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HI all!

I've been in Columbus for the past 2 weeks for Robin's swimming lessons. They went great and all...but the single parenting both kids is quite old, and I'm happy to be back with Clint. No TV, phone or internet at our house there - nothing to do but clean, and who wants to do that?

Kristen - I hope your appointment was a step in the right direction. This all sounds like a lot to deal with. Hugs, mama. I'm sending you lots of good vibes.

Jen - Happy travels. Hope you guys made it safely and sanely. You'll start feeling that 2nd-trimester glow soon.

Anna - So good to hear from you! Robin has also entered a whiney phase. I'm hoping the exit is near, bc/ i can't take it. and she's picked up on my saying that also, "I can't take it, mama!" "I can not take it at all!" and my attempts to help her learn how to talk about her feelings have lead to "I am very frustrated with being in this store!" etc. etc. Kinda hard not to chuckle sometimes.

Stacy - hoping to hear your good news any day now!

Speaking of good news, my IRL friend who's in stacy's DDC just VBA2C'd!! She is an ICAN chapter co-leader, and on the national board, and an amazing resource for VBAC-seeking women in georgia - just such a help and inspiration for so many people, and it is so exciting that she wsa finally able to have the birth she's wanted. I'm over the moon for her!!
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Originally Posted by Yo Becca View Post
ishe's picked up on my saying that also, "I can't take it, mama!" "I can not take it at all!"
Becca- same here.... Lulu's been saying "I can't take it anymore!" a lot... gee, wonder where she got it?

I've been dealing with a herniated disk. After two c-sections and a laproscopic gall bladder removal, I have no stomach muscles... so my back slipped out. Super painful. So my tolerance for the WHINEFEST is very low.

Zen= Oh my gosh, I hope you find some answers. It sounds potentially very serious. I am glad they fit you in right away. I am glad you took matters into your own hands. So many times the "gatekeepers" (receptionists, office nurses) are the hardest part of getting good medical care. Kristen, please keep us updated...

Lulu's not potty trained either, we tried last year but it was an abysmal failure (just led to her not pooping or peeing at all, practically). So this summer we'll try again.

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so nice to see all you guys again!

ethan is POTTY TRAINED after several months of trying. we started in jan with preschools help and it was march 28th that he GOT IT. all the sudden! miracles of miracles. he's night trained as well but only by "accident" cause he doens't PEE at night. if he takes a cup to bed then he wets the bed.

i am tempted to start in on ayla. my mom put her on the potty one morn when she was dry but i can't do that since she is up when she wants. she is in her toddler day bed so can get in/out at will...and does! several nights now she will get up around 2 a.m. "with" dh and just hang out for a while.

thankfully both get up now by themselves in the morn (ds used to HOLLER at me!) and they entertain themselves for a while.

just got back from the doc with my RX for liquid prenatals...only 4.25 months to go before official Baby dancing!

i tried to ask ds what he thought of mommy haveing another baby...he pointed to ayla and said "thats the baby" with no clue what i was talking about

oh and we up to our EYEBALLS in attitude! both of them! ds being michevious/trouble and basically being onry and dd just useing the DRAMA to her advantage.

looks like dd is also speech delayed like ds as she only has about 5 words she says. understands tons though.

oh and its 110 DEGREES here!
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I went to the neuro. Not great news, but not far off from what I expected. He says the MRI show lesions that are "suspicious for MS." So now it is off for more testing. I found a book called "the MS Recovery Diet" and I am going to go for it. Life without all my food loves (cheese, beans, bread, crackers, eggs, peanuts) actually seems easier that injecting my self on a regular basis. My symptoms seem to be getting worse fast and I really have to stop what ever this is. So this weekend I will do the shopping and start the diet Sunday or Monday. DH gets home tomorrow, which is really good, because my energy for dealing with four kids seems wildly diminished, and yet they must be dealt with.

Anyone with similar experience? Anyone know anyone who recovered by diet alone?

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Originally Posted by zen-ozz View Post
Anyone know anyone who recovered by diet alone?
Big big to you and your family!!!

This woman conquered hers with diet and herbs and cleanses. http://www.ginakopera.com/index.html
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Oh my goodness!

At least you have the diagnosis. It usually takes for ever, from what I heard. So you can start in on your healing.

I don't know about the natural treatment, but it sure seems to be a wiser way to start than the drugs.

