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Re: i know this thread has been snoozing for a while, but...

Originally posted by leakyandsnort
Where can I find midwives who will be willing to even talk to us post-high-risk pregnancy? I'm comfortable with home birth, if that wasn't clear.
Come to Oregon, mama! I'd love to see you and meet you in person! xxoo
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oh, believe me, it has so crossed my mind! i spent a LOT of time online last night looking for resources - your site included!!

i just posted in my lj - the midwifery today conference is in philly in march - right when i reach term! auuuugh! i'm going to sign up for the 'twin birth' class and just hope i go into labor in the middle of it!!
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Originally posted by leakyandsnort
i'm going to sign up for the 'twin birth' class and just hope i go into labor in the middle of it!!

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i just posted in my lj - the midwifery today conference is in philly in march - right when i reach term! auuuugh! i'm going to sign up for the 'twin birth' class and just hope i go into labor in the middle of it!! [/B][/QUOTE]

Hmmmm....I know what to pray for. You know there are some midwives in PA that service the amish. They may be open to a twin homebirth.

If not, I'll come to the conference in March. I'll bring Pamamidwife and my midwife who caught my twins at home, too.

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I'm chiming in here. I have twins but they were not born at home. I was amazed at the weight of your babies!
My girls were 6.5 weeks early and weighed 6#11ozs and 7#2ozs! Can you imagine if I could have held out 6 more weeks?

Anyway- you ladies are amazing! I have had 4 C-sections and hated them all! After 4 though, I don't think there is much hope for anything else! I know no Doc or midwife will even touch me!
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he he...you are thinking of having more? You are amazing.

Yes, you had GREAT birth weights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You would have set a RECORD if you went term.

Welcome to the subforum, btw and to the Boards. I look forward to getting to know you. The twin moms here are GREAT.
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I'd like to join this board. Just found out we are having twins less than a week ago. I'm 24 weeks now. I was originally planning a UC for this pregnancy, but I 'm now planning on having a midwife attend. In fact it will be the same midwife that attended my best friend's twin birth a month ago at home. She had 2 healthy boys.

hotmamacita-I'm going to e-mail you about nutrition stuff.

This is all still a shock, but I'm very excited! I had a very good homebirth with my daughter who was 10 pounds and I went 5 days past my date so I"m confident that I'll make it to term and that I'll have healthy babies!
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I found out at 22 weeks. I found a local midwfie at about 29 weeks (and I had one who came in from out of state who consulted me nutritionally from 22 weeks and on then came in for the birth) and I went past term and had biggie babies as you have surely read.

I'd love to help you with what I learned. I'd also love to support you emotionally as well if you need it.

Peace mama and to the Boards.
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Love your dd's name!
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Sorry I haven't posted sooner but I had my twins at home. They were my first and it was amazing! I had them at 37wks. and they were born 3 1/2 hours apart! I agree with all the diet stuff (no sugar, lots of protein). Towards the end I drank at least 3 protein shaked a day because I couldn't get much food I was running out of room! The girl's were 5lb. 14 oz. and 6lb. 11oz.

Good luck to everyone!
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My Maternal Grandmother was a fraternal twin born at home in 1905. My Maternal Aunt had twins in a hospital, and one of them died. Being in a hospital does not guarantee you a healthy baby, no matter how much tech they can put on you.

The Dionne Quintuplets were born at home 1in 1934.

I do know of a midwife who went out on a delivery believing that she was going to deliver twins at home and it turned out to be triplets!

The doctor who delivered my first two children at home delivered the healthy girl twins of the wife of my chiropractor successfully. Then the homebirth doctor died. The same woman became pregnant with twins three years later and had a Caesarean Section to "save" her twin boys. One died and the surviving twin boy has cerebral palsy. She homeschooled him and he is now 20 years old.
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Originally posted by applejuice

I do know of a midwife who went out on a delivery believing that she was going to deliver twins at home and it turned out to be triplets!

I LOVE THOSE STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and to mommy of twins.....

WOW, that is GREAT! well done mama.
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My twins were transverse from 7 months...

So I couldn't do a home birth. I was extremely disappointed as this would have been my first home birth.

I carried them to 37 weeks exactly, and they were born 02-02-02 via emergency C-section.

Twins are high risk and I would strong discourage home birth, even with an uneventful pregnancy. There are just too many things that can go wrong at the last minute.

Sorry, that's just the nurse side of me speaking from experience.

Good luck!

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I had my twins at home and they were breech and had complications (cords, not breathing, etc).

I had a GREAT midwife who handled things incredibly well. And honestly, I am THANKFUL I had my twins at home. Too many things could have gone awry at the hospital, imho. We made the decision that was best for our family. We did research, we handpicked our birthteam...we even had a perinatologist backing us up....

I am not so sure that my son would be alive if we had gone to a hospital. This is not the place for my reasons why but I'd love to dialogue further with you if you like about my reasons why....

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Re: My twins were transverse from 7 months...

Originally posted by YoursMine&Ours
I carried them to 37 weeks exactly, and they were born 02-02-02 via emergency C-section.
Two babies born on the second day of the second month in the year 02. Cool!
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I didn't see that your twins were transverse. It was in small print above your post.

