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Jen - Congrats on the Boy! I think two of the same is a fun prospect, for some reason.

Kristen - been thinking about you a lot.

Jilly - good to have you back!! Sounds like you do need a break.

I've been MIA lately. Robin is making me nuts - on a streak of none-too-thrilling behavior. Eli is now 16 months, and won't say a word. He has the requisite 7 words that put him within the range of "normal" (if you count "uh-oh" and "s'that?" as words), but otherwise just grunts and points. The headbanging is getting better, though.

I'm freaking out a bit about working 3 days a week as of the end of august, and starting law school at the same time. But I'm not doing anything to get ready for it until i finish reading "Animal, vegetable, Miracle" - it's like my last hurrah of for-pleasure reading before i put my nose back to the gridstone - but I'm only getting a few pages read each day, so it's taking forever.
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Becca, I've been wondering how you will 'do it all' this fall.... When you HAVE to be organized, you are. Less time actually equals more done, because you have no wiggle room.

Isn't it odd, but the older sibs (our almost-4 year olds) continue to need the most attention?!! It sure seems to be a common theme for our group. I guess the hard part is that they can talk, walk and do quite a few things for themselves, but emotionally they are still 'babies,' I guess. Or jealous. Or something. I don't know, but I sure feel better when I realize that you guys have tough streaks with your kids also.

Jen, my next dishwasher (yes, I am going to keep Sears in business) is going to be an Electrolux. They are made in St. Cloud and they are awesome!! I can justify spending a little more b/c they are made right at the little factory we drive by on our way into town. My mother is also an Electrolux nut. s Actually, she's getting all of us an expensive vacuum for xmas, she already decided. I feel like such an American- I've never had all this suburban 'stuff' before!!

Jilly, how much does Aaron talk? Becca, Carl only uses 'dee,dee' (that means a lot of things) 'ba-cat' (bobcat, duh) and 'baba!' (papa). He can grunt out 'mama' or 'nana' sort of, on request b/c Cecilia is trying to 'teach' him to talk by making him deaf saying 'mama! SAY MAMA!' Darn those goofy Amanda & Oliver Pig books!

Heather, when did speech come for your boys?! Slowly, if I remember correctly...?! Just wondering.

Jen & Ashley, I am excited for your new kiddos. : I can't wait to hear name ideas.

Ashley, when are you moving? Did you find a house or are you renting? It was really disheartening to watch Exxon play politics and win in Supreme court this spring. Alaskans have been having interesting (yet very simplistic) talk about the decision on the online newspaper comments. Of course they wanted to know how their elected officials could turn on them... well....
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Becca ~ Law school! I am a little jealous -- and I also think you are a little crazy! I am the geek who LOVES to listen to the Supreme Court Justice nomination hearings! Nobody is allowed to speak to me when they are on.

Meg ~ I have that expensive Electrolux vacuum and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It was worth every penny. I refused to vacuum before we bought that one because our last one was so loud and heavy. Zeke called the vacuum Dada when he was a baby because I never vacuumed! Yeah for your super duper mower!

Sounds like all these near-four-year olds are pushing us to our limits. Zeke still doesn't realize that he is not the baby of the family. He takes so much of my time and energy. Yesterday, it was pouring rain here all day, so we decided to go to the Automobile Museum, which is literally five minutes from our house. Four kids plus my wretched mother into the car in the pouring rain. Pull up to the museum, parking lot is full, and I assume this means that lots of other people have the same idea. Four kids and wretched mother out of the car in the pouring rain. We walk into the entrance and are kindly informed that they are closed to change the exhibition. Hey, do you think you could put a notice in the paper or put a sign out in the parking lot?????? Customer service anyone??? So Zeke proceeded to have a melt down. When I finally got him in the car he said, "I am really mad at those people. I should shoot them!" : I'm raising a school shooter or a future postal worker.

I am feeling very well, considering. I decided not to have the lumbar puncture (which is a diagnostic tool) because I just don't think it is safe, I don't know this neurologist well and I would want a second opinion first. So, I have an appointment with the neurologist a week from today to follow up on the other tests I had. Meanwhile, I have been very strict with the diet and am definitely seeing a reduction in symptoms. The weird eye glitch is gone. The electric current feeling throughout my body is gone. The tingling in my legs and arms is gone. I am still having cognitive problems, mostly fogginess, and headaches, but it IS better, and I am more focused on creating systems to help deal with it. I truly believe continuing on the diet will heal the lesions in my brain and that I can totally eliminate the symptoms over time.

