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Bamboo Stuffing

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I came across bamboo stuffing at Joanns. It's made by the same company as the poly stuff, but I figured I'd try it.

Stuffing with it was DIVINE. I found myself just stroking the fibers and rubbing them through my fingers. It also has a different texture when you squish it around - sort of silkier than the poly stuff.

I used it to make a grab/puzzle ball from the "Last Minute Quilted Gifts" book. It was a ton of fun and worked out great. Not sure how washable it is, so I think I'll sew up something to test out. The website has info about sewing the bamboo batting for quilts, but nothing about the stuffing.

There was also a corn-based fiber stuffing that looked interesting, and was admittedly a bit cheaper, but this was just fabulous feeling. I had to come and rave.
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Thanks for the rave! I'll have to try it. I have some of the bamboo batting that I got with a coupon, but I haven't used it yet. Have you ever used wool stuffing? Just wondering how the bamboo compares to wool.
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I haven't ever used wool stuffing, I have to admit, mostly because I just can't get it around my area.

I'm planning on trying to make a waldorf doll one of these days, AND I'd like to try a needle felted ball, so I imagine that I'll be ordering and trying it soon.

The bamboo was a little bunchy here and there, I think because of the silkiness, and I imagine wool would be more "springy."
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Cool! Thanks for the info on this. I will most definitely search this out!
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I : bamboo stuffing!
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Sounds yummy! My Joann only carries the corn stuffing. I tried it for a couple of recent projects. The corn stuffing is way nicer than polyfill, but doesn't sound nearly as good as bamboo.
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