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OMG! Do I really have to do this?

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I was having some good crampies tonight, and right in the middle of one, all of the sudden, out of nowhere, the memory of birth came flooding over me!

I don't know if I can handle doing it again! I've done it twice and I knew more each time how much I hate giving birth!

I don't want the baby to come out!!!!!! I don't want that pain again! I'm starting to panic a little more with each little cramp!!

I pray for the strength!!!!
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Not in your DDC, but couldn't leave you all alone so late!
It's funny how we don't really remember the exact feeling of labor pain until we're there again.

But you can do this Mama, you are strong and your body was made to give birth to this little one!
Try to relax and surrender yourself to the moment. Have a good cry if you need to, but then just let yourself float away, not thinking of later, just get through each moment as it comes.

You will have a beautiful birth, and a soft, sweet little newborn soon!
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I'm right there with ya.
I'm feeling the same panicky feelings.
I wish it were easy to get the baby out.
Just a 1, 2, 3 and it's here!!!!!!!!!!!!
BUt nope.
I know I can get through this again. But I am at the point
where I am dreading it now.
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Reminds me of a funny youtube video I saw where the mom walks in all prim and propper to her OB's office and he pulls out a zipper, lifts up her shirt, puts it on and unzips a fully clothed and very happy and chubby 6 month old. Mom grabs the babe, thanks the doc, gets up and walks out, lol.

You can do this mama. The strength will come to you!
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I've had that happen to me and I think it was a good thing. My 1st and 2nd births were really quick and intense. I totally went into fight or flight so much so that I was scared to do it again. Of course, I got pregnancy 9 mos. later I studied Hypnobabies that time and everything felt good then I got those twinges one night - thought it was THE night - and I got scared. Fortunately, I listened to a couple of my cds and got my head back on track. Days later I had a great birth - best ever!

I think what you're feeling is totally normal and you CAN do it. Spend some time and get your head where it needs to be. Don't give into fear - relax when you get those twinges and think good thoughts. I'm glad I had a little "warning" last time b/c I used that time to deal with my fear. The more you relax, the easier it will be ime.
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You can and will climb this mountain and sail down the other side. I can totally relate I know full well what I am about to do and it is intense and hard to submit my body to but ultimatly the more I/ we allow this process the easier and faster it will be. Sending you love and encouragement from a mama that so can relate
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I have had similar panic attacks both this time and last time. What is really helpful to me is what someone on another thread asked me and it is similar to the questioning that Birthing From Within Recommends -- ask yourself -- what is the worst thing that can happen? What are you worried about? What happens if that happens? For me it is transition and to answer the question -- the worst thing is that it happens like it did before, but I know I worked through it. I climbed it and I did it. Just think of what you need to do to accomplish it again.
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I've had those moments. But the amazing part of pg is that we're on the ride, no way to make it faster, shorter, etc., we're just a part of something awesome. Same with birth... our job is to stay out of the way of the process and then at the end, help to push that little person into the world.

I try to remember I can't change the outcome (fast or slow labor, now or in two weeks labor, etc.) and to be content with the moment. I get nervous too, but there is that internal deep deep sense that I know I can do it. I just get jittery before anything big (performance, speaking), so this is the same deal... I KNOW I can do it... I'm just nervous about how it will pan out b/c there are a lot of variables.

But I know I'm strong enough.
I know you're strong enough.
We all are. We were made for this.
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It's funny, I have more anxiety about after the birth this time than the actual birth....like how different it will be having two....maybe another post....

Birth Free is so right on....we all can do this! We were made to! It is such a small speck of time in the big picture, and at the end we get to hold our new, sweet, fresh babies!! YAY!

Strength to all of you
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I admit to experience momentary zings of sheer terror in the past month, that just pass over me out of the blue and are fleeting.... remembering that I have to labor very soon Once it actually starts though, you will get down to the task at hand. Anticipation sucks. Once it is actually happening, you will be too busy
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