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Carter James is here! - Page 2

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Congratulations!!!!!!!!! What a great story and beautiful little boy!
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Huge congratulations and blessings to you, Mama! Welcome Carter!
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Congratulations to you on your beautiful new baby boy! What a great birth story! I hope to have a similar one (first homebirth) here soon. Yours just makes me feel excited all over!! It's such a neat feeling having the other gender the third time around, too...we had our first girl after our two boysies, so I can relate. I noticed you also have girls close to my girlies' ages - they're 5 & almost 2.5...are they loving this big and biggest sissy business? My 5yo, aka - "Little mommy", especially, cannot wait!
Anyway...sorry for the tangent...CONGRATS, again!!!
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Congratulations on your latest addition to the family, he is gorgeous!

And you look so radiant and happy...!
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Yay! How wonderful! I'm glad you got your boy... we are having fun with our first girl after 2 boys!
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congrats mama! What a beautiful little boy!!
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Congratulations on your little boy!
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Beautiful family...congratulations!
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Wow great!! Great pictures congrats, happy baby mooning
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