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beanmakes3, I told my DH after taking it the first time that I learned a life lesson:
that I would never cut it as a vampire
I drink a whole glass of OJ afterwards, the vit C helps absorption anyways, and it usually gets rid of the taste. Do you smell/taste it on your hands after though? I wash my hands after but I still smell that iron-y smell on my skin! Maybe I'm losing my mind.....

BirthFree, you gave me what I need to think about this week besides my BP! I have diapers to make! I ordered some PUL and I'm going to attempt to make some covers *gasp!* This is my first diaper making experience so we'll see how it goes. I did manage to strip all my other diapers (figured out we have hard water, I was ready to throw those dipes away from the stink!), so I have some on hand if baby comes before I finish, but I'd like to have some new little covers for her! I need to sew my new sling too, I got this really pretty fabric, its got a kind of tie-dyed pink design to it. I'm excited!
Thanks for cheering me up (even if you didn't mean to!)
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I am doing ok today. I woke up several times last night with contractions (just bh) and was kind of crampy yesterday. Dh thinks I will have the baby next week, I think my body just needs a lot of warm-up before giving me easy labors. I'll be 37 weeks on Wednesday, but I want baby to cook a week or two more, for the antibodies.

I am getting my handpump out this week and my yoga ball. Diaper service starts Friday! I am starting to stress a little about labor, but I have to get this baby out somehow, right? My biggest 'fear' if you can call it that is that I will tear. I didn't tear at all with dd and I really don't want to tear this time. I was so sore post partum with no tearing, can't imagine what it would be like to have stiches.

I am almost done with my paper, should have it done today!!! And then I have some stuff to wrap up for my research job and I am done!! Well, sort of done, I am taking academic leave for a year but will work on my dissertation here and there.

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Well, it's only 2 more days until one of my many EDD's. We'll see what happens! Yesterday we planted the garden - I am SO happy with all we got done - now we could REALLY use some RAIN!

I now have HUGE swollen ankles/feet...legs

OT - We have a BAT IN OUR HOUSE!!! : I can usually deal with things like this ok, but last night I was a girly mess over it...
I thought it was just my eyes being funny, then nope, the thing flew right through the kitchen while I screamed and ran into one of the bedrooms (with my 3 yr old DD running after me, and I yelled, "Shut the door!"). The bat hid for a long while somewhere in the house where we couldn't find it and then when we shut the lights out it came out again, (I hid again...) and slept even worse than ever because of the whole thing (with the light on for a while and with a flashlight next to me...) Today we have no idea where it is... probably sleeping somewhere, but how do we get it OUT?! My hormones have made me a wreck over it, I just want it to go outside... I'm trying to act like it's no big deal for my DD, but my hormones are making me feel all anxious and worried way more than normal.
I know bats are good, I just really don't want to go into labor at night with a bat flying around the house... seriously - not my idea of a good time.
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Originally Posted by *mama moose* View Post
I think I need to take someones advice from my other thread and not think about PIH this week. I mean, keep up with my diet and pills and all that, but I need to stop with the google-ing. I just feel so defeated and depressed over it, I just want my body to be normal! After DD1 I had pinpointed all the things that caused the BP increase (ate fast food, didn't exercise, etc.) and so this time I am doing everything right, everything I can possibly think of, I feel like some kind of regimented athlete (I joked with my DH that I was giving my body-building uncle a run for his money with my schedule of supplements and daily protein counting ), and I feel like I am in the exact same spot! And after reading and reading and throwing so much money into buying this product and that product and this special food, etc. I feel like I just want to give up! I know I can't actually give up, I'm growing a baby who depends on me to do the right thing. But I guess I just feel like "ok, whatever, consent to the home induction, its better than being sent to the hospital", even though its not what I want. I want to experience the joy of going into labor, of knowing that my baby picked her birthday and is ready to come greet me.
I know if it gets worse its safer to get her out than to stay pregnant, I know everything points straight to pre-E even if I want to live in denial about it, but I just want to throw a 2 year old tantrum! Maybe I'm just hormonal, I'm trying to hold it in, but so badly I just want to jump up and down and yell "not fair!!" and throw things! That probably sounds really silly. I just feel like, if I'm doing everything right this time, WHY is my body doing this?
But really theres nothing more I can do (despite wanting to run out right now and buy three more things that google has lead me to believe will help, theres always something else out there I can try... ), so I think I will just stick with what I'm doing, and reevaluate at 37 weeks. I guess my goal this time will be to make it to 40 weeks (unless I go into labor on my own before then, I'd be all for that! ), since with DD we induced at 39. And to have a homebirth. I need to remind myself that even if we induce at home it will be a more gentle entry than the one DD1 had, DD2 will have a peaceful water birth and will be placed on my chest and not torn away from me.

