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06/02 Update

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Well the pooping and backache yesterday resulted in nothing. Here it is 5:30 am and I can't sleep. I haven't had much for insomnia, which was really bad last pregnancy.
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06/02 37w2d

Still pregnant, at work, no more cramping, barely any BHs. I quit timing them, since I'm full term, I figure I'll know when it's labor, so I'm not stressing myself out and timing them any more. Everyone thinks I have dropped, I can't tell. I have my home appointment tonight with my midwife, we'll see what I measure. GBS+ (can't remember if I said that before), some slight pulling pains in my cervix.
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38 weeks +
I am going for induction tomorrow
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39 today.

Lots of cramping w/ BH's yesterday, last night in bed and again this morning, baby's dropped as a result and is shifting from ROP to ROA/OA--is well applied, 2-3 cm's dilated, VERY stretchy, pink tinged tp... (bloody show after checking cervix)

Very soon... Dh works an hour out of town everyday and it's starting to make me nervous.

LOTS of water drinking today.
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37 weeks.

Crampy, lots of BH's, been feeling really nauseous, awake most of last night with the pelvic pain, apparently baby is engaged and ready. Bit bored now, could do with my chiropractor but he's 500 miles away. Have friends visiting this week though which might distract me.
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36 w today!

while I should expect nothing to be happening, here I site wondering when I'll start to feel something.

I'm happy it's finally June, though.
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38 weeks. BHs are very strong and frequent. Had low backache last night but it was just wishful thinking that it was a labor sign.
My cold has taken a turn for the worse... now my chest is full of phlegmy grossness.
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37 weeks.

Heartburn is KILLING me!!!
I want to drink more RRL tea but it seems to make it worse.

I'm feeling a bit more emotional now. I was doing pretty good.
I have BH's quite often.
Pelvic pain, especially getting out of bed, or turning over.

This afternoon I have an ultrasound, since I'm measuring large compared to my last pregnancy. We don't know if this little one is a boy or girl and can't imagine finding out so close to my due date. DH is still dying to know. We even asked friends online (facebook) and I was shocked at the amount of people who would find out now!

Anyhooo....I'm just feeling huge and have no energy. sigh.
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Originally Posted by Spider View Post
38 weeks +
I am going for induction tomorrow
Good luck!
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36 weeks 3 days

I've been having tons of BH all weekend, tons of pelvic pressure too. Baby doesn't seem to have dropped though.
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morning everyone

only 36 wks 3days here, I still have a long way to go! I feel ok, we went swimming yesterday, that was a lot of fun, doing laps kicked my butt though

Is anyone else taking EPO? I mentioned on my other thread about taking it to ripen things up in case I'm faced with home induction for my BP (which I decided is going to be a last resort, I really really want to go into labor on my own if at all possible), I got a bottle and started taking it orally according to the package (2 pills 3 times a day), but I'm a bit conflicted about it not really knowing much. I don't want to send myself into labor with it, just soften up that cervix in case of emergency! At 36 weeks does that sound like a good schedule of taking it? Should I be disolving one vaginally too or is just orally ok?

Speaking of BP though, took it last night after swimming (after resting a bit), and it was 131/81, so it seems to be staying about the same, just elevated for me. I'm really hoping that if it just stays like that it won't be an issue, because despite EVERYTHING I'm doing I don't see it going back down anytime soon.

Honestly I feel pretty good for being this pregnant, I think my biggest complaints are diet related, and floradix, yuck! I seriously gag everytime I take that stuff!

Hope everyone else is doing well today!
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37 w 1d. Looking forward to swimming today. A little freaked because I had a vision of my water breaking in this huge community pool. Now that I've fretted about it, it won't happen, right?

Originally Posted by Chalex View Post
I want to drink more RRL tea but it seems to make it worse.
I noticed this increases my heartburn too.
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38wks 3 days...

definitely feeling PREGNANT!!! Although still feeling good! I would say I have been quite emotional the past few days, and get so tired in the afternoon that I am making myself lay down. Baby is in a great position and it seems as though I am very low. Had the girls over the other night and everyone was commenting on how low the babe is. Must be why my hips are aching like no other!!

Still getting BH, but nothing else really to report. Have some time still!

Thinking about you all!
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mama moose- I am taking 1000 mg orally twice a day and 500 mg vaginally at night. I started the oral at 36 weeks and vag at 37.
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I'm 39 weeks, 2 days today. Also went swimming this weekend and it felt grrreat! Everything is so quiet right now, I have no clue when things will get started with me. All I keep telling myself is "It will happen, it's a guarantee. Don't fret the last few days!!!".
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Feeling good today. Just had my weekly appt with my midwife and found out that she is leaving June 16th and her last on call weekend is this one coming up! So, I am going to get myself ready - I really want her to be there. I have been seeing 3 midwives, but she is why I went to that practice.

