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Pregnant with #1 in our 30s June Thread!

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~*~*~Pregnant with #1 in our 30's thread!~*~*~

June 2008


June 2008

Halfasianmomma 30 :

July 2008

Nony 33 :
FiberLover (Michelle) 32
Sugarshoc 33

August 2008

AngelaM (Angela) 31 :
Radiowave (Aimee) 31 :
Meglegs 32 :

September 2008

Alcyone 29 :
Scalpel, partner (Darcie) 36 carrying :
VeganCupcake (Catherine) :
Amahrey :
Youngsoul (Lori) 33 :
lcaitlin (Lydia) 31 :
sssarah (Sarah) 33 :
mynetname 36 :

October 2008

Mis sig 32 :
Celesterra 35 : :
Jencat 37
Pen_esque 38 :
OrchideZ 37
Crosscat 34

November 2008

Sweet Pea 35 :
ecnelis (Emily) 32 :

December 2008

Red Lil Mama 34 :
KJad29, Kemi, :

January 2009

seashelle 38 :


:rock dr (CJ) Gabriella born June 05, 2007
:farmama Natalina born July 17, 2007
:nikkihoi 37 Marshall born Aug. 4, 2007
:eri_flores 31 Ariel Efrain born Aug. 10, 2007
:cornpicker 33 Jonah Harrison Aug. 15, 2007
:PiePie 36 Lorelei Siobhan born Aug. 16, 2007
:greengrey (Alex) 30 Layla born Aug. 25, 2007
:dctexan (Emily) 34 Benjamin born Sept. 1, 2007
:veganone (Elizabeth) 34 Isabella Lourdes Sofia born Sept. 3, 2007
:plummum 36 Sinead Summer born Sept. 3, 2007
:beckyphry (Becky) 32 Maya Rose born Sept. 7, 2007
:hazieluna (Natalia) 36 Aidan Sebastian born Sept. 15, 2007
:ATD Mom 32 Alasdair William born Sept. 16, 2007
:Down to Earth (Laura) 30 Elizabeth Grace born Sept. 17, 2007
:~minnow~ (Lane) 31 Adelaide Beatrix born Sept. 20, 2007
:K9sarchik (Laura) 38 Gavin Rutgar born Sept 20, 2007
:Amberella Nathaniel John born September 30, 2007
:jpiper0430 (Jenn) 31 Eleanor Diane born October 10, 2007
:MajorGroover (Dee) 32, Mathilde born November 10, 2007
: Grace24 (Julia) 36, Oliver Roland born November 24, 2007
: cmu204 (Cher) 34, Baby Z born December 10, 2007
: Kharen (Karen) 32, Samuel Asher born December 15, 2007
: expectantmami (Karen) 34, Reyes Daniel born December 22, 2007
: MoreThanApplesauce (Jenn) 34, Elizabeth Johannah born December 27, 2007
: Nico DeMouse 31, Peter Naren, December 28, 2007
: CowsRock (Kripa) 34, name TBA, December 29, 2007
: SarahJen (Sarah) 36, Aveline Paige, January 3, 2008
: xenon 31, name TBA, January 8, 2008
: California_Mom 36, name TBA, January 9, 2008
: To-Fu, 31, Aesop Glenn, January 25, 2008
: Writerbird 33, Edwin George, February 9, 2008
: Slgt (Sarah), Rosemary Joan, February 15, 2008
: jentina (Jen) 34, Ellis Thomas, February 20, 2008
: trizzle (Tracy) 31, Gemma Elise, February 20, 2008
: phillybama (Aimee) 32, Georgia Lenore, February 22, 2008
: Jujubie (Judy) 34, Callie Maureen, February 25, 2008
: peace_laughing (Gen) 35, Lakshmi Ella, February 25, 2008
: Teenytoona (Leah) 32, Senara Elena, February 27, 2008
: pinkorchid2 31, Lyric Imani, March 2nd, 2008
: Itsy (Shannon) 31, Carter, March 5th, 2008
: Cking (Christina) 31, Josephine Angela, April 1st, 2008
: meli-mello (Melanie) 32, Moira Catherine, April 8, 2008
: oyinmama 32, Kaiju, April 18th, 2008
: Anouk, Lacy 33, Jakob Alexander, April 17, 2008
: Raingyrl, April 21, 2008
: Sheekara, 35, April 27, 2008
: GISDiva (Kim) 32, Leo Allen, April, 2008
: BerryMac (Rebecca) 30, Delilah Eve, May 9, 2008
: Samantha675 33, Brennan Richard, May 22, 2008

Now Accepting Applications:

May threadkeeper: VeganCupcake (Catherine)

July: ~sweet pea~
August: ?