I have a friend who's just gotten the diagnosis, or about to. One thing she says is HEAT really effects her symptoms. She won't go to the mall when it's scorching hot, and keeps the A/c on in the house now, and that alone really helps.

Let your DH take care of you for a while til you sort all this out and do the big job of adjusting mentally to the fact that you have MS. i hope he can stay home a little bit while you "stabilize."

((long distance hug from downstate)))

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Kristen - This must be hard news, and I'm so sorry you are facing such an intimidating diagnosis. My only experience with MS is with a friend of my mom's, during my childhood, and I'm sure science has changed dramatically since then. I think getting a jump on the diet approach makes a lot of sense, and I hope you see the effects quickly - especially since it involves some sacrifices! It seems like a good first step.

I hope you got a bit of a break with your DH being home. Can you guys swing hiring a mothers' helper for a few hours a week? Even if it's just a teenager who's there when you are home too, it could be a break for you while your DH is travelling. If not, how about setting up some playdates for the older kids (at other people's houses)? I know it must be overwhelming to try to take care of yourself, and also take care of 4 kids. You are definitely in my thoughts, and I wish I was nearby to lend a hands. Hugs and love, mama.
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Hugs to you Kristen. Not a fun diagnosis to hear.

Hi Everyone! I know I have been MIA for a while but life just caught up with me. Let's see... where to start. Christopher is almost done with Kindergarten for the year. We have enjoyed homeschooling. He is looking forward to first grade this fall. I have to say that my baby is growing up too fast! I just discovered a loose tooth in his mouth.

David is a rambunctions, intense, three year old these days. Pottry training is slowly coming along. He is finally having more dry days than wet days. I find he has more accidents when he is tired which can be tough since he gave up naps at age 2. I am lucky to get him to nap these days.

David can identify all his numbers now and some of his letters. My mom bought Hooked on Phonics Pre-K the other day and we are going to see how he likes it. He claims he wants to read just like Christopher. This kid wants to be like his big brother in the worst way possible. Unfortunately, that means that he is picking up his brother's bad attitude. I never thought I would hear "I don't like you MOM!" coming out of David's mouth this early but he has Christopher to learn from.

Both boys are enjoying T-ball right now. After T-Ball we are going to sign David up for Gymnastics. He is constantly trying to stand on his head when we are at home. I will have to try and post a picture of it.
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Oh Kristen!! I wish I could come over and 'do' something. When I get nervous or worried for someone I like to clean their house, or do their errands, or SOMETHING! Please do keep us posted and you are in my thoughts.

I meant PlaySET guys, sorry!

We went to the zoo last Friday, it's awesome! We became members. I love having kids old enough to get out and 'do' things with.

Wow, Ashley, poor Anna! My sister broke her leg when she was a baby; she fell down the stairs. For some reason I remember it clearly. I guess 'cause they went over all the 'is this baby abused' stuff.

We have Carl running around without pants... it's actually kind of stressful for him b/c he doesn't like to pee on his foot (who would) and the poop sliding down his leg kind of freaks him out. But he's determined that he doesn't like to poop in his diaper anymore and he's learning how to pee on command. I am just sick of washing diapers and I'd rather scoop his poop then wipe it out of his butt. We're outside all day anyway.

So, I've decided to become Greg's 'personal assistant' and not go back to work next year. There is just WAY too much to do at home and I feel like all I do is run,run,run to *try* to keep up. Greg has too many messes started and I am sick of looking at them. If he wants me to make money, he has to start less stuff at home for us. But, since we have so much going on, I think my time would be better spent trying to keep up with our projects. Gulp. I have made my own money since I was 12. Guess I'd better step up the ebay business!

I love hearing about what everyone is up too. Happy summer!
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My chickens are laying eggs!! We just got our first dozen! I'm so excited! Clint's still working on the chicken coop, but it's mostly finished,a nd the nesting boxes are in. So Mama Chicken has been busily laying, and we didn't even know.

Meg - I hope the new job works out well. How's the pay? We joined the zoo last summer too - it is so much more fun with kids, huh.

Robin and Eli were both in a "camp" at the UU church all week (Peace Camp) so I had planned to be very productive...but my best friend came to town and has been staying with us, so not productive at all.