I also found out that the lump that I have thought is the baby's foot might be a fibroid! It is really freaking me out. It is so sore right there. I just can't believe it isn't her foot!

As far as EPO she told me to take it 3 x day and start vaginally next week but I am going to start that this week, I am ready and want to have this baby next weekend.
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Originally Posted by *mama moose* View Post
I think my biggest complaints are diet related, and floradix, yuck! I seriously gag everytime I take that stuff!
Me too! I have to do a "chaser" with whatever I'm drinking at that meal, then take a quick bite of food. I still get hit w/ the metallic ick and everyone always seems to wait silently at the table to see if I'm going to "make it."
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38 weeks 1 day

My "fear-isode" last night resulted in a lot of feverish cleaning because I couldn't sleep and I needed to get my mind of the memeories!! This whole not being able to go to sleep till 2-4 is getting old! I've been having lots of discharge and tiny little smears here and there tinged with blood, but no baby.......

She'll come when she comes! For now I have doomed myself to the insolation of my house. Leaving WITH my very energetic, abnoxious 2 yo is not working out being this pregnant. I feel saturday at the park because she threw herself down. And everywhere we go she is throwing these very loud, public displays!! I'm to pregnant for that crap!!

Hope you guys are fairing!!! We're almost done!!!
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37w 1d here

The sciatic nerve jumping when baby hits a few spots is worse... I swear it's baby's head that causes it - it's *always* related to baby movement and not only freaks me out but makes me look funny when I jerk in reaction to it. Plus it hurts. Kind of stinks.

Got a hemmy that is hurting but I'm using witch hazel pads, have NO idea if that is going to help or not for real, but it's worth a shot. The baby's head is pretty low. I checked myself this morning in the shower and I can all of a sudden reach my cervix and from side to side it's rather wide... kind of freaked me out actually... I'm not ready for this baby to arrive. (Mentally or physically). I'm going to work on some of that today just so I am not in denial. In case...

I have no idea what I'm measuring or what my guesstimate for this baby is weight wise. Seems like 8lbs will be a good guess, but I don't know... my youngest was much bigger than that at 38w 3d (he was 9.12) but I don't know that my body would grow a BIGGER baby... if my MW friend wasn't 2 hours from me I'd ask her to come over and give me a guesstimate (she's really quite accurate)... but that's too far to make her drive.

Finished up my newborn diaper stash this weekend (I have 25 newborn Fattycakes and then a ton of prefolds) and am starting my small stash this afternoon. I get so relieved finishing stuff like that. Once my smalls are made I'll feel ready on the diaper front (I COULD be ready now, but I want a newwwww stash with my super yummy fabrics so I'm being picky ). I'm pretty speedy as of late though, that's at least on my side. Go diaper sewing mojo! Ha ha...

No more rambling, I'm done, sorry...
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I think I need to take someones advice from my other thread and not think about PIH this week. I mean, keep up with my diet and pills and all that, but I need to stop with the google-ing. I just feel so defeated and depressed over it, I just want my body to be normal! After DD1 I had pinpointed all the things that caused the BP increase (ate fast food, didn't exercise, etc.) and so this time I am doing everything right, everything I can possibly think of, I feel like some kind of regimented athlete (I joked with my DH that I was giving my body-building uncle a run for his money with my schedule of supplements and daily protein counting ), and I feel like I am in the exact same spot! And after reading and reading and throwing so much money into buying this product and that product and this special food, etc. I feel like I just want to give up! I know I can't actually give up, I'm growing a baby who depends on me to do the right thing. But I guess I just feel like "ok, whatever, consent to the home induction, its better than being sent to the hospital", even though its not what I want. I want to experience the joy of going into labor, of knowing that my baby picked her birthday and is ready to come greet me.
I know if it gets worse its safer to get her out than to stay pregnant, I know everything points straight to pre-E even if I want to live in denial about it, but I just want to throw a 2 year old tantrum! Maybe I'm just hormonal, I'm trying to hold it in, but so badly I just want to jump up and down and yell "not fair!!" and throw things! That probably sounds really silly. I just feel like, if I'm doing everything right this time, WHY is my body doing this?
But really theres nothing more I can do (despite wanting to run out right now and buy three more things that google has lead me to believe will help, theres always something else out there I can try... ), so I think I will just stick with what I'm doing, and reevaluate at 37 weeks. I guess my goal this time will be to make it to 40 weeks (unless I go into labor on my own before then, I'd be all for that! ), since with DD we induced at 39. And to have a homebirth. I need to remind myself that even if we induce at home it will be a more gentle entry than the one DD1 had, DD2 will have a peaceful water birth and will be placed on my chest and not torn away from me.

Anyways, sorry to ramble that all here on the check in thread, I'm having a mini-breakdown today.....

About the EPO, mine are 500, so I take 2, thats 1000, 3 times a day. I guess next week I'll add one vaginally at night. Does it fully disolve, even the gel-cap?
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