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Is it ever too hot to babywear?

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We live in Florida where it's really hot and humid. It's been in the high 90s this month. In a couple weeks we're going to Disney. I figured I'd bring a few different slings depending on my mood and carry dd (2 months) in them. I have a MT, ring sling, and hotsling pouch. My dad who is coming down to visit and going to disney with us, is afraid that dd will get too hot in a sling and thinks I should use a stroller. I have a stroller but Ive never used it since she's been born. Well one time I tried to put her in it just to see what her reaction would be and she just screamed.

So do you think it ever gets too hot to babywear? And what signs should I be looking for that she's overheated? She seems to get the least hot in the MT so Ill probably use that most.
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I loved wearing my youngest DD in the MT. (Didn't have it with my oldest.) But, I also live in a very hot and humid climate. Unless we're in a/c summers were just miserable for baby wearing. She would get hot and sweaty with red cheeks. The exception was our framed backpack when she got older because her body wasn't right up against mine.

If I were going to DW in the summer with a baby that little I'd definitely bring my MT, though. Just be sure to drink plenty of water yourself and nurse her often, and check to make sure she isn't overheating. IMO strollers are a huge hassle at DW. They get in everyone's way and you have to find somewhere to park them. We were just there in January and didn't use one for our 2 yr old. We just carried her until our arms fell off (forgot to bring the MT with us -- she just turned 3 and we don't use it often anymore.)
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if your budget can manage it, maybe pick up a MT out of solarveil or solarweave? or since baby is still small, even a pouch or a ring sling in solarveil or solarweave would probably suffice. i've never used solarweave personally, but love solarveil when it's really hot and humid - the air flows through it so nicely, and it's so lightweight and dries so fast. plus it protects baby from the sun. i also hear good things about the gypsymama water wrap. since you live in Florida i'm sure you'll get plenty of use out of it besides just at Disney, and all those fabrics work well in the water so you can use them at the pool or ocean, and in the shower too.

if not, i think you'll still be fine with your MT. like the pp said, just keep yourself well hydrated and keep an eye on the baby. if you think about it, the areas of the world where babywearing is most prevalent are in hot places like Africa and Latin America, so it seems to me while it might be a little uncomfortable for the mama if she's not used to having a sweaty little baby up next to her, there probably isn't any harm in it or it would not be so common in such hot places.
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Well, my son is 17 months and has been worn since birth-pretty much solely back carries and once he became like 6 months, I started to use a ring sling and do hip carries as well. last summer I really braved the heat and wore him on my back or my hip all summer...mainly becos I didn't think a stroller was necessary but let me tell u, many days I was very uncomfortable and on the VERY hot, 100+ days I was downright paranoid about my sons safety and I'd constantly hope he wouldnt get heatstroke...becos being snug against my back...ohh it's SO hot. I live in a very hot and humid summer climate as well.
But, we survived, I just had to be *uber* cautious and was constantly checking to see how he was, it made going anywhere outside of my neighboorhood or immediate area difficult becos we'd have to be home before 11am. But again, we did it...I just always brought a boatload of water in a canvas bag and a few snacks.

This summer, I'm NOT doing that again, mainly becos I have a walking toddler and I finally did the unthinkable and bought a decent stroller- a Maclaren Volo...now, I was *Very* anti-stroller, what made me decide to get it was...I don't think I can handle another summer of a hot child strapped to my back constantly...so instead on long excursions or on extremely hot days I'll alternate him between back or hip and the stroller and if it's very very hot, just keep him in the stroller unless he wants to snuggle.

Basically all I'm saying is, it's entirely possible to just babywear and be in a hot, humid climate...I did it, but you must be sure you always keep and eye out on whats going on w/ your child AND you, try to stay as cool as much as possible. Frequently take them down, give them cold water, get in a cool area, that sort of thing.

Hope this helps
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I've never found it too hot for babywearing. I always dressed my son very lightly when it was hot - often just a shirt and diaper if we were going to be outside - and dressed lightly myself. Even when we were in Florida during the warmest months (June-July), I was never able to find an occasion for which the stroller would have been more useful than a carrier.

Just thinking back to when my son was two months old... he was nursing pretty much constantly. When we were out, I only took him out of the sling to change him.
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I live in NM and it is scorching in the summer. When we are outside I use my ring sling w/ the tail dipped in water and put over the baby's head if sleeping, and if awake just around the neck to cool them down. It works great!
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I live in FL and have done DW many times in the hottest of hot. I usually end up wearing the baby in a diaper only. I carry wet rags and wipe him down frequently.

