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Scheduling Sex!

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My dh feels like our sex "appointments" are a doctors visit. I did the same thing to him last time pregnancy. I "make" him have sex with me as often as possible. The more prostaglandin, the better! My midwife even found a study somewhere that showed that ingestion of the prostaglandin is extremely effective in encouraging labor....... But we're not going that far!!!

At least my dh doesn't have to ask for it anymore. Now he begs not too! Poor guy!

Anyone else turning their man into a "get the baby out" machine?
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I hate twisting arms in general, but I guess that's the least they could do, huh?
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I am *planning* to schedule some in but I just can't even get in the mood enough to feel like tolerating it at this point.
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I was totally wondering if ingesting would have any affect the other day.

Our biggest problem is there seems to be literally no comfortable position I can get it because of the stupid pubic pain! That and Orion has pretty much given up his own bed. I think he senses the impending change.

We have talked about it, and DH is HAPPY to oblige. He has been starved this pregnancy. He keeps talking about how he got ripped off because I was so into it second trimester last time. This has been a fairly rough pregnancy on me all the way through. So yeah, I hope to get some in there, but haven't been very successful yet!
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I keep asking him to wake me up when he goes to bed at night (he goes to bed several hours after me), but he hasn't yet!! Daytime sex is impossible with work and 4 kids in the house. We haven't DTD'd in months - the last couple of times it gave me regular CX's for hours. Back then, that wasn't a good thing. Well, now it would be!!!

Today, we just have dd. He's off work. If she naps??? We'll see!!!
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Is it bad that I don't want it, or have ANY desire for it? I really don't feel all that bad physically. Better than I did a few weeks ago. No real pains to complain about... I'm full term, so I'm not worried about pre-term labor.... We do it maybe once a week.... and I just can't get into it! I don't feel aroused AT ALL.... I've even tried.... taking matters into my own hands (along with vibrator), and even THEN I can't have an orgasm. It's annoying. I never even get close. I just get bored. So I quit. I know it can help things out, but I just don't feel like it at all.
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If I want it, I have to make the effort these days. Not that DH isn't interested, but he is not interested in sex when DS is sleeping, which seems to be just about the only time we can find time. (He doesn't like to be too tired (nights) or feel like he's "on the clock" when DS is napping, for example. Ugh). Best solution we've come up with is me leaving work early before we pick DS up from daycare
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Well, I just have to add that my ONLY motivation for sex right now is to get this kid out! Other than that, there is NO appeal!
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I only have sex with my Honey because I love him, it's not for me at this point at all.

Honestly though, I'm a little nervous to do it too often b/c I'm afraid to go into labor now. I WANT the baby out, but they would be so tiny now and I'm scared to have a 37.5w baby... 38w+ I wouldn't mind, but until then I'm just doing it on a "he needs your lovin'" basis.

It's a weird state of mind isn't it?? Starting Sun. though, I'll hit him up as much as he wants.
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We are DTD pretty frequently....but not just to get baby out. I am gonna miss it And I am trying to give to dp as much as I can before baby comes. Plus the added prostaglandins are good motivations too.
I think we are DTD around 5 times a week.
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I want sex but feel so uncomfortable and awkward, we down to 1-2 times a week. It's usually enjoyable but pretty tiring and difficult to find a good position that works for both us.

I'm all for dtd simply to encourage labor. So, as soon as we get this baby to turn head down... Game on!
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I'm w/ Kylarhoo on this one. It's been months. i think i would be paralyzed if I even tried. it's not that I dont' miss it, but I really only want it if it's back the way it was, which will not be for a while yet.

DH seems reassured that at least I'm thinking about wanting it, though. He's a pretty patient guy.
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