Robin starts gymnastics this coming week - a three day "mini-camp" (3 days of 90 minute lessons). It's her first time at any sort of class or lesson (Other than preschool), and then in the fall she'll start taking gymnastics once a week. I'm torn between thinking it just makes life more busy, and thinking she'll really enjoy it. Anybody else do gymnastics? I think Elizabeth does dance, right?
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T may take gymnastics at some point soon - we have a gymnastics school locally and when we've gone to open gym, it's really opened up a part of his personality that's been great to see - he's somehow more in touch with his body and it makes him more daring (something he's usually not).
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aha! found you! subbing for now.

kristen! keeping you in my prayers.
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Hi everyone! Kristen, big big hugs. Keep us posted.

We're at the start of what could be a verrrry long fishing season. Tony's arm is messed up, we haven't seen him for weeks, and fishing doesn't end until August 20th or so, then we're supposed to pack and move to washington. Um, yeah, can we say STRESS??? This is crazy. I am trying to hang on and be a good mother, but man, I'm not doing so well. I'm trying to talk Tony into just fishing until August 1st, but I don't know if that will work out. His arm might be so bad that he has to do a medical transfer of a permit anyway, but right now I guess I just have to take things day by day. I'm not so good at that! I like a plan!

Pregnancy is going well, though. I like being pregnant. At least now I do, but check back with me in 3 months.
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Inspired by the current Mothering that landed in my mailbox today, I proceeded to forgo any plans for the afternoon and pulled out both of the kiddy pools, set them up in the shade in the front yard and brought out the hose.

T filled them and was having fun just playing with water and the pools. I wanted to soak my feet in the pool, but he wouldn't stop splashing me despite my asking, so I decided to just go sit on the other side of our walkway under the birch tree and read my New Yorker.

(The only reason I get the New Yorker is because we got it as a free gift for being NPR members.)

After about 45 minutes he notices the lovely quantity of dirt on the walkway up to the house, which my DW (sarcastic intonation on the Dear, please) left there after digging out some spirea bushes on the weekend, because it is physically impossible for her to finish a job 100%. I decided to breathe and let him make as much mud as he wanted because, after all, he will wash, and Mud is Fun.

He proceeded to create a seriously gross muddy cesspool in one of the pools and a similarly but not quite as nasty muddy concoction in the other. No clean water except coming out of the hose. Still, good fun was being had. Very, very good fun. Only correction made was to please not take the dirt out of the garden which he didn't seem to think I was serious about but eventually he got it.

At some point, I guess the water/mud fun wasn't fun anymore, because he decided to throw it. At me. When he aimed, I told him that if he threw mud or muddy water at me, we were going in. He did. So I took my stuff in the house, and then came back out and started emptying his pools. This of course was Very, Very Bad and he started to throw fistfuls of mud at me while I was spraying out the pools. And digging in the garden on purpose. I sprayed the mud out of his hands with the hose which made him even more mad, and I sprayed him off since he was covered with mud, and then myself while I held onto his wrists. And then I took him inside, sort of pushing him in front of me while holding his wrists.

And I am sure that, because this all happened in our front yard, all of the neighbors were watching and in a day or two child protective services is going to show up at the front door. (OK I'm pretty sure they won't but I felt like everyone was watching me.)

I took him in, plunked him in the bathtub where he got nice and clean - we obviously needed a break from each other because he asked me to go downstairs and when I asked him why, he said he just wanted me to, and I think that it was because he wanted to be by himself... so I came into the den (5 feet away from the bathroom lest you think I left him alone in the tub) and started this post. and while I was typing, he soaped himself up and got clean and then said "I'm ready to be done with my bath!", put the bath toys away, drained the water and stood waiting for me to help him out. Got dressed right away with no fuss, and we went downstairs and had a snack of crackers and almond butter and apple jelly from our neighbor.

And afterwards, he was sitting so quietly in his chair at the table, I was loading the dishwasher and turned around to look at him being so quiet to see him SWAYING WITH HIS EYES SHUT. Kid had fallen asleep at the table. I carried him upstairs. 5 PM isn't exactly an optimal time for a nap but, um, there was no dissuading him, shall we say.


a day in the life...