That said, we have started using the stroller more, b/c having a baby oven strapped to me isn't always loads of fun for either of us. He tends to get irritated and wiggly. However, my littlest is 17mos. At 2 mos, I just used the sling and wiped him down. Easy peasy.
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Well, it certainly is sometimes here (Trinidad, West Indies). I had a wrap (home made) made of voile, which was usually tolerable, at least for DD, for me is was still pretty hot and sweaty.
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I find it more tolerable in carriers where baby isn't right up against my skin--so a pouch, rather than a MT, eg.
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I would bring a stroller just in case, but plan on a solarveil pouch. Baby will get much more sunshade and airflow in the stroller and will be cooler, so he may opt for that.
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I just bought a MT made of that mesh material for use in water off the trading post. HOpefully that will work. How can I tell when she is getting too hot? We went to a company picnic a couple weekends ago and it was sooooo hot and humid but dd never complained.
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I don’t think DS has ever been uncomfy in the RS or ergo but it’s me that can’t stand the heat of him against me. We went to the Central Florida Zoo last weekend and I wore him for about 2 hours in the ergo then he went in the stroller. He was happy in the stroller so I was happy. He sweats like crazy but doesn’t seem bothered.

If I was going to Disney, I would bring my ergo and stroller because it’s great for putting bags, water bottles, diapers, etc in the basket. Plus, DS sleeps well in there with the shade covering him.
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Originally Posted by CanidFL View Post
I don’t think DS has ever been uncomfy in the RS or ergo but it’s me that can’t stand the heat of him against me. We went to the Central Florida Zoo last weekend and I wore him for about 2 hours in the ergo then he went in the stroller. He was happy in the stroller so I was happy. He sweats like crazy but doesn’t seem bothered.

If I was going to Disney, I would bring my ergo and stroller because it’s great for putting bags, water bottles, diapers, etc in the basket. Plus, DS sleeps well in there with the shade covering him.
I was seriously anti-stoller b4 dd was born.... but she gets hot and antsy while being worn if it's too hot outside... but adores riding in the stroller. Plus I ca put the diaper bag/groceries/water all in the stroller, too. We got a First Wheels stroller where she sits facing us rather than outwards.. and that makes all the diference. She has constant eye contact with me, so it's still 'close' ad personal, but neither of us are cooking.

The slings and wraps are still awesome for when indoors or out grocery shopping, though.
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We JUST moved to FL, and are still adjusting to the heat/humidity, so sometimes for us, it's just downright to hot.

I did go pick up some really nice linen to make a wrap with, and DD seems to like that better than my old one. But last week at the flea market, she wanted nothing to do with it and wanted to be in the stroller.

I just let her decide when she wants to be worn. Sometimes she wants to when it's brutally hot, other times she wants nothing to do with it. For the most part, she's content to be worn when we're indoors... but outside, it's just too hot for her comfort.
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i live in texa and so far there hasnt been a time when it was too hot to babywear.
i have gypsy mama wraps, MTs, and ring slings that are for the summer (and ones for the winter too for that matter) and they all get used on a regular basis.
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Once upon a time, being very very pregnant in June in VA with my second, I found the best way to stay cool with my toddler on my back was in an Ellaroo in a rucksack carry, tied kind of loosely so my dd could kind of lean back against the fabric and air could circulate between us. Regardless of the carrier or fabric, air circulation is the key for me. If a breeze comes along, it needs to be able to go through the fabric and/or between the parent and baby.

You will sweat, I'm not going to lie. But you can do it without you or baby getting heat stroke.

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I've thought about this a lot, and wondered if it would be possible to one of those freezer packs you use in lunch boxes between you and DC? Wrapped up in a towel or something of course...
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I don't know if that would work to have something cold between you and baby, but you can certainly take other cooling measures when babywearing: damp bandanna around the neck, light colored hat, loose light colored clothing, cool drink in hand...

Darn now I want a popsicle.

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We live in the desert, and I run hot. I'm from the midwest and so is my husband so I guess we had a "midwest" baby because DS and I get so warm so fast out here! It has been too hot to wear him for about a week now. Even indoors, if I wrap him up (the coolest wrap I have is a gypsy mama gauze wrap, and the babyhawk) he squirms and breaks out in a heat rash.
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I actually see this question a lot. It pops up on TBW, DiaperSwappers, and MDC.

My answer is simple:
If it's too hot for you, it's too hot to BW.

Babies are about as sensitive to temperature as you are, but they're smaller. They can heat up and cool down faster. The good thing about people who BW is that they are RIGHT THERE and able to respond to their baby's temperature needs, whether they are too hot or too cold. It's harder to do that from several feet away, possibly with the awning of a stroller or car seat partially blocking the view of your child.

If the heat index is being talked about on the news, and you don't even want to go outside . . . it's probably too hot to wear your baby.

Just do what you've been doing (paying attention to your LO's needs in the moment) and you should be fine.

Cultures which deal with intense sun and heat often use light natural fibers to cover up a lot of skin. Some would think that covering up would be bad in the heat, but it's much better to be covered in a light & breathable material, keeping the sun's rays from impacting the skin directly.
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