Please put requests in bold or PM me with changes, I'll edit/update the lists ASAP!
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Michelle, please forgive my shameless copying and pasting!

I'm off to see if I can get some updates on our May mamas, but does anyone know any news of them?
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hi Vegan! Thanks for getting us going here in June. I'm shocked to be the FOURTH name on this list, realizing that the first two names are probably mommas already!!

I was actually trying to find news on our May mommas earlier this week and couldn't find anything - mind you, I am not a gifted researcher in these forums, so it doesn't mean they haven't posted...

WELCOME Seashelle!!!!! This is a great group - although a little on the quiet side lately...must be that everyone is busy with spring!?

Crosscat - beautiful pics of your baby girl!! Congrats!

Happy June everyone - here's hoping for a healty month for all.
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Vegan - great looking new thread, thanks! When you get a chance, would you change my age to, gulp, 37?

Thanks for the bday and "happy swordfish" wishes, ladies. I had a lovely night out with DH. No one at work remembered... they never do... and I kinda purposely didn't say anything b/c... well, I dunno know why... I'm the person who always remembers everyone's bday at work but they never remember mine! (Poor me...) But overall, a great bday - what more could you want than a 3-day weekend!?

Welcome Seashelle!!

Crosscat - congrats again on your little girl!!

Things are rolling along here. I'm 20 weeks today! Likely more than halfway there (since twins usually come early). I'm starting to get the vertical line on my belly. I don't really mind it - kinda like a visual reminder of the cool thing going on in there!

My BIG u/s appt is this Wednesday so I'm super excited about that! We will see if the babies cooperate and show us if they're boys or girls!

Glad to see the thread higher on the list today. How is everyone else doing? Nony - how do you feel??
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Welcome to Seashelle! Glad to have you here.

Wow, Nony! It IS soon, huh? I'm so excited for you.

Jencat - Looking forward to hearing all about your upcoming u/s.

I'm 21 weeks today and feeling pretty good. Had insomnia last night though, so I'm sleepy sleepy today.

I was tossing and turning and each time I flipped sides in the bed, the little one would start kicking. Then my cat decided to come and cuddle up to my tummy and the baby started kicking at the cat. I don't think kitty could feel it, though, she wouldn't move. This made me giggle, which woke up DH.

No one got any sleep last night!
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seashelle, I've added you to the master list! I didn't get your age in there--I can add it if you care to tell!

Jencat, age is updated! I'm glad you had a great birthday. Anxiously awaiting your u/s appointment!

Cat, whew, that's quite a night! Hope you can get some rest today.

I looked for posts from the May mamas, too, and didn't find anything very recent . . . maybe they'll post something soon.
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Hi Ladies!
I'm feeling pretty decent, for being in the late 7th month time...I admit, I do feel quite round all of a sudden, and a little like I could just bounce people from my path, but I am STILL just so grateful that winter is over - it's made everything better!!

Had a midwife appointment today (am going every other week now - yikes!!) and everything was fine. Baby's head is still down (AMEN!) and my blood pressure was quite low - which she was very happy with - she even called me mellow, which is funny because i'm such a chronic worrier!!

Jencat - was looking at your pictures - you look AMAZING at 20 weeks!! You are purely gaining baby and no butt...i have gained both I'm fairly confident it will all come off as I am determined to be a healthy mom with enough energy for baby, but I was not able to keep the weight from landing all over Ah well...But you do look wonderful and I hope you feel as good as you look and that those little ones are enjoying their half-way point of life in the belly! Good luck with your ultrasound on Wednesday!!!

Crosscat - that is an awesome night's story! Baby playing "kick the cat" from the womb?! lol!!

Maybe our May mamas are snuggling with and attending the babes and have no time to write??

Has the "first babe in our 30's thread" disappeared? I've looked for it but can't find it...i guess i'd like to catch back up with all our grads...

Anyone heard from halfasianmomma?? She's the NEXT one!!!
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Thanks VeganCupcake. I'll be 39 24th of this month...so I guess you cant add me as 39.:
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seashelle, I added you as 38 for now. If you post all about your birthday celebrations, I will *hopefully* remember to update it when the time comes!

nony, I haven't been able to find the First Babe in our 30s thread either, and I've done some searching. Too bad.

Anybody know anything about dealing with sacroiliac pain? It's an old injury that seems to be aggravated by pregnancy and I am really starting to hurt. I tried chiropractic, but it didn't really work for me. I also ordered a book called Relieving Pelvic Pain During and After Pregnancy and hoping it comes soon and has all the answers I need. I've also considered getting a sacroiliac support belt. Lovely, eh?
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Great! Did not know there was this thread.