How was THAT? Where you extremely uncomfortable the last trimester? I am amazed that you went to 37 weeks with two sideways babies... I can't imagine your belly shape.

Did you do a belly casting, by any chance?

I understand your decision for a hosptial birth. Transverse was one of the positions that we all agreed would require a C-birth.

1 plus 2 is right....2 babies on the second day of the second month in the year 2002. THAT IS COOL!

So what time were they born?
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mine were born at home too / hooray i found you!

yay!! more homebirth twin mommies!
i don't know any IRL
my name is e
i have 4 kids, samantha is 8, sophia is 2
my babies will be one already next month (the 21st)
they were all born at home

the twin story:

i knew it was twins from conception and told my midwife at 5 weeks pregnant that i would be needing her and it was twins (and why i thought so) - she had a little chuckle and said well, that's an interesting theory but it will be a while before we can tell for sure
about midway through the pregnancy, my fundus had grown 2X what was expected at a prenatal
i scheduled an ultrasound b/c it was december and i wanted to find out for sure before the holidays
twins confirmed by US at 20 weeks
i started -groan- trying to look for a doc to do backup, hadn't seen anybody yet at that point
ended up w/ a peri who was great and cool about letting me refuse all tests and stuff, even said to my dh "you have a very smart wife"
i thought we were having a kind of "don't ask, don't tell" thing going on w/ the homebirth issue

pregnancy was uneventful, i got huge, got very VERY swollen in the last couple weeks, it's hard to remember now but i know it was hard
i measured 54 cm at my last prenatal
my babies were both transverse throughout MOST of the pregnancy
sometimes baby A would swing around and be a little more breech-ish
went into labor on easter sunday, 37wks + 6d
my uterus was so extended, i only felt the peaks of contrax so it took a while for me to really pay attention and realize it ws for real, no pain
my midwife came up about 10pm (she lives 1.5 hours away) after i called her and reported bloody show after several hours of regular but hardly noticeable (to me) contrax.
she checked me and i was at 4 cm w/ both babies still transverse
a couple hours later the rest of the team assembled and i was at 8 and still w/ no baby presenting
my midwife REACHED and thought she felt something way up, she thought maybe a leg
it was basically just all the pressure and my water bag that was making me dilate at all
then labor stopped for a couple hours, that was as far as i could get i guess w/o more pressure on my cervix
everybody went off to sleep or do something else (i slept)
there were 4 midwives, my dh, my mom, my friend to take care of the other kids if need be, and another friend to video
after a while, baby A finally decided to get her butt into the birth canal
labor resumed and woke me up
i walked into the kitchen and my water broke SPLATT all over the floor and my mom's feet
(i loved that, w/ my first birth it just leaked and the 2nd one broke over the toilet)
it was the splat heard round the house, everybody came back to attention and i started pushing soon after that - still painless until my vagina actually started stretching
baby A was frank breech (which was NO BIG DEAL and only took 6 minutes to push her out)
and had a really short cord (like my other kids actually) and her placenta was on top w/ a big baby between so they had to cut her cord immediately to even get her far enough away from my body to be able to give her to me
they cut the cord and it -zipped- back inside my vagina, i wish i could have felt that
i held her and said "this is iris" - a name which had not even occurred to me ever before that but suits her
she was so long and thin and beautiful
i stayed on the birthing stool and nursed iris for about an hour before baby B, who was still high and transverse CLUNKED down into position
i cannot describe that feeling, it felt like he literally crashed down onto my pelvic bone, i had an image of dropping a monkey wrench
(on the ultrasound we called them baby A and baby Lunkhead b/c his head was so much bigger)
so he was head first and everybody sighed relief, my 4th baby, after just having one, headfirst, this should be easy, right??
but i was having a really hard time moving him down
i was pushing really hard and he was not going anywhere (heart tones remained good)
i was starting to examine myself, am i REALLY pushing as hard as i can??? i think so but this really SUCKS to be doing this again right now
one of the midwives there took the lead and begin coaching me to push and hold it for a (agonizingly slow) count of ten
and try to do 3 of those on each contrax
i've never been coached to push but that helped and he started moving down
when he started to crown my midwives saw how my vagina was bulging HUGELY (i've seen the video and it is not for the lighthearted) and understood that this was a brow presentation
so he appeared finally, posterior and brow first
my midwife brought me reading material later on brow presentations, guess it is the rarest and hardly ever born vaginally, quite scary actually but we are all fine
we decided later that night to name him thomas, for my dh's grandfather
iris was 6lb and 21" long, thomas was 8lb, 11oz and 21.5" long
they both nursed immediately and had great apgars

i was SOOOOOOOOOOO glad to be home
even w/ a cool doc, i think i would have had a c/sec 5x over
and would have had a lot less confidence in myself w/o the group of women i had there believing in me

now they are big
crawling around and pulling up on everything
and i'm going to go and read more posts on this multiples board
i am so happy to find this board

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Awesome story Elyssia! So empowering.Congratulation on a wonderful birth!
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I love reading birth stories and your's was incredible, Elyssia! I gave birth to my girls in a hospital and can very clearly remember that feeling between having Lillie (Baby A) and then having to push again for Faith (Baby B). I remember thinking "But I just did this!" LOL!!
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WOO HOO. Party! . What a GREAT birth story!!!!!

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