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Slings & Wraps?

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What are some REALLY good slings and wraps?

I want a Moby soo bad because it's really versatile and you can position the baby in all kinds of ways. But the only think I'm afraid of is getting too hot when winter and the cool part of spring is over. The summer's here are horrible and I can just imagine having extra cloth wrapped around me and the baby and us sweating like crazy!

What would ya'll recommend??

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i like the moby for younger ages but didnt use it after about 6 months (my son was 8.4 lbs.)...b/c it was so stretchy. but totally worth it for me that first 6 months.

i like the hot sling pouch for the first 9 months or so.

MT's are great (for me only up to about 2 years)

ive used the Ergo and Becco from about 6 months until...well, i still use both. my ds is 2 1/2 now.

wraps are nice and ive had a lot of those (Gypsy Mama, Storch ?sp, and a few others but i just never found teh love.
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I haven't gotten into wraps really. I've tried but I bought wraps that were not for beginners.

THis time I'm thinking of getting either a moby or a gypsy mama stretch. Those are both for beginners and should be easy to learn.
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I've never tried a wrap - they just look too "fussy" for someone with as little patience as I have - but I LOVE my maya ring sling and babyhawk mei tai. DH loves the MT, too; we're going to have buy another.
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I really like a wrap for a longer carry time, and a no padded ring sling for shorter shopping trips. The wraps are definetly more supportive, but just take a bit more time to get on.
I've never tried any name brand ones... except the over the shoulder baby holder... which I didn't care for. I just made my own.
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I have had a variety of wraps....stoch, girosol, bali breeze gauze, and a cuddly wrap(like the moby) but I am just not a huge wrap fan myself. I do love the stretch wrap in the beginning but mostly I like my ring sling, fleece pouch and my Kozy mei tai.
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I have a Hotsling, a Babyhawk, and a Sleeping Baby Production ring sling. They are all pretty good. I think I prefer the ring sling the most. It's the easiest for quick in and out, very lightweight(mine's made of Tencel), and the most comfy to wear. It's nice to have the extra tail fabric for covering baby's face if you're outside or nursing. The BH is great for later on, but I don't know that I'd like it for a tiny baby. It's a little harder to get on/off. The Hotsling is good for tiny babies too, but I still prefer the unpadded ring sling over it. I never got into wraps.
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This has been on my mind for weeks so I'm glad to see another thread about it! It's proving to be the hardest decision as far as stuff to buy for the baby. I'm leaning towards a Moby but I'm afraid of not being able to use it for very long because of the stretch. I'm also considering the Hotsling but it doesn't look very private when it comes to BF'ing.
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I wonder what the difference between a moby and a sleepywrap is?
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I can't believe I still have some slings/wraps. I know I have them put away somewhere I just have to find them. I no longer have my maya ring slings. those got passed out to friends when I was done using them. I know I stillhave my Taylor mades (i have a knit, batik and a mesh), I also have a new native pouch, and I just saw my Baby bundler (wrap style) the other day but I can't remember where...grrr. PG brain sucks sometimes.
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What do you do with the extra fabric on a ring sling when the baby isn't nursing/sleeping? I could totally see my toddler thinking it was something to hang from.

I have an Ergo, but I also want a sling or wrap. I've tried on Hotslings but wasn't terribly impressed. With the wrap, like the Moby, can you just leave it wrapped while around the house and take the baby in/out? That would be handy.
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I've wondered that too, Bee. I don't really care for the way it looks with all that fabric hanging down. I'm so short, the last thing I need is attention being drawn down and make me look shorter!
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Several of the slings come in different lengths. I'm short too, 5'2", and so I got a short length sling. There's not really a lot of extra fabric hanging down, just enough to hang maybe to my waist and the fabric is so lightweight and silky feeling that it's not bulky at all.
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You can always buy a smaller sling so there's less extra. You can also just tuck it in.
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Ok, ok! That sounds much better than what I saw online. It showed fabric hanging clear down to like their knees!

Changed, I found a thread for you....didn't read it but it applies here.

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I have been thinking about this quite a bit too. I'm thinking about starting off with a peanut or hotsling. I like the ring sling but all the fabric hanging down didn't appeal to me either. Maybe I will try it tucked it...
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I make my own ring slings and I just LOVE them for the first year.

I also love my moby wrap. You can make a similar one yourself for really cheap.

Mei tais are great for the later 1st and 2nd year
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Originally Posted by Changed View Post
You can always buy a smaller sling so there's less extra. You can also just tuck it in.

The few times DH wore the sling, he tucked the excess around the rings, so it looked like a fabric 'knot' and didn't have the tail hanging in his way. I just let it hang - but I tend to wear a lot of flowy black stuff anyway, so the tail of the sling blends right in.
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Oh thanks Tara! I'm leaning towards the sleepy wrap now.
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I am a wrap and sling hoarder! and my favorite for newborns is the Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch and either my Kozy or Hug-a-Bub for when they are older. I also have a solarveil that I like for hot hot summer months.
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