Anyways, sorry to ramble that all here on the check in thread, I'm having a mini-breakdown today.....

About the EPO, mine are 500, so I take 2, thats 1000, 3 times a day. I guess next week I'll add one vaginally at night. Does it fully disolve, even the gel-cap?
I'm in the same spot. It is totally not fair, why me? Why can't I have BP that is 90/60?!
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Yesterday was a doozy for me.
Lots of cramping and low back pain and then a lot of
running to bathroom. I spent a lot of time in there!

Today I feel fine. Went to my thyroid dr. appt this morning.
Everything looks fine. Looks like I"ve gained 30 pounds this
pregnancy. Not too bad I guess.

Tomorrow I go to my OB appt and then next Friday is
the big day. I can't remember if I posted this or not, but
she put back my c section to the 13th. It was the 12th.

I have a super busy week ahead of me this week.
I think I"ll go lay out now and get some more sun.
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Yesterday I really thought things were coming soon, nothing today. 38w5d today. So much pressure though. I dropped the day before I was induced with DS, so I don't know what it is supposed to feel like or anything. It must be doing something to my cervix though! I could ask my MW for a vag exam tomorrow, but I just really don't care too much. It will happen when it happens.
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39w5d or 39w6d. Whatever.

How on earth can a 2yo function on less sleep than his 4.5yo brother? They go down at the same time (ish) at night, but the 2yo will wake up at the buttcrack of dawn (about 7am in our house) where his brother is content to sleep until 8:30-9am. Mommy needs more sleep than that - especially when I can't even fall asleep until 2am after laying down in bed for 2-3 hours, plus the getting up to pee every hour or two, etc. I miss sleep. Seriously debating drugging the kid with something so he freakin' sleeps. I change his up to 5 poopy diapers a day (plus the rest of the non-poopies), the least he could do is sleep for me. :

Hubby keeps telling me the baby's dropped even more just about every day. Well that's helpful. Let me know when the baby's falling out of me and maybe I'll be a little happier. Until then, it's just a mean thing to say to the cranky woman.

I guess at least it looks like my peppers and tomatoes survived the crazy thunderstorms and torrential rain of the other day, which is good. Hubby'll probably get to plant the rest of the tomatoes as the weather's supposed to suck for another week.

Oh, and the loose bowels that kept me constantly on the toilet for the last 3 weeks? Totally gone. I mean, sure it's nice that I don't have to sprint to the bathroom (well, attempt to sprint at any rate) so I don't have to change my underwear, but geez. Talk about taking away a slim hope. So done with this.
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40 weeks 3 days - baby is transverse. We are scheduling csection for possibly Wed-Fri sometime there and hoping she turns and I start labor or she is low enough to naturally induce me. I am so frustrated and tired at this point I feel I am going to have a breakdown.
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Originally Posted by Barcino View Post
40 weeks 3 days - baby is transverse. We are scheduling csection for possibly Wed-Fri sometime there and hoping she turns and I start labor or she is low enough to naturally induce me. I am so frustrated and tired at this point I feel I am going to have a breakdown.
Oh how frustrating! I'm so sorry - transverse babies are no fun; uncomfortable and not easy birthin' I'll be thinking turning baby thoughts for you. Make sure you have a good long talk with your baby before the c/s (if she doesn't decide to turn before then) to let her know it is her birthday and how much you're looking forward to meeting her.

