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And the envelope please......

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We're having one BOY and one GIRL! How about that!?

We are pleased as punch!

The tech said they are long and will be tall... not sure if she could tell that, I suppose they measured long limbs? DH was in the room tho and he's 6'6" so... it stands to reason that they would be tall!

She said both were wiggly! But she said the boy was "rambunctious" and was going to be a "handful!" I think he's the one I feel moving a lot. During the ultrasound, he was kicking his sister in the face! Rude!

My instructions were to drink only 16 oz of water one hour before the appt. She said the reason for that is b/c with a full bladder they will have a better time seeing my birth canal. My bladder wasn't full enough tho so she had to do a transvaginal u/s to check that out. The whole thing took a very long time - she had to take every measurement twice she said, for two babies... She said they always do every measurement twice. And did you know they measure the velocity of the fluid moving in the umbilical cord? It was very interesting.

I was told if anything major was wrong my dr would call me this afternoon and he did not. So I'll confirm with him next week at our appt that everybody is doing well. I feel good about it.

Sorry so long...

bring on the pink... the blue... the green... the yellow... we'll have it all in this house!!
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Wow, how cool! Congratulations!! How neat to have one of each, and how wonderful that everything looks good and healthy. You must be on cloud 9.:-)
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Jen, that's so great - so exciting. I'm glad your u/s went well - mine took a really long time, too. It's so reassuring to have that u/s and know that both babies are developing perfectly and have enough room to grow!

Isn't it funny how people want to label behavior of fetuses?!? My tech kept calling Zeus (Baby A) a "troublemaker"! Give me a break!!
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Congrats, Jen! One of each. That is so exciting and adorable! I am so happy you got to find out, and they're both perfect.
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Aww how special!
My mother is a twin and her twin is a brother. She says she loved growing up with her twin brother.
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Congratulations! My DS would be jealous - he is begging for 'a boy and girl AT THE SAME TIME, momma!'
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How exciting! Congratulations on your wonderful news!
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Oh that's too sweet! One of each! Congrats to you!
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Oh that's just too much fun!!! One of each! Congrats mama!
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How awesome! So excited for you, mama!!
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Baby jackpot! Congrats!!
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My goodness....twins! I'm amazed by you...
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Aww that is wonderful jen!!!
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Oh that is so kickass (can I say that?) that you are getting a boy and girl!! WOOT WOOT!
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Congrats on the baby boy and baby girl!!
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I have never had twins myself but my sister in law had 2 boy/girl sets and they loved growing up with each other. They are so close and it is great. I love them all. I am so happy for you. It will be a wonderful and blessed journey.
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how fun!! one of each!! so glad they are both doing well.
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congrats on expecting a pink *and* blue bundle! and that they are growing healthy!! yay!
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I've been suspecting twins and I just checked out your belly pics and oh my I am *way* bigger. I know everyone is different yada yada but that sure doesn't make me feel better :
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