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Postpartum ankle swelling?

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My ankles weren't really swollen before giving birth, but now, 1.5 days PP, they are swollen, especially the left. I couldn't get my shoes on. I wore them fine Saturday. I checked my bp at a grocery store, 120/65.

Is this a problem? Anything I can do?
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just my 2cents: after birth our bodies go thru diurisis, expelling all the extra fluid that we don't need anymore, women experience it in different ways, a lot of pp women are HOT, night sweats, pee like crazy, just getting all that fluid out. sounds like for somereason your tissues are absorbing some of it hence the edema in your lower extremities. Are you able to put your feet up often? Are they swollen all day or as the day wears on? Are you experiencing sweats and increased urination? drinking lots of fluids? how is your salt intake?...we tend to think salt will make swelling worse but we actually need it.
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I only noticed the swelling this afternoon when I tried to put on my shoes. I rarely put my feet up, but I have been just now. It's been hot here, so I've been sweaty and thirsty and drinking and peeing a lot. My salt intake is average. I'm not a fan of high salt foods, but I don't limit my intake.

I went through three pregnancies without swelling, and now that the third is over, I have it - seems wierd.
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when DD1 was born (june 2nd) i had the swelling, and was told to walk rather than rest to regulate fluids. the swelling was soon gone. hope yours is gone by now.
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Walking seems to make it worse, so I've been trying to put my feet up. I did go to my doc today to get it checked out (after having pains in my legs and chest, I wondered about blood clots), but he didn't feel any clots in my legs. Guess it's just extra fluids floating around.
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No advice here. Just commiseration. I'm not pp, though. I've never had swelling - ever! This week my ankles started swelling and I don't like it one bit. I know your body chemistry is different pp but I've upped my protein and I think it might be helping. I'm going to keep up that up for the next few weeks b/c this swelling makes me nuts. It's not painful, it's just ugly (I am so shallow).
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