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The JUNE Infertility One Thread

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June- Spring into Summer and Achieving Our Goals!

The Infertility ONE Thread
A monthly thread to talk about all of our various journeys through the difficult, trying, and often heartbreaking world of infertility. This thread is a place to chat, vent, get support, cheer each other on, and hopefully occasionally laugh!

[B] Trying to Conceive

Aly22681 TTC #1 since January 2007, 3 MCs. After TTC 4 cycles with Clomid, 1 Femara/ IUI, 1 with Injectibles (Follistim) now on a June IVF cycle.

angel1895 : TTC#2 since February with PCOS (treated with metformin).

avocada TTC for 2 years. TTC with Vitex, Pre-Seed, Mucinex, and Progesterone cream.

[FONT=Verdana]barose : TTC since 1999 (with intermittent breaks), 1 30wk MC, PCOS (treated with diet/ lifestyle) and Hypothyroid.

baturay TTC#3, DC#1 and 2 conceived with Clomid. Began FET process May 27, should be doing the transfer in early July.

biomama : TTC since November 2007 with non-medicated IUI for MFI .

blueRhino TTC #1 since June 2007. Currently doing very preliminary diagnostic testing, and Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

BurtsGirl TTC #1 since Aug 2007 using frozen donor sperm

crazyrunningmama TTC #2 with MFI, DC#1 conceived with IVF/ICSI. Weaned dd in order to do IVF, doing weekly acupuncture and gearing up for another cycle of IVF/ICSI.

EastbayK : TTC #2 since June 2007 with unexplained infertility and while treating cancer (DH). TTC with clomid/IUI.

FierrBugg - TTC #1 since February 2001, mis-dx w/ PCOS in 2002, but do have hormone and ovulatory issues. Finally dx in 2007 w/ a host of clotting properties, low Growth Hormone compensated for by elevated Cortisol and past exposure to nasty viruses that don’t bother me, but love to attack my pregnancies. Taking a mix of supplements and conv. meds. Starting cycle 1 of clomid + injectibles as soon as af rears her ugly head.

frog TTC intermittently since June 2006 using frozen donor sperm and at-home IUI with a midwife. Final IUI with injectibles and monitoring in May. After this, we're done trying with me and on to whatever's next on our journey to parenthood.

gumby74 Waiting to be ready to TTC #2.

hope4light TTC since March 2006 with MFI and slightly low progesterone. Currently TTC with IVF with ICSI, cycle 1 round 1 canceled due to hyper stimulation, cycle 1 round 2 antegon cycle canceled as ovulation started due to high e2 levels. Round 3 to start after re-evaluating treatment protocol.

Julia'sMom TTC#2 with PCOS. DD1 conceived with met, clomid & hcg. No response to clomid, starting IVF.

kristenok18 TTC#2 since 2004, 1 MC in 2007, Non-traditional PCOS (treated with Metformin) and MFI. Femara/HCG and IUI cycle canceled due to non-response. Next cycle moving on to femara and injectables with an IUI. Recommended IVF, but that's not an option.

kristinc Grieving after failed IVF w/ ICSI attempt #1. Trying to figure out a new game plan and find a new RE who doesn't think my 27 year-old eggas are too old.

mischievium : TTC since February 2007 with MFI (antisperm antibodies) and currently being evaluated for non-classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. TTC naturally while waiting for initial appointment with RE May 15th.

TTC #4 since Nov 2005, 4 MC. Currently TTC with acupuncture, mayan massage and meditation. Seeing midwife and RE.

Needle in the Hay TTC #2 for 5+ years, recently diagnosed with hypothyroid.

Perdita_In_Ontario TTC#2 since December 2007, started TTC#1 in 1999, MFI (CBAVD) diagnosed in 2002, DC#1 concieved via IVF/ICSI in October 2004. IVF#3 - BFN - Consult w/o June 1 for next steps

poetgirl : TTC since October 2006 with low progesterone, possible LPD and hypothalamus dysfunction. Removed polyp 3/08. Using 100 mg Clomid+IUI+progesterone supps w/ weekly acup. and chinese herbs starting April.

