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Help me!!

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I can't stop eating these stupid freezie pops!!

You know... the crapinatube that they pile all that high fructose corn syrup in em, seal em up, and sell em as popsicles?

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ooh- thank goodness its freezing cold right now (and we dont have any freezie pops-lol) i HATE it when i just cant stop eating something that is soooo bad for me. Like a pint of coffee heath bar crunch or an entire tray of rice krispie treats all warm and gooey
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A lot of places are selling homemade popsicle makers since it's summer. Could you fill some of those with fruit juice to get your popsicle fix?
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I just can't stop eating...period. I am STARVING. :
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You can get fruit juice popsicles (I think Welches makes some). They do still have some corn syrup, but not as much, and I'm pretty sure no artifical colors or flavors....
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mmmmm...freeze pops... Try some ice cubes. Maybe it's the cold your craving. If it's the sweet though, I'm not sure. I know a regular juice pop just wouldn't do. You could try making some with jello in them. They aren't my favorite, but they are sweeter.
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I am just watching the thread right now, hoping for a + BFP within a couple of days. If it is the flavor of the freeze pops that you like,they make a sugar free kind made with spenda in the same flavors and those are really good. I give those to my son!
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i can't stand the taste of splenda.

tried the juice thing. didn't do as well.


i'm a lost cause.
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I had to LOL when I read this! I just bought some freezie pops the other day and I have been eating them like it's my job! I don't know how many I ate last night while watching Hell's Kitchen....

Yeah, pretty hungry in general. Craving steak....
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Glad it's not jsut me. Man I can't get enough to eat latley. Also though when I'm nauseous I can't keep anything except big red gum down. so far today anyway. lol
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I have no appetite.
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I'm starving too, and having a hard time kicking the Diet Pepsi habit. I know its bad for me pregnant or not, but its my morning jump start... and I can't seem to get going without it. I'm hoping that soon I lose the taste for it. That happened with my first, but not my second.

Anyone else besides duexceleste and I trying to brake bad cravings or habits?
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Well, I've cut out caffine. I was (am) a diet-coke-a-holic, but artificial sweeteners are linked with miscarriage, so I've stopped drinking them at all. I'm not risking anything after my last two. I'm really sleepy and have a bit of a headache.
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I've actually given up a lot. Caffeine's significantly cut down, and I AM changing a lot of my eating patterns. So it's not all coffee and freezie pops.
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I just bought a bag of Chewy Sweettarts.........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm. The purple ones are my fav.

I craved a slushy from sonic last night after dinner....it was good. Try having one of those...don't they use fruit juice?
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liek everony else has said try those frozen fruit bars things they are yummy

I can't stop eating pizza. I crave it. I want it all the time. Pizza and lemons. (preferably not together)
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