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Sah with teacher for spouse?

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I've been contemplating cutting back at work. I currently work 3 days but would like to work less. I don't really feel like I have the option of not working because my spouse doesn't bring home a big paycheck. I know it could be done if we were to move, but I wouldn't really want to. How have you done it while still paying a mortgage?
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My dh is a teacher and I am a SAHM. Well, there is no doubt that money is tight, but for us it is doable and there is more to life than money. My husband coaches 2 sports and does many other things at the school for extra money. We HAVE to have that money to pay the bills, etc. The only problem is that he ends up working VERY long hours, some mornings out of the house by 6 and not home until almost 8. We have 2 kiddos and that means just about every bit of the parenting of them falls onto my shoulders. Not sure what specifics you want, but we haven't been making car payments for some time and this has been a big help.
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I'm mostly a SAHM. I tutor for about 8 hours a week. But i have completely SAH for extended periods of time, and my DH is a teacher. It's hard, money-wise. Very hard. For me, it's been the right thing, though. I don't have a mortgage, but I do pay a large amount of rent every month-- almost half of our money goes to rent. Like I said, it's not easy. We're big-time penny pinchers.
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My hubby is a teacher and I have always stayed home since we had our first. We live differently from most of the people we know, which used to be harder for us than it is now. Our town is mostly affluent and we...well we aren't comparatively. We have such and easy life compared to many other people in the world, though.
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My dh is a teacher (choir director/weight trainer at a HS). We own a home and while things can be tight it's doable. Dh is also the Minister of Music/organist at our church and also coaches football so both those help a lot. We do without a lot of "toys", eating out to eat, etc, but we still live very comfortably. It can be trying at times because he's very very busy but we make it work because it's really important to the both of us that I'm a SAHM.
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I was a teacher also and my hubby also a teacher.
Even with 2 teacher incomes it was tough, and I did not have to option to not bring in an income if I stayed home, as we needed both incomes.

I started working from home instead, 7 1/2 years ago. We now have 3 boys. I bring in more than my husband does now working out of my house.

Just something else to consider-working from home is like bringing your kids to work with you, (its not always easy!) but I know as a teacher and spouse of a teacher, its just wasn't an option to loose 1 income with the type of pay teachers make around here. You have to take it seriously and treat it like a job, and you have to be willing to work at it.

My husband also coaches and does tutoring after school, I do a lot of the boys' projects and such plus housework, errands, ect...all the same stuff I would have to do if I worked outside the home..lol but I get to be at home, no daycare. Its definitely worth it! I love being a SAHM.
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My husband was a teacher (school closed down - he's currently job hunting), and I am a SAHM. He worked for a very small school, so he made less than $24,000 a year. We live in a major city in NC, and were able to live off his one income comfortably by our standards.

What we do to save money:
We have a mortgage on our house, but other than that we have no debt. Our two cars do not have payments on them. It's cheapest to buy them used.
No cable
Internet phone for $14 a month
Food budget of $50-70 a week for three (soon to be four)
We rarely go out to eat or to the movie theater. Instead, we try to find free activities, and spend a lot of time enjoying home.
If we want to watch a movie, we either rent it for free from the library, or we get them for $1 through Redbox at the local grocery store.
We are very blessed with our car and home insurance - we are able to get it through USAA since my grandfather was formerly in the military. They have incredible rates.
We don't have health insurance.
We make any gifts or cards given to relatives.
We save in advance for Christmas and our dd's birthday, but our celebrations are still very modest.
We don't buy new clothes unless there is a reason to replace an item we already have.
I make all our meals from scratch, and we buy some food items in bulk from a nearby health food store.
For dd, I nursed exclusively until she wanted to try food at 10 months.
We made her baby food instead of buying it at the store.
We used cloth diapers (prefolds and covers) and cloth wipes.

We just live simply. Thankfully as far as furnishing and home items go, we were extremely blessed by the generosity of family and friends when we married three years ago. The only thing we didn't have when we moved into our house was a washer and dryer. We found a very used, old, beat up set for $25. Most people coming into our house have no idea that we are able to live on one small income. It is very doable - it just takes hard work and willingness to find new ways or alternatives to doing things. It can be difficult at times to not always be able to have what we want or do what we want, but we really do love our life and are thankful for it
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