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possible infection

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So I came home for lunch today about 1:30, ate a little and then took a nap on the couch. I was exhausted and could not go back to work. Well I woke up feeling pretty crappy. Took my temp and it was 99.6--and I usually run in the low 98 range. I am worried that I might have a staph infection. I had the MRSA staph (skin) about 6 weeks ago--and I ran a low grade fever and was really tired. I am nervous though cause I had to go on heavy duty antibiotics to get rid of it. To complicate it I can't really see the "bump" I suspect is the staph--weird spot on my bottom that I can't really see well.
(I need a better mirror). My dr is not in the office tom., so I am waiting until thursday to have it looked at--the other two drs are males and one of them I CAN'T STAND. So anyway--send some good vibes this way---
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hugs, mamamillet. i hope you don't have staph!

let us know how your appt. goes!
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:h mama, how scary! I wish you healthy and healing vibes!!
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The dr. is sure that it is indeed another staph infection. Most likely it never fully left or i have "colonized" it somewhere on my by body. The "bump" got worse over the past two days--quickly became an abcess--it had to be lanced today--not fun. I am taking the anibiotics cause mrsa is just not something I want to mess with--it is a cat b drug. I also have a yeast infection--which will also get much worse with the antibiotic--I bought some monistat cause I am miserable- I have been taking probiotics for two days ans eating yougurt, and using yogurt topically--My first pregnany I made it the whole time without taking anything except my vitamins--and tums later on. I am bummed about having to take drugs right now. Ds's b-day is this weekend and I have so much to do but have just felt like crap for two days now--ugh!!
Sorry for the vent...
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Mama I'm just reading this now... I hope you start to feel better soon *hugs*
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