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DS has rash after getting DTaP yesterday! Help!

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My 18 mo DS got the DTaP vax yesterday morning and this morning I noticed a red rash on two areas of one leg (not the leg he got the vax in) and one area of one arm. The arm rash is definitely the smallest, but the ones on his leg cover the outer thigh are and the inner calf area. It's an area of redness with scattered raised spots. COuld this be from the vax? A bug bite of some kind? Food allergy? I immediately thought vax since he just got it yesterday but I'm not completely certain.

He didn't sleep well last night but in the morning and now he's in good spirits and acts pretty much normal. We followed the standard vax schedule until his 12 mo appt when we started getting 1 at a time so he's fully vaxed except one Prevnar, one polio and the one chicken pox vaccines.

I'm waiting for the nurse to call me back about this, but I kind of doubt that they'd attribute it to the DTaP, maybe unless it was completely obvious and common in which case they'll probably tell me to give him benadryl and it will go away. I could really use some help!
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I thought I'd post an update in case it might be useful to anyone else.

The rash in the morning appeared to be going away but when DS got up from his nap in the afternoon he had hives. The hives were 2 inches in diameter on his body from his waist down. I took him to see the doctor, gave him benadryl, and by the next morning the hives were gone.

And as an added bonus I found out at the appt that the shot he was given was not only the DTaP, but also Hib thrown in for good measure. Needless to say I feel like they sneaked it in on me, I'm feeling like an uninformed parent. It didn't occur to me to ask if there was anything else besides the DTaP vaccine in the shot. :

So I'm thankful that DS appears to be okay despite the reaction. I had originally felt successful because I didn't give in to the nurse repeatedly saying that DS should get all his shots that day, but at least I know which shot he had the reaction from.
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I'm feeling like an uninformed parent

Not only that, but you were intentionally deceived! I would be having a word with the doctor, who has to "order" the vax from the nurse, as far as I understand. Then, I would find another pediatrician. That is malpractice, IMO, and inexcuseable!
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Sorry, I got off on a short rant and pushed the reply button.
I am glad to hear your baby is doing better!
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