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Best/Quickest Path to a CNM?

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So I thought I had settled on going the CPM route, even going as far as enrolling in AAMI. But the more I think about it and the more I learn about CPMs in my state, I'm getting a little nervous. There is currently no legistlation for or against CPMs in Ct, but 2 midwives are currently facing Cease and Desist orders for practicing medicing w/o a license. The CPMs don't seem to be making any moves towards organizing and pushing for legistlation. I think there is some disagreement amongst themselve about whether they want it or not. With a young family the idea of prosecution is nothing to laugh about and now I'm unsure about the long-term security of a CPM.

So with all that said, I'm now looking into CNM programs and options, just feeling things out. I don't have a Bachelors degree, but do have some college, not sure how much would transfer at this point (almost 15 years ago). So lets be consevative and estimate that I have maybe a freshman's worth of credits that will trasfer. From my preliminary research, you can get an RN with an associates degree or go straight for the BSN. Within reasonable distance to me are 2 CNM programs, one that offers and RN (I think Assoc deg) to CNM program and the other offers either traditional BSN - CNM or any old bachelors to CNM program. The benefit would seem to be that I could start working a little sooner if I took the shorter RN course and start making some money to offset the tuition expenses... But I don't know if I'm missing some benefit of the BSN or if it would wind up taking much longer to get to the CNM. So if anyone who's been down any of these paths has any advice to share, i'd be very grateful!

Thanks for reading this whole long thing!!!
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my current plan is to get my RN via associates in nursing, working on my pre-reqs as we speak and really should be studying for my anatomy final instead of writing this.

so...after the ADN not sure if's I'll go BSN, right now i am heacily leaning toward the program at Frontier that does the ADN to MSN/CNM bridge. Sometimes I think about just getting my RN and then doing the CPM thing though too. I'm in California, BTW.

I like the ADN because i can work and figure out where I'm going and the hours depending on what I do are great anf flexible for the acheviement of my next goal, which is midwifery but not sure how I'm getting there yet.

So i'm sure that didn't help you any but those are a couple more options for you maybe.

There is a nursing, student nurse, pre-req taker tribe int he tribal areas that is super helpful, lots of women working towards midwifery there as well as other nursing paths.
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what are the CNM laws in your state, that will give you more info on what education you need-
I think Yale has or did have a CM program one of the CPMs I knew years ago interviewed to go there , at that time they didn't require a nursing degree.
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Nope, Yale doesn't have a CM program, they do have a "Bachelor's in anything" to CNM program, but I don't have my Bachelors degree. CM's are currently not recognized in CT. Thanks for the tip about looking up the laws, do you have specific suggestions for what I should be looking for?
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so here is the statue--- looks like you don't have to have a masters in nursing or stuff like that some states require----

degreed nurses learn more theory/ they don't necessarily have more physical experience- but nursing and midwifery are not the same-- general nursing covers care/theory of preterm infants to geriatric patients - basic care- surgery support -- and although that may be interesting midwifery is fairly focused field of info. some things like anatomy and physiology , biology are basics that cover what ever way you go-- if you have plans on moving to another state you may want to look at what their laws are as well because that is where a license may not transfer-
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