Kristin: what's the news?
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aw how cute jen...a mud puppy! i hate when they decide to THROW those lovely mud pies. we have this weird dirt (its not really DIRT) and it holds a print like nothing else...even with standing water...i let the kids have fun in water and now i have dog prints, hand, and foot prints in the HARD dirt..plus handfuls of dirt are still sticking to the wall....*shrug* my maid didn't come by to clean them off. i figure i can test how STRONG monsoons really are...if the mud is still there afterwords then i KNOW they are weak!

ethan was sick yesterday...only threw up once took a 3 hour nap and then was FINE. nothing else. weird. not fun but it coulda been ALOT worse.

thing is TODAY ethan decided to color....blue...on the white....walls...and the door. All in his room while he was having quiet time. oh he was quiet all right. : i am not as upset as i thought i would be. i decided to let consequences be the punishment. you ever tried getting crayon off a wall and door? yeah it doens't really work it has to be painted. ethan found this out. i gave him a washcloth and he HAPPILY went to work (which is why cleaning up his spills before has never been work..he likes it!). i would say it took him about 15 minutes to realize it was getting to be like work and another 5 minutes dd decided to go outside and then it was REAL work and he was upset. so another 5 minutes and i talked to him (next paragraph rant). thankfully he got really upset after a while and really understood that cleaning up his mess wasn't a part of play and it was hard work.

now for the rant:

I just don't think ds understands being in trouble. Its been a while now that i have noticed that whens hes in trouble he won't answer a question. Even when i tell him "this is what you did wrong" now what did you do wrong? he wont answer. he'll repeat my QUESTION but i have to really urge him to repeat an answer and he won't give me his own answer. Like with the walls. I asked "are you going to color on the walls again" and after him repeating several times i said "yes or no, are you going to color on the walls again?" ....he said yes color on walls. : seems like anytime i try to get him to understand a rule he pulls out this dumb card....i KNOW he understands questions...and it can't be a fear of getting in trouble...he gets in trouble FIRST and he doesn't go BACK after answering (either way). dh sat down with him one day a few weeks ago and tried to explain a question and answer to him. i mean really went into detail and used examples and tried "easy" questions and naming the answer etc...then he nonchalantly went back to the trouble question and suddenly ds starts repeating. i am really at the end of my rope with this. its really hard to see how far behind he still is and its mostly about peer interaction and the sublties of questions and kindness. they really do make a difference in how i percieve his age and HIM.

not to mention that ethan was great at 2..nothing to terrible about it. now that dd is 2 however...ethans terrible THREE'S are being mimicked with girl intensity, drama, AND the terrible 2's. hopefully when we have #3 we'll have angels and the 3rd will mimick that behaivor....i can hope right?
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At least they tell me, Danielle, that once they get past 4, they turn nicer again.

(They = friends of mine with slightly older kids.)

T does that too. I just have taken to answering my own questions because it makes me shudder when DW grills him and is close to smacking him upside the head to try to force him to answer her. He's usually scared because he did something wrong and feels bad about it, in our situation. Before we went to bed today we revisited the pool/mud situation and he knew exactly what he did wrong and what not to repeat, but he still couldn't say the words - he mimed the action instead. Which says to me that it is very clear to him that what he did was really bad behavior.
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls View Post
At least they tell me, Danielle, that once they get past 4, they turn nicer again.

(They = friends of mine with slightly older kids.)

T does that too. I just have taken to answering my own questions because it makes me shudder when DW grills him and is close to smacking him upside the head to try to force him to answer her. He's usually scared because he did something wrong and feels bad about it, in our situation. Before we went to bed today we revisited the pool/mud situation and he knew exactly what he did wrong and what not to repeat, but he still couldn't say the words - he mimed the action instead. Which says to me that it is very clear to him that what he did was really bad behavior.
i'm hoping for nicer again! i just wonder when he turned into such a snot! talking back, and screaming, and just being WOW...who the heck are you?! cause if he stays this way...i am SO for voteing for year round schools! lol hey 4 is just (let me count..what month is this?) 3 FULL months away...but school starts Aug 11th! yay for that. he does great in school. i guess its just me.

i'm glad he understood you were upset about it. i don't think ethan really remembers. its hard to know when hes manipulating the situation or when he really doesn't remember.
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T also is a perfect kid at school, his teachers rave about him and how polite, kind, etc he is. He went to preschool 3 full days this last week because I was at a conference and he absolutely loved it... and did well, too, said his teachers. I guess this is a VERY common phenomenon...

Becca, what do you think? You're a preschool teacher!!
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Funny location, Jen!
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oh, but Meg, it's so true. I could be vain and say that after I have the final word, there's really nothing left to say...

There are over 170 women in the Dec 08 DDC :
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