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Hi everyone...wow, so glad that everyone is doing good..and we have a graduate! I'm only new and havent had the pleasure of chatting with Rebecca but I do send my sincere congratulations and welcome to little Delialah!
I've been doing real well..I still get sleepy in the daytime but I'm trying my best to stay awake because I too find it difficult to sleep after 2:30...I fall asleep and then up again in the wee hours. Otherthan that no pains or complaints (except boob discomfort...ouch) I have my first ultrasound on the 25th..I'll be 11 weeks by then. I'm really super excited about that!
I was just wondering, has any of your docs or midwives catergorized you ladies as high risk? And if so what are you limited to doing? How do you pass the time? Dh is out of the province working for 3 weeks at a time and I find the time quite long. I do some crafts, and tire of that....I'm constantly changing my craft of choice so I have bits and pieces of unfinished items lying around..lol. Glad to see so many of you active here. take care.
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seashelle, what province are you in? I grew up in Manitoba, but I'm now in the U.S. Alas--sometimes I miss Canada very much--like when my mom talks about maternity leave as if I would have the same guaranteed leave here.

That must be lonely to have your DH gone for long periods of time.

As for passing the time, like you, I have a lot of projects on the go! I feel like I need to start and finish our wedding album before the baby arrives, and there are a zillion things I'm knitting for baby, plus there are lots of home improvement projects we're working on, since we just moved into our house a year ago. And then there's the researching and purchasing of baby/mama stuff, which can take forever! 40 weeks (or more!) of pregnancy felt sooooooo long to me early on, but I can't believe it's gone so quickly and I have so many things that I still want to do!

Gosh, can you tell I don't want to be working today? A bit too much posting!
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Hi Vegan Cupcake. I'm in Newfoundland...in a really tiny community. I bet you must get homesick so times. have you been home recently? Seems like you're kept quite busy, making your wedding album?! Now thats quite crafty and sentimental. What a treasure that will be for years to come. I think my problem with the boredom is I'm usually flat out. I always have something to do, gardening or home reno's. Now that dh is gone I have to watch what I'm doing. My 13 year old dd keeps good tabs on me. I just finished 2 years ofcollege and that kept me so busy that I didnt know wheather i was coming or going...I guess this is the adjustment period. I have to find a new routine perhaps.
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We have all our May mamas accounted for! Samantha 675 had a boy on May 22. He was 7lbs 8 oz and 19 3/4 inches long.

Now off to check up on our one June mama and see if anything is going on with her!

seashelle, it does sound like you're kind of in an adjustment period of trying to figure out what to do after being so busy. Lucky for you to have your daughter taking care of you!
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Ah, Monday. Another work week starting. Yep, I'm working and will keep working as long as I can. I plan on taking time off after the baby gets here, not before .

Time off for me is valuable!

Hoping everyone had an excellent weekend. Mine was pretty good, we finally planted out the veggie garden for the year, tomatoes, peppers/chilies, tomatillos, eggplants, squashes and cucumbers, a ton of basil (pesto!), and beans. Trying to keep it small this year, only 10 tomato plants .

I figure gardening won't be my primary hobby this summer.

Vegan, I've been knitting a lot for the baby too! I love baby knitting. I just finished these:


I haven't started a new project yet, but I think I have one in mind.

My friends have been knitting me baby gear too, this is going to be one well dressed little babe this winter!

seashelle, I'd love to go to Newfoundland one day, I have a good friend from there, and the pics she's shared with me are beautiful.

jencat, that is AWESOME about your boss! What a great work environment.
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Originally Posted by celesterra View Post
I keep wanting to get to the pool for the prenatal classes, but I'm shy about going, and haven't managed to break through that feeling yet. Lord knows I should be, I'm probably measuring about 30w now, and am getting pretty uncomfortable.

Go! You will not regret it! I had a serious love affair with the pool toward the end of my pregnancy, it was wonderful. I would swim lazy laps to get all my circulation going, then I would lean on a kick board and let the rest of my body float around. If the pool wasn't busy and the lap lanes weren't in high demand I would float at the end that was super deep....the deeper the better for feeling relief. But when it was busy the 4 ft end worked too. Baby would be still when I was swimming and he would kick around when I was floating, almost like he was saying no, no keep going. The pool kept my swelling down too. Ok, now I'm waxing on about the pool like I would an ex-boyfriend. But me and the pool Next pregnancy I won't wait so long! Oh, and most people for some reason seemed really impressed that I was there, not sure why it impressed them, but I only got good reactions.
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Celeste, I was going to say the same thing Kripa was, but she said it much better. At a prenatal swim class, you'll fit right in! And I bet you'd enjoy it immensely. If your concern is swimsuits, I know where you're coming from there--as a woman with boobs worthy of a Discovery Channel special. I'm currently wearing long running tops for well-endowed women with boy-leg exercise shorts, and I feel pretty confident and covered. Anyhoo, get thee to the pool, woman! You won't regret it!

