried when I left him at school today. It was just the perfect start to this day…I’m oozing with sarcasm and just super-duper happy today. Hoping you ladies have great days with your babes! :
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thinking about you jeanine, I hope everyone is holding up okay. Thank ou for checking in.

How are you spending your days? How do things stand now?
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Originally Posted by KatieJD View Post
I posted in TAO about my crappy night, but I guess I'll replay the story here. We went out to dinner and the waitress was pretty chatty the entire time. As we were getting up to leave she asked if Liam was our first and I said yes. She pointed to my stomach and asked when number two was due. I said "No way, I'm not pregnant!" and she said "Wow, you're big". I can think of a million things to say now in response to that but at the time I was speechless, I just pushed past her and left. To make matters worse, Andrew said my belt must have thrown her off. Only I wasn't wearing a belt I was just starting to feel better about my body, its the damn excess skin I guess.
Sitting right at my desk I just said, "Oh, that b****!" You are healthy and beautiful. That waitress was just being catty. I have the skin too, as I mentioned before and I don't look pg. You don't either. Like I said, she was just being a b****. Don't let people like that get to you. I keep reminding myself that my body will continue to pull itself back to its former shape . . . of course, by the time it does, we'll probably be ready to try for #2.

mrsb, sorry about the family drama. We all have it, you know, if I wasn't obligated to love them, I don't think I would. I've been planning my sister's bridal shower and wanted to strangle her. I wanted to do a picnic (you know since I will be paying and am not rolling in dough after buying a house and all), but she said, "Well, what if its hot?" Why the heck is she getting married in August if she doesn't want to deal with the heat. She said that she wanted to do it at a ceramics painting studio, but the one she suggested charges a studio fee on top of the price per piece. I was looking at over $500 before I bought food! I found a different place that doesn't charge a fee and she was asking, "Well, does it seem like its cute? Is it too much like its for little kids?" Yeah, family is fun.

Wow, its late. GTG. There's more to say, but its time to leave and go shopping. Later ladies.
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fire update:
short version - the fire's no better no worse. we're still staying in town. we only go outside for a bit here and there because it's super smoky. but we're comfortable here so it's fine. we have enough dishes here to be able to cook, and we're right next door to the health food store so running to the store is super easy. i think i may have to go to the laundromat tomorrow to do dipes - bleh. there's a washer/dryer in the basement, but it's for scrubs so i don't know if that presents a hazardous bodily fluid problem or not.

long version:
this is from the newspaper's blog - my writing's in red

06/25/08 8:00 am
I (the reporter, not me) just returned from the morning briefing at fire camp. The fires of the Canyon Complex have not grown significantly since yesterday. Having said that, I must add that the poor visibility from all of this smoke is making it difficult for firefighters to accurately map the fires and in fact they are even having trouble finding all of the fires.

They did find a few more fires yesterday. They estimate that 35 fires are still unstaffed either because they are low priority or because they can not find them. They know the approximate location of the fires because they show up on aerial infrared photography.

That may sound strange that the fires can't be located, but I know how easy it is to walk under a tree that has a smoldering fire in the top where the lightning hit it and never notice it. Add this thick smoke and rugged terrain to the mix and its easy to understand that it could be very difficult to locate a small fire.

The same atmospheric conditions that are holding all of the smoke in the area are also keeping the fires from burning as intensly as they might. That could change as a low pressure system moves into the area later in the week. I spoke with the Incident Commander and she is confident that they will continue to make good progress building fire lines so that when the weather does change, they will be able to hold the fires.

They now have 598 personnel assigned to the Canyon Complex. At the morning briefing someone asked that everyone from out of state raise their hand. The majority of the fire fighters did raise their hand! I recognized crews from as far away as New Mexico, Utah, Montana and Washington.

Here is the 6/25 morning update from the Forest Service:

Acres: approximately 4500 Acres Resources: 598 personnel

Current Situation: With additional crews arriving, 13 fires have been contained within the Complex. Several fires remain uncontained, ranging in size from 5 acres to over 100 acres. The Cold Fire is 3741 acres. (this is the one four miles from our house) In addition to the base camp in Quincy, crews will now be camped at Brush Creek and Challenge Work Centers.

Summary: With weather conditions forecasted to remain similar to the past couple of days, crews expect to make good progress with calm stable air holding the fires. While this stable weather will continue to hold smoke inversions in the valleys, it will also slow fire progression and keep flames close to the ground.

Crews kept the north flank of the Cold Fire from spreading for the second day in a row (yay! that means they kept from getting closer to our house!) and are now starting to line the west flank near Nelson Creek with hand crews and the east flank along Eureka Ridge with dozer operations. Today, they will continue to progress in a southerly direction toward Zumwalt Flat. Crews worked yesterday on a spot fire outside the northeast corner of the main fire and hope to contain it today.

Staffing will continue on fires still burning in remote locations and difficult terrain. Helicopter bucket drops will be used where visibility permits. Crews are still finding isolated fires started by the initial lightning event. They continue to look for others that have been reported, including one in the Tobin area. No significant personal injuries have been reported among fire personnel.

County health officials reported that the Air Quality Index in some areas of Plumas County has reached unhealthy levels and encouraged all residents to limit outdoor activities, particularly children and older adults. For an update of local air quality conditions, visit www.countyofplumas.com

No evacuations are currently in effect due to fires in the Canyon Complex.

Fire Behavior and Weather: The recent weather conditions are expected to hold for the next few days, with temperatures in the 80’s, humidities in the 20% range and light southwesterly winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. Fire growth will be primarily driven today by availability of dry fuels rather than weather conditions.

did you really read all that?
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