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For those of you who were asking about upping your page views, here is the directions to ONLY WIRE.

For anyone that is new and would be interested in a bookmarking site that some of us here use, you can check out www.onlywire.com

here is the directions to making it work, this will bring up your page views!

1. Go to Onlywire.com
2. Click "Start Using It Now"
3. Fill out account info.
4. Go through each of the bookmarking sites listed on the left column and enroll in each one. Be sure to check your email as many require you to confim via email. If some sites are down, just skip them.
5. At the top of the Onlywire page, you will see a green box with "Bookmark Tools" in the title. Click on "Need Help."
6. On-line visusal tutorial shows you how to right click and add to favorites in the links folder. Choose which "Save page" feature you like (I chose with frames- fr, though not sure of the difference).
7. Go to AC and open up the article you want to bookmark.
8. Click on favorites, go to links folder, and open up the "Save Page" tool that you just saved there.
9. A rectangular box should open up at the top of the screen. Add your info. Separate tags with a space, include a description of your article.
10. Click bookmark page.

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Thanks Erika! I just finished doing that now. I need to write more!
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Not being snarky here; genuinely trying to figure stuff out.

I was just reading the promotion tips forum at AC and someone suggested a site like OnlyWire. Several people on there jumped in and said it was a really bad idea because you're spamming all the bookmark sites and if you do it enough the bookmark sites will start banning AC links. What do you think?

I'm wondering though if you can alleviate this problem by actually bookmarking other stuff too.
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Just curious who won the ultimate call for content.

Anyone know which article won?
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Anyone know how long it normally takes to get a non-call for content published? I've submitted stuff (exclusive) and it's still sitting there, over a week later.. Hmm.
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It can take 2 weeks. It is hard to wait, isn't it?
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Yes, it's annoying! I was hoping I wouldn't wait more than a week. Thanks!
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Okay, I've been thinking.

Is there a way to "unsubmit" an article from AC if it's not yet been published?
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It's been ages since I published at AC, but you used to be able to delete my clicking on "My Content" in front of the article there used to be a letter "v" for view" possibly "e" for edit, and I *think* "x" to delete.

That may have changed though.
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Nope, you're right! It worked, thanks!
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