Michelle, that dress is adorable! I have been working on the Baby Surprise Jacket to make it into a full-body suit and I have had to start over about 5 times! I know you made the Baby Surprise Jacket, didn't you? I seem to recall a picture of it.

My DH's brother's wife had their baby on Friday, and baby's not doing so well, so he's staying in the hospital for a while. One of the other brothers and his wife are driving the 3 hours to the city where the baby is hospitalized today, and they invited me to come along. I said no--can you tell I feel guilty? After some thought, I decided that the 28.5 week pregnant mama doesn't need to go to the NICU and get those thoughts in her head, any more than they're already there. I feel pretty selfish about it, but I also know the limits of my Bubble of Peace.

DH can't go either, because of his work schedule, but he's understanding and sweet about my feelings and says, "Someone else will go and be there; we don't have to do everything." Guilt, guilt, guilt, though.
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Yep I made a baby surprise! The bodysuit is adorable! I might need to make that too. Don't you love baby knitting?

Hey, I'm totally for you staying within your comfort bubble and not visiting the NICU if thats what you need to stay sane . I think they'll understand.

Hugs and thoughts for the little one.

You guys are making me wish we had prenatal pool classes here! That sounds niiiiiiiice.
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Originally Posted by OrchideZ View Post
Phillybama & Vegancupcake, thanks for all the CD tips. Is there anyone who can give any specific tips on CD a newborn boy in particular? Brands that are better?
(tried to post this earlier but MDC acted up on me, thankfully I thought to copy it before trying to post! Let's try this again...)

Hi! I don't think boys needs are actually any different than a girl...maybe just things like putting a little more padding up front than in the middle. For my guy I have Motherease diapers and also Wonderoos. I got great deals on a lot of used prefolds so had those as well. When he was first born and I was exhaused the Motherease just seemed too big and too hard to work (not sure why since they are the same concept at the Wonderoos. Both kinds are one size diapers. I think the Wonderoos felt easier because you stuffed your insert into the pocket and you just put the diaper on, the Motherease the insert just lays inside so there was always some adjustment needed and they are just a thicker profile. Anyway, I stuff the Wonderoos with my prefolds, my guy is a big wetter and he does not fuss when his diaper is dirty so if I didn't realize he peed and he does it a few times then my Wonderoos leak. The Wonderoos don't need a cover but back when they fit him better than the Motherease, if we were going out and I didn't want to have leaks I would put a Bummis whisper wrap over it, worked well. I could solve the leaks by getting more absorbant liners or doubling up the prefolds, but honestly I don't really care if they leak pee at home and I don't want to spend money on it. When we will be out in public I use the Motherease with a prefold inside. Motherease needs a cover and I use the Bummis whisper wrap with velcro closures and it fits my guy's build really well. Motherease has covers and with their diaper packages there are a few covers included. Their covers with snaps never really fit Kana right. I do like their covers with velcro and we have 2 or 3 of those in the bigger size that he is using now, I'd say I like the velcro ones about the same as the Bummis, but I think the Bummis just closes better, the Motherease velcro strip is very wide and the Bummis is not and I find I can custom the Bummis closure a bit better. (I can send you guys pictures of any of these things just let me know, PM me in case I don't get back here and see the request.) I find myself using the Motherease covers at night and the Bummis covers during the day. So that is what we do.

Lots of people will get sample packages and then see what they really want to use after baby arrives, but I wanted to get my diapers at my shower and just made a choice and said I'll figure out a way to make them work for us. I went with Motherease so that I wouldn't have to keep sizing up (they are one size) and all I have to size up in is the covers. I bought new covers a couple of weeks ago so my Bummis whisper wraps size small worked from birth up to close to 5 months when he was over 17 pounds. All my Wonderoos were a hand me down. For several dozen used pre-folds I think I ended up paying maybe $30.