Would they consider a version this late in the game? Maybe a last-ditch effort before they cut you? Certainly can't hurt!
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No - no version for me because of my first being a csection and my second having a cord prolapse. I don't feel comfortable with the cord accident risks that an external version might bring. Or the chance or rupture. Plus due to the fact that she is in a very unstable lie even though she might turn that does not mean she would stay there because well... she is not staying in one position long. To me if she is doing this there might be a reason so I am happy to go with it. I am praying that God will make clear which is the way to go. After loosing a baby in my last pregnancy honestly I can care less if it is a csection birth or a vaginal birth. Our goal is to have a happy healthy birth which ever way that turns out to be. My team is determined to give us a wonderful, memorable birth experience no matter what - I am so thankful for them. My midwife is amazing and my OBGYN is amazing as well. I am just dying here waiting - it is really hard to stay peaceful. I am pretty much repeating Bible verses in my head and praying constantly.
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Originally Posted by tonia_jo View Post
I can usually deal with things like this ok, but last night I was a girly mess over it...
OMG this is totally me right now. We have cockroaches - we always have cockroaches in the summer. I've had some cockroaches in my life in all my houses since I left home, and I can usually deal just fine. But not now. I just feel obsessed and worried about them all. the. time. I have to check every inch of my sheets and blankets and all around the bed before I can go to sleep. I won't go in the kitchen in the morning until DP says the coat is clear...

Today is Operation Boric Acid. I know boric acid is not really a big deal, but I've never tried to actively exterminate bugs in my home before. Its really weird of me!
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I love reading everyone's updates!!

Barcino, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers this week...can't wait to hear about your beautiful baby!!

As for me, I'm looking forward to a week getting things done.. I need ot seriously lock myself in my sewing room!

Have a great week everyone!
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Still really nothing going on here. I felt more likely to have a baby at any point over the last month than I have over the last few days. Although yesterday evening I was so wiped out I fell asleep on the bed for a bit. I had a dream I was having contractions and when I woke I was actually having a real one. You know, the kind that make you go 'OH THAT'S what labor felt like'. Other than that, I'm suddenly dealing w/ a lot of birth-baby-postpartum anxiety stuff...just running through the 'what if's' a lot. I guess that's normal.

MIL paid for a cleaning lady to come to our house today as a baby gift to us. WOW, she is doing such a good job, it feels really nice. It makes me want to declutter more though, and I still have a lot on my to-do list.

Mama Moose, I meant to say in your other thread that if I were you I would start vaginal EPO now, I don't really think any amount of EPO is going to put you into labor before you're ready and certainly if you're faced with induction it sounds like a good idea to help your body prep as much as possible.
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Originally Posted by JustVanessa View Post
mama moose- I am taking 1000 mg orally twice a day and 500 mg vaginally at night. I started the oral at 36 weeks and vag at 37.
That's exactly what my MW told me to take... I'm taking it orally now and will start the vag next week.

Originally Posted by *mama moose* View Post
About the EPO, mine are 500, so I take 2, thats 1000, 3 times a day. I guess next week I'll add one vaginally at night. Does it fully disolve, even the gel-cap?
Uh, to put it mildly... YES!!!! Make sure that's the absolute LAST thing you do before you go to bed for the night, . And, don't be surprised by the *ahem* difference during your first nighttime potty break.

If you are so inclined, you can also break open the caplet and rub the gel on, but my cervix enters the witness protection program during pregnancy, so that doesn't work well for me.
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So, 36.5 weeks here... Feeling pretty good still, but starting to swell from the heat... I hate summer in the South. Ugh. I miss Vermont. On the plus side, Dh went out and picked me out a spiffy new ring from Target ($12!!) to serve as a replacement for my real ring until my hands start resembling, um, hands again. It's sparkly (and bigger than my real one, lol).