Oh, and about said wretched mother? She has been here for three days and has not one asked me about MS and what is going on with me. HHHMMMM. So there is a legitimate reason for me to feel like I don't really have a mother! She is a nurse, and I think she is pissed that I am not treating this pharmaceutically. I think she secretly hopes that I don't get better with the diet so that she can be right. Give me strength . . . .

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Kristen -- glad to hear your symptoms are lessening. Sounds brutal. Zeke and Andrew sound a lot the same -- he also refuses to go to the bathroom by himself, and has a screaming fit every time he has to do anything at all by himself.

Meg -- Congrats of the ride-on lawn mower. And I long for a vaccum that actually picks things up off the floor rather than just swirly them around and dropping them somewhere else in the house.

Ashley -- I hope things are going better for you. When I heard the Exxon thing was not going through I thought of you and wondered what you guys were going to do. Hope Tony's arm is feeling better.

Becca -- you always have an amazing list of things you are involved in and you always seem to pull it off without a hitch. I'm sure law school and part time work will be the same.

Aaron has a ton of words, and he's enunciating really clearly for some of them. The other day Dh and the two boys picked up supper at the grocery store, and I was downstairs, and I hear this call of "supper!", and I look up the stairs and it is Aaron calling! He can also say "Daddy"really clearly (go figure) and he also says: dog, mtrbike (motorbike), nurrrs, othersi(de -- ie- other boob -- sigh), Adew, Aaron, me, cat, pat, bike, go, park, shovel, boot, shoos, on, off, outside, mommy, bath, shirt, nose, mouth, ears, eyes, knees, hands, feet, duck, guy (his favorite word right now), cup, fork, cereal, milk, nectadine (nectarine, my favorite), lunch . . . and a few more I'm forgetting. He also has a few two word phrases already -- "Aaron go" and "go outside " and "my guy, my milk, my cup", etc, etc. Yesterday he said his first phrase -- Aaron go to park -- when we asked him (faseciously) what his favorite part of the day had been. I think he's going to be really competitive, though, becuase he tries to do everything Andrew does -- only better -- and so it would follow that he puts a lot of energy into talking becuase thats what Andrew does best of all.

Its funny, because after I posted about Andrew not throwing that many tantrums, i went through a few days with that at the back of my mind. I realized that its not that he doesn't throw tantrums . . .its just that they've become the constant background noise to my day, so I just don't notice them anymore. He seriously has a tiny fit every time he has to put on or take off any item of clothing, or go to the bathroom by himself, or we refuse any request or Aaron irritates him or someone or something doesn't follow the mysterious plan he has in his head for how his day should go. But as soon as he actually does the thing he was anxious about, the noise goes away and he goes on with his day just fine, so I have just accepted that this is just part of having a very vocal, easily frustrated perfectionist in the house.

I second that we commense the discussion of names for Ashley and Jen's babies.
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ok, knock your bad selves out.

We are looking for a German, Welsh, Irish, Scottish or British name.

Must fit with the middle name Wesley.

Anything in the top 100 of the Social Security Administration Names List is right out.

About the only name we have agreed that we like at this point is Eamon. We also like Rory but I think Rory Wesley sounds goofy.

Apologies in advance, but I had a student named Patrick (one of her favorite names, she wants to call him Paddy) who was a real , and I refuse to name a child that. Likewise, she thinks the name Nigel is only for sissies, try telling that to international rugby referee Nigel Owens. :

Also, while we like the name Angus, it immediately conjures up images of herds of large black cattle, so that's a scratch, too. And besides, it would mean our kids would be T & A, which is either absolutely horrible or gives you a snide giggle, depending on your sense of humor.

Oh, and Jo has also nixed Rhys. : (Welsh, pronounced like 'Reece')

Talk amongst yourselves.
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Ooohh...fun. I love Rhys and Rory. Nigel does sound a bit nerdy, IMHO Wesley is a great name too!
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Originally Posted by Yo Becca View Post
Wesley is a great name too!
Wesley is my uncle.
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Meg -- We are moving late August. I can't believe that's only like 3 weeks away. Your lawnmower sounds sweet. You must have a lot of lawn to mow!