Count me in! Baby #1 Due September & am age 36.
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Welcome Mynetname!!

I've been with some of these ladies since our TTC days and have found them to be wonderful resources throughout the pregnancy!! Hope your pregnancy is going well so far!!

Vegan - that's what I was afraid of - once the baby arrives, we retreat!! Hmmm....Gosh....I'm a little sad....

RE: your sacroiliac pain - I'm afraid (happy) to say I don't even know what that is!! Does it have to do with how baby is sitting or just the fact that baby is THERE!! I hope you find some relief. I started feeling sciatic pain in the early-mid 20's weeks range and panicked because I thought it would stay with me the rest of the pregnancy!! Thankfully, baby shifted and it went away as easily as it came...that's probably my worst complaint.

That and having to pee in the middle of the night EVERY night for the last 4+ months...woah. That got old real fast

Seashelle - I liked your : That was just funny...

Halfasianmomma......keep us posted!!
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Hi everyone!

Welcome seashelle and mynetname!

Catherine - sorry to hear that you are hurting. A support belt might not be pretty but if it helps you feel better, I guess that's what really matters. Maybe you can bedazzle it with a cupcake or other image of your choice (just kidding! the inside of a bedazzled belt would probably scratch you to death and be really uncomfortable).

Congrats Crosscat , and it's Wednesday, JenCat ::, so keep us posted.

Nony - maybe the May mamas have kept up in the May DDC? I'll take a look.

Nothing new here, looking forward to feeling movement but it's still early for me. I'm starting to get a distinct baby belly though, which is much preferable to the overate-at-lunchtime look I'd been sporting.
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mynetname, I added you to the list! I gave you the "surprise" stork, but if you know you're having a boy or a girl, I will change it to the appropriate color!

Jencat, waiting, waiting, waiting to hear about Finnegan and LaFawnda today . . . .

Oooh, ~sweet pea~, I love the bedazzling idea! Maybe embroidery will have to do. I do hope the belt will help. Or a different chiro. I'm not really happy with the chiro care I have been getting--he doesn't seem to do much for my lower back at all, even though that's what really bothers me.

Nony, I think it's less related to baby's position than it is to overdoing it in the yard (a lot of bending for weeding and such), combined with relaxin. On the other hand, I'm glad to hear that your sciatica didn't last long!

I was stalking HalfAsianMama and found she is very busy with last-minute baby preparations. I may continue to stalk her.

Our May mamas haven't posted since April, so I don't know anything else about them.
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Just lurking and checking in on you lovely mama's to be!
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There's a 1st Babe in your 30s in the Finding your Tribe section.

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Just a quick note from work...

we're having......

one boy...

and one girl!!!

The tech said they are long! (DH is very tall!) And the boy is kicking his sister in the face the little bugger! Both were wiggly she said.

Dr should call today if anything is askew. Otherwise, I'll confirm their healthiness with him next wed at my next appt.

More later!
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Holy cow! Jen, you really do have a Finnegan and a LaFawnda!

: : :
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Jen - congratulations!!
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Congratulations, Jencat!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!
How fun for you and DH!! Looking forward to more news of good health and baby happiness!!

So glad to see some grads pop in!! Judy - I love the picture of Callie!! She's beautiful! And Amiee, thanks for the link to my much searched for thread!! I'm getting close enough that I actually feel like I should be lurking there...

Celesterra - great to see you! Checked your blog and you look great! Even with inbetween stage hair...

Random question - anybody here planning to cloth diaper? I need to do some research - heard diaperpin.com is a great resource...but I was just wondering if others here were considering that route (even part time)...

have a great night!!
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Originally Posted by nony View Post
Random question - anybody here planning to cloth diaper? I need to do some research - heard diaperpin.com is a great resource...but I was just wondering if others here were considering that route (even part time)...
Yes ma'am, we sure are! All the information out there can be a little overwhelming. Diaperpin is great, but again, overwhelming!

Here's my advice: either buy mostly what is universally popular (Fuzzi Bunz come to mind), or see if you can buy a mixed package with a return policy (seems like Jillian's Drawers has something like this) to try out or borrow from a friend or acquaintance to figure out what you like. Things like baby's build (chubby thighs? skinny tummy?), your own personal preferences, how heavily baby pees, etc. will make a difference in what you like and what works best.

I know there are a lot of grads who cloth diaper. I bet they can give some good advice, too.
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