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My post got removed!

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Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I'd been visiting the vax support board out of curiousity. It seemed that most women were writing in w/genuine questions and concerns. The moderator is a frightening mouthpiece for the drug companies. Ooh lala, flu mist is just the grandest thing in the world!

But, yesterday a woman wrote in concerned b/c her dr. had given her child duplicate vax only 4 weeks apart. By mistake! So, I replied that it's such a complex issue and there are arguments for both sides, but she was welcome to visit other sites to see more research.

Golly, no, that was too controversial. THank God that mediator was there to reassure that everything was hunky dory. Best erase the hint of deviance.
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that's OK, because she has already posted here! so your words were received!
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You my friend are a dangerous troublemaker. Thank goodness there is an industry mouthpiece on patrol to save the innocent masses from your propaganda!
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You know, I've actually spent the last hour feeling really "oogey" about this. What idiots. Sorry.

But, she is here! VERY cool! Another mom learned that the box can be forced open to clearer thinking!
(How's that for a mangled metaphor.: )
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An interesting thing isn't it. I know for me anyway, if I am chastised rightly... ie have broken rules, done something out of line and been properly caught and corrected it doesn't really bother me. "Ooops, my bad" or "Drat, got caught!" but no big deal. When I feel like I have been wrongly punished though... I get a sick, nasty feeling. I hate it.
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BusyMommy I am so glad you helped someone find her way here who needed to come!
I was just visiting another board (stupid I know : ) and had ta get the hell out! They were so happy to see the article about the pertussis outbreak and how unvaccinated children are to blame and wanted to know how someone could read that and still NOT vaccinate.
Got to stay here and calm down. I did not reply there:ignore , no point in it.
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I'm just curious if this is the same "mouthpiece"...

"There is a webpage floating out there in cyberspace that nicely illustrates the rabidly pro-vaccine camp's attitude about vaccine risks specifically, and the truth in general. Just as they promote injections, with virtually no proper follow-up, i.e., by shooting first, etc., some are not at all reluctant to launch what I consider to be unfair and misleading attacks, failing to determine the fairness and accuracy of their claims.

The website in question is titled "Misleading graphs, an example from the site of Sandy Mintz"...

If it's the same, you're not the only one she's had it out for! Yikes!
edited b/c I think I may have violated an MDC rule by including the name of the mouthpiece. But...you can still read the article!
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