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I *think* you have to become an RN first, get 2 years experience in L&D, then apply to a CNM program.

Is that right?

feminine_earth: I totally understand about not wanting to move to Miami. It was very hard for us. I'm glad we did it, don't regret it one bit, but it was *very* hard.
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one link i found quickly.

I do believe i have heard of a CNM program that didnt require the entire nursing be completed first but it was in the new england area. Something big like Yale. I really dont remeber so dont hold me to any of it. I am not real familiar with the requirements of that path as it isnt the one i will take.
But i do believe the pp is correct, you have to start with nursing, be active as an RN first, then complete a CNM program. Your associates could probably provide much of the initial coursework required for the RN degree, but you are still looking at alot of work, as with any midwifery path.

I would definantly look more into the requirements in the state of California as well.

good luck to you in your research and the future ahead!
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Yup, last I heard Yale has a CNM program that lets you skip the L&D route. Otherwise I think all CNM programs require nursing and L&D experience first. Good luck!
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The University of Michigan does not require nursing experience. They will admit you straight from a nursing program.

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There are quite a few schools with graduate-entry CNM schools. That means you don't have to have any nursing education or experience. You just have to have a bachelor's degree and in some cases a few prerequisite classes. Yale, University of California San Francisco, University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University, and Marquette University are the ones I remember off the top of my head but there are more. You graduate in three years and you have a Masters of Science in Nursing and if you pass the test, you're a CNM.

They're extremely competitive programs, as well as being intense and difficult because of the short amount of time, but they're definitely an option for someone with education that is not in nursing or someone who does not wish to get a nursing degree. I'm looking into these programs because I am almost done with my BA in Women's Studies. I'm 25 and I don't want to have to start almost at the beginning again to get a BSN in nursing (three years), get the required experience (one year IF I could get an immediate position in L&D), then do ANOTHER three years of CNM school. This way, I'll be a midwife by the time I'm 29, versus being almost 35.
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