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Joining You All :)

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Hi! Looks like I'm in the group! I am 29 and have 22 month-old b/g twins. I just stopped nursing them at 20 months and that is when AF returned. Two months later and here we are LOL! I got a BFP on Saturday, 11DPO and another this morning at 14 DPO.
My husband and I are both really excited. I am also nervous too about having more children! The twins are just so crazy right now I can't imagine adding a newborn to the mix. And I have this sneaking suspicion that I am carrying twins again. My first were a complete surprise--like we didn't find out there were two until 12 days before they were born. I am definitely going to have an ultrasound this time!
So just wanted to say hi and congrats to everyone. I am looking forward to having some friends to share this pregnancy with!
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Haven't changed my siggie yet!
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Congrats! Wow! Surprise twins! What an amazing unexpected blessing!
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Welcome to the group Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy
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welcome! Congratulations to the whole family!
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Congratulations!!! I just got my BFP tonight! How fun for us to be here together!!!
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Yay another due date buddy! Welcome and congrats!
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Welcome and congratulations!!!
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Congrats and welcome!
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