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Yeah, I've been lurking tho...

Celeste - so sorry the swimming was not good for you... did you try to do laps or just float around? Maybe the floating could just be relaxing but without the exercise??

I'm sorry you're feeling uneasy and worried. I'm sure everything will be just fine - you are taking great care of yourself! You're going to make a great mom to your two healthy, lucky boys.

I just saw in your sig you're planning a home birth? Very cool! I'd love to hear more. I love the idea of doing that but I'm too chicken!
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Nice to get updates from everyone!

Celeste I'm sorry you had BH after swimming and started worrying about PTL. I'm sending good thoughts out there in the universe for you and your little ones, that they may stay in for many, many more weeks!

jencat I'm impressed you're working 9h days still! I wish I had the motivation to do that, but 8h is making me tired now. Have fun in MI, and at the baby shower! Funny, my in laws held a baby shower in MI for me recently . Awesome about the boxes of baby clothes! Onsies are adorable. I can't wait to have a little snuggly baby in one.

Nony 36 weeks, wow! I'm 35 tomorrow. We're totally next, aren't we?
I agree, baby won't know what we don't get done. So no stressing. Yep, at least half the knitting goodness is in the knitting itself, so make sure you buy yarn you love, and want to use! I learned the hard way too. I may be frugal, but I don't skimp on yarn or food.

Thanks for the compliments on the baby knitting everyone! Its something I love to do, I hope the baby doesn't mind wearing all this stuff this winter!

So yeah, 35 weeks tomorrow, and I finally feel like I've hit the wall where I'm not so comfy. My office chair, meh. The couch, only good if I'm spinning and keeping muscles moving. The bed, still good, thank god! I'm not complaining aloud though. I feel like I went through enough to get here, I'm just blessed to be at 35 weeks, healthy, with a healthy little one. So I'll be patient.

And stretch a lot.

Hugs to all.
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So good to see updates from so many this morning!

Celeste, the PTL fear stinks. I'm so sorry. I hope those babies stay in for many more weeks!

Jencat, working 9h days? Wow! And we'll want the full baby shower report when you get back.

Michelle, how's that birth ball feel as a chair? I sit on mine when I do some writing from home, and I love it. The sad thing is that I'm not snuggled up with DH on the couch, so sometimes I feel a bit lonely on my ball.

And Nony and Michelle, you are both so close! I can't believe how fast the time has gone.

My bubble of peace got a nice workout last night at my sister-in-law's house. Her mother-in-law works in the NICU and is the one who told me homebirth was a kind of child abuse--remember her? Well, thankfully the MIL has been very respectful during my pregnancy, but last night my SIL told me that her MIL was flipping out about the fact that we haven't had an u/s. She photocopied and brought home a list of conditions and the hospitals to which babies in our area are to be lifeflighted after birth if they have them: Hospital X for heart conditions, Hospital Y for kidney conditions, etc. etc. The MIL said to my SIL, "With your permission, I'd like to give this to Catherine so she can see how important it is to have an u/s." Thankfully, SIL said no! But then she told me all about it. Ugh. It makes me just sick to think of making decisions from that position of fear. There are plenty of other, more rational, things she could have chosen to say about u/s.

Anyway, other than that, things are very good. My hip seems to be getting better after a couple of weeks of feeling utterly disabled. I can't tell which way this squirmy baby is lying, but I thought for sure I felt a head down low a couple of nights ago.
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from page 5 on this last day of June!

No news here. What's going on elsewhere in prego land?
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Please add me!

ecnelis (Emily), 32, first baby due in November!
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Emily! I've added you!
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