Jen -- I really like the name Erik. That's what we would have named this baby if it were a boy. Erik Wesley is pretty nice together, too. I also *adore* the name Anders. That was actually my first boy name choice but Anna and Anders are way too similar. Other thoughts: Nils, Lars, Peter, Conor, Kyle. Oh, and I'll look for you in the Nov DDC! I don't post there a ton, but I do lurk a lot. I also lurk in the Oct DDC because my due date is Nov 1st, so I wonder if I'll be an Octoberer.

Our current favorite for this baby is Sonja Margaret. Margaret is my grandmother's name. I also really like Sonja Aurora, though, but it sounds a little sing-songy. We both like Evelyn, but it doesn't "fit" so well with Thor & Anna. At least not as well as Sonja, I think. I also love that Sonja is a very old Viking name.

I'm suddenly feeling much bigger and more uncomfortable. Even though I've really been feeling great, it's like the past couple days I'm like, woah, my belly is heavy, and I still have 3 more months to go! I also kinda have heartburn now.

Anna is weaned and potty trained, all within the space of about a week!! She's like, super toddler or something. She is amazing. As long as she's diaperless, and even sometimes if she's wearing loose pants, she runs to the potty on her own, announcing, "ANNA, PEE!" And she goes in there and goes. It's awesome. She also does this hilarious robot dance. She says a ton of words, in two and three word sentences. I have to post some pictures, she's just such a sweet curly blonde-haired girl.

Hugs to everyone!!
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Jen -- I like Erik. Or what about Aiden -- is that popular right now? Or Ethan (I think that is pretty popular right now). My nefew-in-law is named Eamon and I like that, too. And then he could always be named after the theologian -- John Wesley.

AShley - Anna sounds amazing! Aaron is totally not potty trained. He goes in fits and starts -- when I put him in underwear he pees every 15 min, but then in a diaper he'll be dry for an hour or more, and then when I take his diaper off he'll go and pee in Andrew's room. Thats his favorite spot to pee, actually. When put on the potty he laughs and runs away. What a goof.

I like Sonja, its really pretty.

Andrew is in a real snit latey -- he refuses to do everything I ask him to do and does the opposite. Then when I correct him he says "Don't talk to me like that, mommy. tHat's not nice." Arg.

Dh is gone on his yearly motorcycle trip. He left last night and drove through a huge rain storm -- he said that his rain pants were shredded by the wind, and I'm just hearing that 5 or 6 tornados touched down last night across the province. Crazy man.
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Originally Posted by jilly View Post
Jen -- I like Erik. Or what about Aiden -- is that popular right now? Or Ethan (I think that is pretty popular right now).
Aidan is the little *@#! at T's preschool who hits, bites, spits and teaches the other kids phrases like "you smell like a butt". So I think Aidan/Aiden are out, too.

Ashley, I have to say no to Kyle, along with Matt, John, Rob, David, Dietmar, Brent, Steven and Joshua... ex-boyfriends
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Augs - Sonja (with the J) - i dig it! I like Aurora - I don't think it's sing-songy. Margaret is my mom's name, and we were thinking about a version of it for a middle name if we had a girl #2 (like Margaritte (sp.) or Magritte like the artist)

Jen - Griffin! Garrick/Garreth, Owen, Seth/Seith, Rees (if jo doesn't like the spelling), Kai/Cai, Elian, Morgan. I knew a Garrick who was a really great guy.

Right now, my kids are the best birth control ever. just the thought of having another makes my skin crawl - after a day of Eli throwing all. our. stuff. on the ground - including emptying the trash can, carrying the recycling bin around the house and throwing items all over the place, climbing on the dining table and emptying robin's collage box (including feathers and sequins) on the floor, not to mention EVERY peice of food i offered him all day (except the raisins). It's fun to brainstorm names for you guys' kids!
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls View Post
Ashley, I have to say no to Kyle, along with Matt, John, Rob, David, Dietmar, Brent, Steven and Joshua... ex-boyfriends

I'm glad you all like Sonja! We were also thinking of Astrid, but for some reason it's not my favorite now.
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Originally Posted by AugustineM View Post

I'm glad you all like Sonja! We were also thinking of Astrid, but for some reason it's not my favorite now.
I really like Astrid, it's such a cool name, but Sonja Margaret sounds really nice- especially with Thor and Anna. Thor, Anna & Sonja. Wait. You could easily do Thor, Anna & Astrid. Ohh, cute!!