Puffnstuff TTC #1 since early 2007.

songbird45 : TTC #1 with PCOS since January 2007 - 2 failed Clomid cycles and no longer a candidate for Clomid. Now trying Femara for the first time...

WeasleyMum TTC since October 2006, 3 MCs, seeking specialist help for recurrent MC.

Willllthiswork - 25 - TTC #1 since September 05 - On 2ww from first IVF

Taking a Break or On Hold with Trying to Conceive

trying for #1
Waiting to TTC#2 with donor sperm (DH post vasectomy).


Graduates (May everyone who passes through this thread find their way to this section)

GreenFlower : TTC#2 since Spring 2007--> MARCH 2008

LoveMyJonah TTC #2 with Endometriosis since 11/2007. 1 MC 1/2008. Laproscopy scheduled for 4/23, HCG shot 3/29 to increase chances of getting pregnant prior to laproscopy MARCH 2008.

Stacymom : TTC since March 2006, 1 MC (2007), recently diagnosed PCOS (treated with Metformin), TTC with Clomid --> MARCH 2008

soulshine TTC since June 2005, full-term unexplained stillbirth (2005) and MC (2006), with unexplained secondary infertility. After TTC with Clomid, then Clomid/ IUI, and one canceled IVF cycle, 2nd IVF cycle (ER/ET) planned for April. Also used western herbs & supplements, tcm herbs, & fertility acupuncture APRIL 2008

kJad29 TTC since July 2006 with possible MFI, TTC naturally MAY 2008

Gillian28 TTC#1 Since April 2007 JUNE 2008

PLEASE let the threadkeeper know if there is anything you would like to add/ delete/ change from your synopsis above (including silly things like not liking the color your username is in) either by bolding the information you want changed/ updated in your post or by sending the threadkeeper a PM. And PLEASE check to make sure that the correct chart is linked to the chart icon in front of your username.
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Last month we started off the thread with two BFP's, anyone got some big news to get us started off right this month?

I'm 2 dpo now, so just waiting, waiting. 13dpo will be on DH's birthday, but I doubt I'll be able to wait until then to test. No trigger for me this month, so no false positives like last time.

Tomorrow I'm going to go through and take off anyone who hasn't posted in the last month, so if you've just been lurking, now's the time to pop in with a 'how-ya-doin'. And of course I'll add in anyone who requests it!

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I'm still here, hanging around being pissy about things. :

My breasts are much less sore today and I suspect maybe the "symptoms" I've been experiencing were from the trigger shot. I don't feel like I'm going to bleed, yet, but eh. I plan to call on Wednesday to schedule a beta.
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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to check in. We are busy packing as we are moving back to Canada on Thursday. I'm 11 dpo right now and not feeling anything unusual. I'll probably take a test Wednesday (13 dpo). I see the doctor a week from today so I'm excited about that.

Lots of s to those who need it.
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Hi all,

Just checking in to say hello and that I will probably be away for a few weeks anyway. I am in the "two week wait" however really I am just waiting to ovulate again since we missed the boat. I feel somewhat better about the whole situation though. We talked a lot and I feel we have a better understanding of each other and this situation. I am going to try to focus on some other aspects of my life for my own mental health!

I am sure I will be around again as I near ovulation. I hope I come back to find lots of good news!
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hi everyone,
well, temp drop this a.m. so I didn't even test. We're gearing up for one more IUI then getting more of a workup for me, then considering IVF. Since we know DH has subfertile counts, and I ovulate based on charting, we haven't done much of a workup of me (other than blood tests for hormone levels and U/S). Next I guess would be a HSG... I don't know what else. A biopsy? ouch.

how's everyone doing?