Just got the call from my MW that my GBS was neg. So, that's the last hoop I had to jump through, yippee. Actually, the birthcenter is pretty cool about it... they don't actually push you to take AB, but if you're pos they'll retest when you're in labor, to see if you're actually pos at that time and watch the baby a bit closer for a few days. That way, if there is a problem, you can avoid having the stick the baby. Works for me.

Ran a bunch of errands this morning (picked up the key to the neighborhood pool and bought some shepherd's purse tincture from a really cool WAHM that lives nearby... she actually owns preciousarrows.com) and now I'm nesting like CRAZY. Straightened up all over the place, did a ton of laundry, got the baby clothes washed and put away. Bathrooms are clean and sparkly. Refrigerator is scrubbed. Freezer meals are done.

Getting ready to go lanolize all my covers and steamclean the livingroom carpet. Hopefully, I'll get the birthbag packed tonight (guess it's about time....) and then I just have some knitting projects to finish up. Oh, and I finished up all my NB/SM dipes and am starting on my mediums.... I bought a bunch of really nice fabric to make them out of and I'm too nervous to cut into it. Gotta get over that, I'm running out of time. It freaks me out a bit to think that Audrey was born exactly a week from this point. I feel like I have all the time in the world, but realistically, I know that I don't.

Just give me a little more time, babe... I'll have everything ready soon, promise!!
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I'm a little over 36 wks, dunno how much exactly.

My tummy muscles hurt sometimes probably from stretching. My inner thigh muscles are also sore regularly but I haven't done any major stretching in a while. My hips crack at night whenever I roll over...but aside from those complaints, NOTHING labor related this way comes.

Had a productive week-end, despite the heavy rain. Paid a lot of the impending bills, paid rent (whooohooo!), made some trifold soakers for the tiny pocket diapers I had made and then realized I couldn't stuff because my hands are too big, and continued to make more diapers. I think I still have another 20 to go, which is thoroughly depressing because I'm already getting sick of doing this everyday! I need to make an inventory of my stash.

I got lots of cleaning done thanks to DH and DSS...there are only a few shelves to build and boxes to be sent for storage in my parents' garage. Bought myself some granny panties to stick in my birth bag (mmm so sexy), and I'm in the middle of finalizing my birth plan. Only need a few more things and my bag should be complete. I'm SO not ready for the baby, material wise, but I'm SO ready mentally and emotionally. Too bad there are still 4 to 6 weeks left, potentially...
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Had a horrible, painful night last night. I had a lot of pressure and a consistent cramp in my lower back that was painful and lasted for HOURS. I did some pelvic rocks and that seemed to help. I felt pretty good when I woke up this morning so I went in to work and went by the chiro on my way home. Had some contractions today but they were few and far between. I still don't feel like baby is coming anytime soon....I hope I am wrong!
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Still pregnant! 39 weeks, 1 day. Feeling great, no signs of labour yet (as far as I know) I get a tight feeling across my belly every now and again, but it's not really painful, just a minor uncomfort. I'm not sleeping the greatest at night, but I sleep in in the mornings and catch naps through the day when I can. I still have to pack my hospital bag, that is my project for tonight, should be easy enough as I've been putting everything to pack in the top drawer of the babies dresser.
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errr....I had a long post and the internet just ate it.

I didn't have that productive a day, I have so many things to get done but I got distracted with phone calls from friends in my hometown. It was so nice to catch up and talk with them though.

I did wash all of the CPF's. Woohoo for me! Now, I just have to wash all of the covers, burb clothes and blankets and get the drawers more organized.

My heartburn seems to be getting worse, even though I'm now on medication.

On a personal note, DH is having a hard time right now with work. Any good thoughts/prayers his way would be really appreciated! He isn't a negative person and I hate to see him so stressed and down right now.
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Okay girls- What is EPO? Probably a stupid question, I know....
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