His overnight diaper is a Motherease, with a Motherease insert, then a folded thick pre-fold, and a cover over the whole thing. To say he has "diaper butt" at night is an understatement But he sleeps in bed with us and nurses all night without waking so finally we said why are we waking this sleeping baby to change his diaper. And he only pees at night and then poops in the morning. I put a thin layer of diaper cream on him when we put the bedtime diaper on and have never had a problem with a rash. Speaking of his morning poop, we also do some Elimination Communication, but we aren't too terribly serious about it. Our house was so cold in the winter that we all bundled up, lots of clothes (even Babylegs) and a cold bathroom or baby potty do not make for pleasant EC'ing. I'm trying to get back into doing it more now that it is warm/hot.

The only boy tip that I have is make sure his penis is pointing down or to the side when you put the diaper on. And be prepared for pee gysers when changing him for the first few months. It rarely happens now. Oh, and don't think he is weird if he finds his penis way earlier than you think he should, I wasn't expecting that at 3 months! Now at 5 1/2 months it is his favorite toy

Sorry for rambling!
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Oh my! I haven't posted in a long time....

Jencat - Belated congrats on your baby boy and baby girl! What with brother kicking sister, I think you may have a Bart and Lisa on your hands! Thanks also for the realdiaperassociation link. I checked it out and was able to find a shop not to far from me where mamas can schedule a consultation to try diapers on their babes before buying.

On the topic of CD'ing, I do know what you mean phillybama about starting CD'ing after week 2. My mom, who is my greatest (and so far, IRL, only) CD supporter gave me a stash of PFs from when I was a babe. (That's where I get the packrat gene. I swear they looked brand new too, I'll have to get her to teach me how to keep them so clean looking) Her advice on starting, however, was to use sposies for the first week or so until we can "see what kind of butt the baby has" and buy covers accordingly.

Further belated congrats to OrchideZ on expecting a baby boy, and to new mamas Rebecca and Samantha.

Michelle, your veggie garden sounds wonderful! And the dress/cardigan set you posted is just gorgeous. I really love the pattern, but what really makes it a stunner is the color you chose. I even love the name (ruby river). I'm inspired by both you and Catherine with your knitting projects (the bodysuit is also adorable). I should get started on some projects, but I also need to figure out exactly what to make. My mother and grandmother seem to have the cardigans and blankets already made or in progress. My grandmother actually started on making baby cardigans when I first got married, three years ago!

Catherine, glad to hear that the exercises are helping with the SI pain.

As wonderful as the pool sounds, I'm definitely in the prenatal yoga camp. I my instructor. She really creates a total mind in balance with body atmosphere.

Well, I had my 18 week ultrasound yesterday. The baby is growing and everything looks to be within normal limits. All my "advanced maternal age" screenings for downs, spina bifida, etc. have come back negative and/or very low odds. However, the tech noted that I have two fibroids. I didn't really focus on it yesterday because I was much too fascinated with seeing the baby on the screen, so I didn't ask how big they were. I'll have to ask about it at my next prenatal visit. My initial research on "Dr. Google" (yes, I know I shouldn't have, but I did) seems to indicate everything should be fine unless they are located (1) under the placenta or (2) blocking the cervix/exit. I'll post in the main I'm pregnant forum to see if anyone else has them, or knows about them.

The US tech was nice in general, and gave us a "tour" of the US, pointing things out along the way. She knew we didn't want to know the gender, so she announced when she was "going to the neighborhood" so we could look away.
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Whew, bumping us from page 4!

~sweet pea~, fun times with your u/s! The fibroid thing--so many women have fibroids and never know it, and for most of them it has no affect on anything. I think 25% of women in their 30s have fibroids or something.

I had a midwife appointment on Tuesday and baby is breech! Of course, 25 to 50% of all babies at this point are breech at one point or another (thank you, Dr. Google, whom I had sworn off but can't seem to stay away from). Let's hope baby turns soon! At my last appointment three weeks ago, we were pretty sure s/he was vertex, so it seems s/he likes acrobatics.
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34 weeks now! Starting Monday, I have mw appointments weekly, wow.

Still have a crapload of stuff to do at home. Ah well. The baby won't know if we don't clean out the basement, right?

Vegan, I know my little one was still breech at 27-28 weeks, then she turned vertex and (knock on wood) is still vertex (I can tell by the hiccups). I wouldn't worry about it yet, but I would start thinking about it if she's breech around 34-36 weeks.

Sweetpea, I don't know much about fibroids, but I would definitely hold open discussions with my HCP about them, aske as many questions as you need to feel comfortable! I'm glad everything "big" turned out to be normal at your u/s. That was such a relief for me.