Gillian, good to see you! I had wondered where you were, hoping you'd graduated to a DDC. Good luck with your move and keep us posted!

hugs to those who need them.
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EastbayK: Thanks for the new thread!

Gillian28: I too was wondering where you were, good luck on your move!

blueRhino: Good luck with your TWW even if you do think you missed the boat, maybe a couple of those guys hitchhiked there way up there

Frog: Oh good luck with that beta, I really hope it turns out to be a BFP!!!!!

Biomama: Booo hisss for a temp drop, the next step will prob just be an HSG. Good luck, it wasnt too bad though.

AAM: : WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! I just got a call back from Carolina IVF about DH sperm we froze (like 2 weeks ago hahah) and they were able to break it up into 4 vials, and we got 112 mil. He has always had good sperm but its usually around 80 mil, he really brought his best game this time HAHAHA!!!
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Wow, good luck to everyone starting new cycles and everyone in the tww.

I'm officially back in the game; just took my last Femara pill this morning. I have monitoring on Friday to determine if I'm responding. :
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Well in the course of an hour I went from this : to this

They called me back to tell that based on the VERY strict Krueger Scale to judge IVF sperm, DH has 3% morph. WHAT??!!! In all of the 5 SA's he has had over the last year or so he has always had like 88% morph well above avg. But this apparently is a VERY strict test. So now we REQUIRE ICSI. We had kind of planned to do it anyway bc DH might be deployed. But its just alot more money...Oh well in the big pic I guess its not that bad. I'm KIND of happy too bc now we have gone from Unexplained IF to MF. The ONLY reason this makes me happy is bc now with IVF/ICSI we have great chances of getting/staying pg. I was always so scared of what that UNEXPLAINED IF meant.

So maybe this is a more accurate example of me over the last hour

From this : to this to this
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Its been a while since I posted on the infertility thread so I’d better post an update.

I decided to try Clomid again. I did back in 2001 and though it didn’t work for me, I was in a different state of health and my PCOS was really out of control then. I didn’t ovulate at all. Now that I am ovulating (though its usually late in my cycle and sporadic) I’m giving Clomid another try to see if it would help.

I’m on CD19 now and will start as soon as this cycle is done. I’m also ordering Preseed to help with CM (as it heard it dries up with Clomid).
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Hi everyone! Just peaking my head in....

barose- good luck with the clomid...I hope you have better results with it this time around! :

aly- I'm sorry about the dx, but glad that you have a definite direction to head now. Good luck with getting that all line up! Do you know when you'd be doing the ICSI cycle?

songbird- good luck with your scan! Hopefully femara will do the trick! :

bluerhino- glad to hear things are going better between the two of you.

gillian- good luck with your move!!!

frog- try not to get too discouraged! the effects of the trigger shot can really mess with your head, yk?

eastbayk- hope you caught the egg!

I'm in limbo for awhile. My cycle started last Saturday (of course it would be a long wknd), and I couldn't get in for the early u/s in time to start the femara/injectables. And dp will be gone for the better part of July, so that'll probably rule out anything happening this summer. I'm trying to think positive, and hoping the timing will work out!
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I have been lurking a bit lately, but now's probably a good time to update anyways!

Just waiting for AF to rear her ugly head, so that I can get IVF Cycle 1 round 3 started! I think everything will probably be early July, as they are talking 2 - 3 weeks of BCP's, so we'll see. I started spotting yesterday.... since my first cycle I have tended to spot for a few days before she comes full force, I think it just must be all the drugs and doing them in short spans so close together. So, hopefully I'll start BCP's by the end of the week, but we'll see!!!
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Originally Posted by kristenok18 View Post

