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Originally Posted by eatorganic View Post
Okay girls- What is EPO? Probably a stupid question, I know....
Evening Primrose Oil
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AAAAHHH! Thanks...
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37 weeks end of day two.

Work really stressed me out this morning. By the time I got to lunch I had a stomach ache from the anxiety. The afternoon was better, but it was hard to shake off the feeling.

Then, one of the professors I support came by and asked if they can take me out to lunch on Thursday since Friday is my last day before going on leave. It's really nice that they would think to do that, and I agreed to go, but secretly I don't want to go. I don't want the attention, and I much prefer spending my lunch break with my husband (his lab is in the building next door to where I work). The person who came in to ask if I would go is the same person who caused me all of that stress with an impossible deadline this morning.

Then, one of the neighbor kids accidentally dropped a heavy mini scooter thing right on my foot when I got home. It's the foot that has been hurting already for days. So now it hurts even more.

The baby seems so strong when he moves, and I feel like his little fists have been pushing on the inside surfaces of my hip bones. Quite a feeling.

I'm kind of grumpy. I hope my outlook is better for the rest of the week.
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I admire (hats off to) all you still-workin' mama's. Just amazing.
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Had a u/s today to determine baby's position. Her head is right where I thought it was -- jammed against the upper part of my right ribs. Bum's somewhere near my cervix. Looks like we have a breech girl. We'll talk to my mw on Thursday to see what she recommends. I'm going to spend my morning trying to find someone local who'll do moxibustion to help turn the little one. I've been trying the ironing board trick for the last two weeks (I just knew she was breech) and find it so uncomfortable. I didn't think my raging heartburn could get worse, but a few minutes on the ironing board sure does the trick!

We're all ready in terms of clothes, diapers (although, I'm still sewing a few here and there to feed my addiction) and packed hospital bag. I just need to find myself a nursing bra.

Glad to read I'm not the only emotional/grumpy one. I've spent the day in a funk and my poor dh can't figure out what to do with me. I'm going to suggest he rub my feet while we watch our evening Netflix show.
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39 weeks, 4 days. Eek! I keep looking at the ticker on my blog and it is telling me 3 days to go! As if that means anything. I wonder what it does when you go overdue....? Or does it just stop?

Pubic pain seems to get a bit worse every day. I had a horrible time at the market today - could barely get through shopping. Really nothing else happening though besides my usual strong BHs. And a few jabby sensations in my cervix now and then.

I took my son to the pool tonight. It was such a relief to get the pressure off my bones!

Originally Posted by butterfly1001 View Post
Still pregnant, at work, no more cramping, barely any BHs. I quit timing them, since I'm full term, I figure I'll know when it's labor, so I'm not stressing myself out and timing them any more.
: Actually I was never timing them. They are kindof freaking my DH out, but I told him I will know when they start to really hurt!

Originally Posted by klink2 View Post
Looking forward to swimming today. A little freaked because I had a vision of my water breaking in this huge community pool.
I kept wondering if I would know it if my water broke in the pool. Last time it got broken accidentally during an exam, so I don't really know what it feels like to happen spontaneously.

Originally Posted by tonia_jo View Post
OT - We have a BAT IN OUR HOUSE!!! :
Cool!!! I LOVE bats. Not that I am trying to say your reaction is bad, but I would love to have a bat cruising around during labor! I am weird though.

Originally Posted by Barcino View Post
40 weeks 3 days - baby is transverse. We are scheduling csection for possibly Wed-Fri sometime there and hoping she turns and I start labor or she is low enough to naturally induce me. I am so frustrated and tired at this point I feel I am going to have a breakdown.
I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Sorry you are going through this.

Originally Posted by eatorganic View Post
AAAAHHH! Thanks...
Don't feel bad. I kept wondering what the heck EVA meant in another thread and kept thinking Early Labor Vibes? Then I was like, oh, probably Easy. Talk about duh.

Originally Posted by Nimbus View Post
Had a u/s today to determine baby's position. Her head is right where I thought it was -- jammed against the upper part of my right ribs. Bum's somewhere near my cervix.
Oh man. Deep diving is what worked for me. Got it off a website where the midwife said it never failed for her. Do you have access to a warm pool? The one I was in went down to 12 feet, and I dove down twice.
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Originally Posted by tonia_jo View Post
OT - We have a BAT IN OUR HOUSE!!! :

If it makes you feel any better, I completely understand how you feel! Dh found half a dozen Black Widows setting up shop all along our fence line this weekend... he killed what he found, but now we need to get an exterminator out before the kids can go play in the backyard again. Ugh.

We've had a problem with them since we moved in here. Dh got bitten last summer and it was terrible. And he's HUGE (6'4" plus!), so you'd imagine the venom was relatively dilute. It literally makes me shake to think about little Nora getting bitten. So, as much as I hate the idea of the awful, toxic chemicals.... the tradeoff between immediate and eventual danger is leaning towards getting rid of the spiders. This will be the second time we've had professionals out.

On a side note, and to go even further OT - This is one of the reasons why I *hate* subdivisions and sprawl. These spiders are behaving super abnormally (they usually avoid humans and daylight like the plague, and we'll find them in a particularly busy part of the yard, sunning themselves mid-day), and I think it's b/c there isn't an available route for them to retreat away to a quieter spot. There's no difference to a spider btwn our busy yard and the neighbor's, right? Wish we could tell them that there's woods and fields just a few blocks down the road...............

Ok, rant over, just had to vent about that. It's really hard having to find other ways/places for the kids to get their energy out, when it's eighty + degrees out and I'm so waddly.
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