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Congratulations and welcome babies
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Congrats x2!

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Wonderful news!!!!!! Welcome babies!!!

YES!! those afterpains are somethin' else!! Mine lasted a good 5 days (the ones where you actually have to blow through to handle the pain). The other thing that caught me off gaurd was when I first stood up (after birth)-- I could NOT breathe, my organs were all over the place! One of the midwives lifted my belly where it should be and all of a sudden I could breathe again......I am still wearing a support belt to hold me in and it has been a week since my sweet babies' birth.

Again-- good job mama!!
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Hooray! Congratulations!
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Huge congrats on your new bundles of joy!!!!!
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Hooray! Congratulations! Welcome babies!
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Congrats, mama!!!!! Way to grow some big healthy boys!
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I missed this thread before. Congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear more about how you & your LO's are doing!
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I felt like I was recovering more from the pregnancy than the birth, honestly! That first 10 days was the hardest. I'm feeling 'normal' again (normal as a moo-cow to twins can feel) at 3 weeks post!

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