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Does your baby cough randomly?

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I am completely paranoid because DD1 has cough-variant asthma and silent reflux. I've noticed that DS coughs a few times a day (maybe three times a day, just a couple of coughs) for no apparent reason, other than perhaps choking on spit. He's not sick. Is this normal? Do your babies do it?
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Yes, My Son does this sometimes.
Its just the bodies way of clearing out the airway. There is dust, hair and all kinds of stuff we breathe..So a few coughs are nothing to worry about. Unless it starts getting worse, running a fever, or she is having a 'wet' cough (ie, coughing up mucus) I wouldn't worry about it.
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YES! My DS does this too (he's almost ten months). No cold, no runny nose, just this weird random cough that he'll do, and then he's fine. He doesn't act sick or anything. I keep thinking maybe its an allergen, like dust or something as he's all over the place crawling around, or maybe he aspirates a little saliva or something, who knows! And it happens so randomly, that I haven't asked the ped about it... Maybe if he's still doing it I'll ask at his one year WBV. If you find anything out, let us know!
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Yes, and I plan on discussing it the next time we're at the ped. My paranoia comes from the fact that ds has pectus excavatum, so I'm worried it's affecting his lung capacity. It's comforting to know other babes do this as well!
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Yes and he also fake coughs just for fun.
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Yes! And now she fake coughs when no one is looking at her, even if she's in your arms.
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Oh I'm so glad someone asked this. Mine coughs too. I take it to be something like little baby sneezes..... it doesn't mean they have a cold or are sick.
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Think about how many times you might clear your throat. A baby doesn't clear their throat they cough.
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yeah what is up with the fake cough??????

yeah coughing is totally normal
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Oh, glad to see other babies do this too.
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I've heard that the extra saliva from teething can make them cough. My DS does the fake cough for fun also.
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Yes. I think there is just soo much dang spit in there, kwim?
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My dd has had a fake cough from a few weeks on. Originally it was her way of laughing and she still does it occasionally instead of a laugh.
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Yep, my 4mo does this.
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