aly- I'm sorry about the dx, but glad that you have a definite direction to head now. Good luck with getting that all line up! Do you know when you'd be doing the ICSI cycle?
We will still be in the June cycle, I am supposed to go off my BCP's next Sat, and estimated ER is 6/24 with ET 6/27. I'm ok with the Dx bc to me ANYTHING is better than the unknown of Unexplained IF. DH seemed pretty happy about it too, its nice just to finally have some answers.
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Willthiswork - 25 - TTC #1 since September 05 - On 2ww from first IVF
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AF just showed up.
on to our third IUI cycle... starting to think there is something else wrong besides MF, since DH gave great samples for our IUIs. I'm worried about my tubes. We have one more IUI cycle before I get a HSG. By then I'll have insurance for diagnostics but not treatment, which is better than no fertility coverage at all (the case now). I'm hoping that will at least pay for the HSG, blood tests and maybe even ultrasounds?
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Hi ladies:

May I join? It's alot of info, I know. Feel free to edit out whatever you'd like. But it's nice to finally know what's happening - I agree w/ you, Aly. Knowing is better than unexplained anything.

FierrBugg - TTC #1 since February 2001, mis-dx w/ PCOS in 2002, but do have hormone and ovulatory issues. Finally dx in 2007 w/ a host of clotting properties, low Growth Hormone compensated for by elevated Cortisol and past exposure to nasty viruses that don’t bother me, but love to attack my pregnancies. Taking a mix of supplements and conv. meds. Starting cycle 1 of clomid + injectibles as soon as af rears her ugly head.
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Updated to here

I added in Fierrbug and Willthiswork and deleted anyone who didn't post on last month or this month's thread. Apologies if I accidentally took anyone off that I shouldn't have!

Frog, Poetgirl and Biomama and everyone else too

I'm 4dpo today, so just waiting, waiting. My IUI was thursday but I didn't O until Saturday. I knew it was a bad idea to do it when I went in on thursday, but when the dr is standing there with a tube of spun sperm, what are you supposed to say? We also DTD a few times, so hopefully one little guy made it.

Today is DH's final radiation treatment as well! Hopefully that will be it for cancer treatment for us- forever! Now we just have to deal with the 2nd degree burns on his neck that need to heal up.

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Originally Posted by willthiswork View Post
Willthiswork - 25 - TTC #1 since September 05 - On 2ww from first IVF
Hey momma, how are you surviving the 2ww? My thoughts are with you
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Originally Posted by kristinc View Post
Hey momma, how are you surviving the 2ww? My thoughts are with you

I'm ok. I'm off work til next Monday so I'm able to relax and do nothing!! I got some bad news today though, I rang the clinic and asked about the two extra embryos that they had kept out for the transfer and were waiting to freeze. They didn't make it which worries me about the two they did put in. I know that they put back the higher quality ones but I don't feel any different apart from sore boobs and tiredness but I think that's the progesterone. I'm going into my second week tomorrow but I think I know what the result is going to be.

EastbayK, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for the IUI, the radiation and the burns. You guys are having a rough time of it. Hope it all works out great.

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Hi everyone,

Well it looks like my stay here was short - I'm pregnant!

I took an hpt Wednesday morning (13 dpo) b/c we had to load the truck for moving and I thought that I should know just in case so I could take it easy. And, sure enough, 2 lines came up! I didn't think it was possible. I've never seen 2 lines before . I retested today and got 2 more bfps. I'm a little concerned because I thought they would be noticeably darker but they aren't. They are the same shade. I hope that it doesn't mean anything.

So, I still have that doctor's appt on Monday for my fertility testing. And the office is closed today and all weekend so I can't cancel it. I'm not sure if they will do a blood test to make sure all my levels look good or not.

It all just feels so surreal right now. It's hard to believe that 2 lines on a piece of paper I dipped in pee mean that I'm actually pregnant.

I hope I haven't offended anyone by having such a short stay here. I didn't know whether I should even post or not. But I know several of you from the ttc boards, so I thought it would be okay.

I'm sending all of you every baby vibe I can muster. And please send me sticky vibes!!

: : :
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