Ah, hmm. work, time to get back to it.
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Hey mamas, I've just noticed that we're about 2/3 through June! Do we have any volunteers to be July threadkeeper? It's not hard, and it keeps you connected to the group!
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I'll volunteer, but I'll need "threadkeeper orientation" because I've never done it before . Do I just cut and paste the first entry, start a new thread and then edit the roll call list as changes are announced?
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Originally Posted by ~sweet pea~ View Post
I'll volunteer, but I'll need "threadkeeper orientation" because I've never done it before . Do I just cut and paste the first entry, start a new thread and then edit the roll call list as changes are announced?
You got it, sistah! That's exactly what you do. I thought the copy and paste of the first post would be difficult, but it wasn't. And I can walk you through it when the time comes.
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I promise to do it in a future month. Cross my heart.
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Crosscat, we'll hold you to it! (We are accepting threadkeepers for August, though, if you'd like to plan ahead. )
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Wow. Have been away for a WHILE. Fiber and Vegan - your knitting is amazing!! I am working on this simple blankie and I think the hardest part about it is that I don't like the colors i chose - knitting really is at least half about the experience of knitting...v. just the end project. Hmpf. That's frugality working against me right there!! I'm going to try to finish it though, as I think it will be a nice soft something to put baby on later...

Seems like everyone's fairly busy - it being summer and all!! Yeah for nice weather!!! We, too, are trying to simplify the garden a little (though we're also trying to cram as much food as possible for canning, freezing, etc. as we consider our about to be decreased income - I'm going part-time).

Today is 36 weeks for us and I am THRILLED!! I cannot believe how fast it's gone. We still have a BAZILLION things to do, but the good thing is, the baby won't notice

Hope everyone is well!
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Hey ladies!

We all must be busy! And enjoying our summers...

I'm heading to MI for a week today. My mom and sister are giving me a baby shower Sunday. I'm excited! I think the last time someone had a party like this for me was my HS graduation! (Course, when I told someone this yesterday, they reminded me that it's not a party for ME - it's for the babies!) I guess this starts the time in your life when you enter a party and someone grabs the kids all excited to see them and doesn't bother to take your coat or ask how YOU'RE doing!

Getting caught up with everyone...

Catherine - what did you decide about hiring a doula? And how is your brother's baby? Don't feel guilty about not going. You have to look out for yourself first. (And don't worry, the baby will probably turn - you have plenty of time!)

Michelle - your garden sounds awesome! And your knitting is beautiful - your little girl is very lucky!

Celeste - have you been to the pool yet? I'm going to try it soon too... got goggles for Christmas - now I just need to use them!

Kripa - so nice to hear from you! Thanks for the tip about the penis direction when putting on diapers!

Sweetpea - sounds like your fibroids are probably nothing to worry about. Have you had your follow up appt yet?

Seashell- hope you're keeping busy!

Nony - I'm so excited for you!

Hi to anyone I missed!

I'm doing pretty great. Getting a little tired many days after working 9 hours and then trying to run errands, work out, make dinner, clean house, etc. Somethings gonna give soon (or maybe more than one something!)

I'm really excited to have a whole wardrobe practically for each baby for the next 2 years! Our friends gave us 6 boxes of baby clothes - boy and girl! I had fun sorting through them... My favorites are the tiny little onsies!

And I'm feeling the babies move many, many times a day! I can't tell who is who though! At my next appt next week I'll try to find out who is laying where and in what position.

Well, I hope everyone is having a lovely summer so far! "Talk" to you all later!

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Hey Jen - I was wondering what happened to you on our ddc, but after reading you're still working 9h days, it's no wonder! Has your doc said when s/he wants you to reduce your hours yet?

Have a great time at your shower and on your vaca!!

Noni, CONGRATS on reaching 36w! You're right - the baby won't notice any unfinished chores, and soon enough, you'll be cradling your LO in your arms! WOW!

Well, I did end up going to the pool, and sadly, it might be my last time. I started having a lot of BH contrax while I was there, and then more that night. I really got worried about preterm labor (to say the least). My midwife said that I might not be able to do the swimming. It's been a scary week for me.

I have found that since hitting 24w, I've been very uneasy. I've been filled with fear that the boys will arrive early, and having so many contractions certainly didn't help. I don't want to live in fear for the next 8-10 weeks (I'll be 26w tomorrow).
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