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Husabands who have had a vasectomy but wife still got pregnant?

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Sorry, not sure where to post this, so I am posting it here. Please move if it is in the wrong spot. Thanks.

My husband had a vasectomy in July of last year. Maybe I am just freaking out, but I am three days late, and I have not been even one day late since I started having periods again. Granted, I have only had four cycles since the birth of my second child, but they have all come exactly 28 days after the first day of my last period. Also, I usually have all of the crappy PMS symptoms a week before I get my period, and I have not had any yet. I have, however, been getting violently sick the past few days--throwing up, terrible headaches. And I know we, uh, "did the deed" when I was ovulating.

Like I said, I am probably just freaking out, but I was wondering if anyone here has gotten pregnant after their husband had a vasectomy? We have met two different couples who have, but I thought that was really really rare.

Thanks so much!
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Did your husband go through the followup testing to ensure that the surgery was successful? If so and everything was find then, you should be OK (except for having the flu). If not, you could be in trouble.
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To me it sounds like you should take a HPT to be certain. Unless you want to wait a few more days and see if your period comes.

I know that those procedures are not always a hundred percent fool proof. And I don't know if your husband did the testing like the previous poster asked.
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I had some wonky period symptoms a few months ago, and after some testing, it looks like I may have had a miscarriage. Dh had a vasectomy nearly seven years ago and did a follow-up. For now, I'm on BCP and he's going back for a re-check!
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If your dh didn't go through the follow-up testing three months post-V, then he definitely should. People who don't do that are the majority of folks who get pregnant despite the V.

Some docs advise that men should get re-tested yearly. In rare cases the sperm production can get going again. So even if your dh did get the all-clear, he might want to get things checked out, just to be on the safe side.
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I must say that I have heard of a number of cases...
We think that my youngest aunt was the product of a less-than successful Vasectomy
I know of a couple that actually got divorced because he thought she was unfaithful and by the time the kid was born and they did genetic testing and rechecked the sucess of the surgery (it was his after all!), severe damage was done to the relationship.
I also have a BIL and cousin who both needed to redo the surgery after the post-op tests showed a lower, but not low enough, sperm count.
Out of all the guys I know who have probably had the surgery (not something that comes up in every day conversation!), this is still probably pretty rare - but when it happens to you, it's 100%.

If it were me, I'd do a HPT, just to put my mind at ease.
Good luck!
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I have a sister-in-law who is the result of a failed vasectomy.
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My girlfriend got pregnant with #3, husband had a vasectomy, she hadn't gotten her period yet and was EBF her 5 month old, (she is getting her tubes tied after #3 is born), so I say, you beter get it checked out.
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I have a girlfriend who is now pregnant with twin boys after a failed vasecotomy. Ya gotta love the fertile.
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A couple at church had triplets after a vasectomy.

My aunt got pregnant after a vasectomy - my uncle proudly showed her the two snippets in a jar, got tested and was good to go, the whole bit. Turned out he had 3 vas deferens and the doc missed the 3rd one. He wasn't expecting it I guess!
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My best friend used an IUD. When she had had enough of that her dh got a vasectomy. he wouldn't go for a followup. Finally she had the IUD removed and, well, refused marital relations until he had a followup. He had swimmers and had to have a second procedure! Needless to say he did the followup up V2 in a timely manner!
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Lots of guys skip the follow up, but it's a huge mistake.

It took forever for dh's count to go away after his.
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I know a family that had #6 and #7 after a vasectomy. It's been two years without a sign of #8, so the tubal ligation must have worked.
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This thread is scary!

I had a pg scare about 2 months ago (same thing- a couple days late, no pms, nausea) and told dh he needed to get re-checked. I was so freaked that I even thought about dragging out my old microscope and checking myself!
Fortunately, I was not pg- but it made me think that annual checks are probably a good idea.
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I had a phantom PG about 8 months after DH got his. I didn't have period, I gained weight like PG and I had every symptom in the book. This went on for months. US showed that I wasn't PG, had no cysts nor did I have any thyroid problems. Totally weird stuff.

DH did go to the first follow up. They like to check twice.
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Originally Posted by UnassistedMomma View Post
A couple at church had triplets after a vasectomy.
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Why oh why did I come into this thread! Dh is going to get one in the next year...and now I'm scared!
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OK...so, not as rare as I thought

Thanks for all of the replies. I am going to wait a few more days, I think and then get a HPT if my Auntie still hasn't shown up.

My husband did get rechecked in October, and they said he was all clear. I figured that was that. I mean, I would love the child regardless, but I have to admit, I am scared S&*%less right now.
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Every time I read these threads I break out in a cold sweat. Scary stuff.
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It's possible but I don't know anyone that this has happened to irl personally.

My dh had a vasectomy 5 years ago. We haven't had issues.
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