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JaneAnne-- did you bring up the twins' behavior with your friend? Just curious how that went. I have a friend whose kids are destructive and we don't have an actual "ban" on her kids, but I've decided to just meet her for lunch, rather than getting the kids together.

It's interesting to me that you asked if that's typical twin behavior, because as the mom of 6yo twin boys I often get surprised comments about how well-behaved and nice they are. I think some people think twins and boys are just, well, naughty. It appears you realize your friend's children need some intervention to get them back on course. Just so you know, I don't think my boys would EVER have poured rocks on a bed and they have never trashed their room (which isn't to say it's always clean).

Best of luck to your friend.
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Originally Posted by angie7 View Post
I don't think it's not a twin thing, but a lack of parenting.
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My two 2.5 year olds are more of a handful perhaps than one 2.5 year old, but that has to do with quantitative issues, I think. The behavior you described doesn't sound related to being a multiple, but related to being either poorly parented or having some sort of other issue. Honestly, given that it's both of them, I'm more likely to attribute it to parenting than neurological issues.
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No, this isn't a twin thing and frankly I might get flamed here but your whole post really insulted me. It kind of reminded me of what we see so often...

My friend's two ds came over today. They were pushing over my 1 year old and one of them stabbed my 3yo with a pencil when he didn't get his way. They refused to help clean up and actually took the books out of the shelves when I asked them to help put them back. The mom is an AP type mom and doesn't beleive in punishment, she was just redirecting them and telling them gentle touches. Is this the way I can expect APed children to behave?

My friend's dd came over and was nasty and rude to me and my kids. She insulted my kids and colored in their books and on the walls. When I asked her not to and she cried and screamed (and broke my new vase! her mom said "don't worry darling, we can go home. we don't have to play here, come mommy will take you out for an ice cream now" is this an only child thing?

Sometimes kids have issues, sometimes it's bad parenting, but this is not a "twin" thing any more than being a spoiled brat is an "only child thign" or being a wild child is a "GD" thing. I exptected to find somethign about twin language or bonds and I just found someone coming in to ask if twins usually act like this. Do you really think they do? I've never met any 6yo, twins or not, that acted like that. :
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