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Oil Of Oregano For Children

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My quick googling isn't telling me much other than to avoid using it internally for kids under the age of 7. I'd like to use it with my 3 year old for yeast overgrowth, but I'm not finding much dosage information other than a few suggestions to mix it a drop or two in with a spoonful of honey to dilute the strong taste.

I know a few of you here have/do use oregano with your kids - tell me about it please! Did you find it as effective as Threelac or other yeast-killing agents?
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This is not safe for ingestion. Try black walnut tincture or gentian violet instead.
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It's very strong and has a nasty taste. Some give it to their children by hiding it in peanut butter or spaghetti sauce but even then they only put a tiny bit of it. You need to start it slowly and you need to have some activated charcoal on hand for any adverse reaction. You can find activated charcoal at just about any health food store.

Some apply it topically to the feet. Maybe that might be better for a younger child.
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OOO isn't safe for ingestion? For ANY person, or just for children? I did give him 1 drop yesterday, hidden in his fish oil gel, and he didn't have any aversion to it at all. What would an adverse reaction be? And how would I get activiated charcoal into my 3 year old?

I'll be rubbing it into his hands and feet daily with some olive oil to relieve his excema - will that end up being enough to do what I need it to do for yeast-purposes?
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It's not safe for children or pregnant/nursing women to ingest. It is not generally used topically, especially in children, even dilute.

Tea tree or lavender could be used topically for yeast. Have you tried those already?

I studied with an aromatherapist for a little over a year when I lived in Tucson, so I'm going based on what I learned with her. YMMV of course.
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No, I've not tried anything yet. I have oil of oregano in my cabinet, but not the others. So it's not used TOPICALLY, or INTERNALLY, or BOTH, for small children?
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You can get the activated charcoal pills at the health food store. I just open a capsule and put it in DD's milk or whatever beverage she's drinking because she's not at an age where she swallows pills yet. It turns the drink black so if your child might notice and refuse to drink, you could put it into a colored drink or into a colored cup. It works super fast. The only thing is that it's so good at absorbing toxins that it does a good job of absorbing vitamins or other supplements you give. So give the activated charcoal only when you suspect a reaction.

I've taken it when I've had an upset stomach and it's been great.
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Oil of Oregano is an anti-fungal and is safe for ingestion, at least for adults. I work for a homeopathic practicioner/herbalist/massage therapist, and we use it all the time, although I cannot say that I know of any children having tested for it. I would imagine that dosage would be only a drop or two for a child, if at all. I'm not saying that it is ok for kids. I would consult with a professional. It is extremely strong-tasting, accompanied with a burning sensation (when dropped under the tongue). Oil of oregano is probably the strongest of all of the anti-fungals that my employer sells. There are other anti-fungals that may be more appropriate for a child (i.e. something with no taste, which may not be quite as strong). My child uses a homeopathic remedy called MicelliaPro, made by Cellutox, which is for candida. P.M. me if you want additional information. Although I cannot advise you, I would be more than glad to get you in touch with my employer.
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We use it with Andrew under the direction of a licensed physician (MD). It is safe but you need the proper form without the harmful things. Use NHS p73 form according to dosing for children of his age. I pm'd you more information but thought I'd post a bit in public too.

The form is the issue here..there are various herbs used as oregano oil but they are entirely different species. Some are dangerous and that is where the confusion lies I believe. You have to use a safe form of the proper herb. And of course any herb is medicine and everyone has to remember that you have to be careful as natural can still harm a person. North American Herb and Spice company p73 form in regular (not physician) strength should be fine for a child in my opinion. Kids take only one drop a day and neither of my children mind the taste of this form though we do dilute in liquid. My kid isn't picky about tastes as he has some nasty meds! But most anti-fungals (say grapeseed extract) taste horrible so this isn't alone in that! I do not apply to skin when I'm using internally for any med or herb as you're adding to the dose. And in fact I avoid skin application altogether with oregano oil as it is one thing you do not want to get in eyes or other membranes. I would worry about my kid getting it on his hands and then in his eyes.

You use probiotics with this as you would with any antibiotic or anti-fungal (it has properties in both of those as well as parasites).
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Originally Posted by sbgrace View Post
The form is the issue here..there are various herbs used as oregano oil but they are entirely different species. Some are dangerous and that is where the confusion lies I believe.
Good information. I can't say that I know lots about oil of oregano; all that I know is what I have picked up at work. I can tell you that we have several different oil of oregano from different vendors, but there is only one that I have ever seen taken orally, and it is from a company called 4 Spectrum. My employer says that this particular oil of oregano is what is called hyssop in the Tanakh (bible).
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THANK YOU! That's what I've been trying to find. Rachelle, did you PM me? I don't have anything in my pm box from you....

Yes, we've been using the probiotics as well. I haven't changed or deleted anything from his routine, just adding the oregano. As it is, I now need a written list to keep track of it all.
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The oil of oregano I am famiiar with is the essential oil of the cooking spice. The version by Young Living can be ingested, but it is strong, and put on the skin undiluted it burns like the dickens. (I was trying to burn moles of with the stuff, but I couldn't stand it. I can't stand the smell myself.)
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Bethany, I did pm you...rats...it was long but I was working on a borrowed laptop through a wireless system on a park bench (the wonders of vacation) so rats.

But yep, it's safe just use it the right form in the appropriate dose. I believe it is one drop per day with no limit on days of use for three years and up but I may be wrong on that.

The oregano oil you want for this is not the cooking spice form.
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