Jen- I love Erik. It's just cool. John Wesley is pretty neat also, but Tristan and John?!! Not sure. Tristan & Erik sounds good, how about Wesley for a first name?!! Boys names are hard. Oh, I like Kai also, but mainly because I totally connect it with Kai Ryssdal from Marketplace. How about Ira?! Ira Glass, of course.
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Originally Posted by midwestmeg View Post
Jen- I love Erik. It's just cool. John Wesley...
No! Sorry! Can't do John! Can't name child with same name as ex-bf! Sorry!

I love the name Wesley, and I've never met a Wes I didn't like, but my uncle is still very much alive and it just feels weird to me to give a kid a first name of someone who is still alive. Middle name, sure, but not first. I don't know why, it's strange, and I'm not even Jewish (I know that's a common taboo in naming Jewish kids, to name them after people who are still alive), but there it is.

I like Kai too, but it seems really trendy in the Waldorf circles (starting to push up there with Indigo and Sage) and it's too much alliteration with my last name.

It's not the spelling of Rhys that Jo doesn't like, it's just the name.

Ashley I like Sonja. And I think it works with Aurora, even. I'm glad to have cracked you up with the ex-bf remark. If we were having a girl, it would have been easier... I only have one ex-gf, and Jo's two exes had the same name (kind of creepy!), and they all start with 'K' so they get the big alliteration thumbs down, too.

Oh, eventually, he will get a name...
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Nice to know I'm not the only one who 's Kai and ira (glass and rissdal, that is). Dh and I plan our drive home on Sunday night from the river around "This American Life"
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Well, hello mama's . I've visited this thread a time or two but I'm going to join you all now.

I read through a little bit but I'll just have to keep up from here on out.

Anyways, just a quick intro...

My Sept. '04 baby is my dd Jaden born on the 28th. She was my first...I'm due with my third in October.

Look forward to chatting with you all.

BTW. I really like the name Nigel and I don't think it sounds sissy at all - I think of a strong, sensitive person.

I do love the name Wesley.
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Welcome, Janasmama! I am also due with my third around Halloween, my first is my Sept 04 baby, then Anna, June 06, and now our last, probably another girl. Jump right in!

Today suddenly the name Maeve came to me and all day I've been thinking about how much I love it.

Jen, what about the name Leif? It could be pronounced either "Leaf" or "Layf"
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Ashley, Leif is nice. very scandinavian, but nice. I had a student Leif who is going into 8th grade, but he's a very likable kid. Only drawback is that no one seems to be sure how to pronounce it... my student is 'layf', I had one when I student taught who was 'leaf' and I've also heard 'life'. But I'm tucking that one into the back of my head.

Maeve! Lovely. Very Irish.

I've been stuck on the name Riordan (pronounced like 'reardan') lately. Of course it's been nixed by my darling spouse : but I still can't shake it.
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls View Post

I've been stuck on the name Riordan (pronounced like 'reardan') lately. Of course it's been nixed by my darling spouse : but I still can't shake it.
If you REALLLY like it, just name him without Jo. That's my total plan for my #3rd- wait until Greg leaves and name the kid. 'Cause Greg is a big nixer but not a big contributer.

Oh here, I'll kill Nigel for you- its the name of our Rottweiler. He's a likeable dog, though! I frequently mix Carl and Nigel up, so I had even mentioned just calling the next kid Nigel, since the dog Nigel is getting pretty old. Nigel is named for the Primus song, of course.

I love the name Leif. I think you are probably right about the popularity of Kai.

Welcome Janasmama!! You'll have lots to talk about with us if you are having a baby this fall also.

And btw, I have managed to tta successfully for another month!! Every month I cut it a little closer and pay less and less attention, but have still tta, so now I am probably getting pretty falsely confident. Or else I'm a FAM genius. Probably not. Everyone around me is busy growing #4 in my neck of the woods.
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Dude, Becca, you've got to update your blog!!! Post some pictures of those adorable children.
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