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I don’t tickle babies but I do blow raspberries on their tummies which makes them giggle

If you tickle to long or hard its awful.
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This thread is very weird to me. Of course it's OK to tickle a baby! I think what some of the PP's are describing is NOT tickling.

Being held down? Rib digging fingers? Having to punch, cry, or be rescued because the "tickler" is being to rough and won't stop? NOT tickling.

Blowing raspberries on a belly when changing a diaper? Light, wiggly fingers on a foot, chin or belly? Baby wiggling with excitement and anticipation and laughing? Tickling.
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I think that tickling is a very natural behavior. It is a common "play" behavior seen in other primates (adults tickling youngsters). I see no reason not to tickle your babe as long as you respect "no" and "I've had enough" signals.
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I don't like being tickled at all, but I remember being held down and tickled by cousins. I think tickling in very short 1 second bursts is ok, though. Like, tickling where the baby can easily pull a way and allowing baby to pull away is different to me than being held down and forcibly tickled. To me, that gives the child a chance to easily move back for relief, and not come back if he/she doesn't want to. (I do that to my kid, and he always ALWAYS comes back with squeals of delight and anticipation for more. His body language tells me he doesn't mind.) To me, holding kiddo down and not allowing him to get away is taking away his choice in the matter.

Meh. My monkey's skin is so soft we don't usually do tickling because belly kisses are much more fun. His skin is yummy.

After watching my husband's brother hold down a 3/4 yo friend of the family and tickling until the child was yelling "Ima pee on myself!!!!" made me realize to never have my kid around him unsupervised. He can't seem to play/enteract with kids without mercilessly tickling them.
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i tickle my daughter, it's one of the only ways i can get her to laugh! she smiles easily but only laughs if she finds something extremely funny (being tickled, or if i look at her out the corner of my eye and then turn slooowly to look at her, she thinks that is hiliarous).....if she doesn't feel like being tickled, she looks at me very sternly and often will just push my hands away from her.
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