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new updates: planner included.

Most of you probably know already, but I just downloaded the new updates for grade 1. Included are block planners (weekly, monthly, yearly, LA block planning, Math block planners). They look great! Just thought I'd mention it here.
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Summer circle for K

We had been doing a formal circle, but now that it is summer, I am trying to get to the park in the morning. It appears that I don't need to include opening activities, but can just start from the base.

What are you all doing? How do you do base outside if the ground it wet?
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yeah, i think those new updates are a big part of what brought me back to enki. they are just what i needed to feel a little more solid in my footing. yay!

numericmama, sorry, i have no answer for you. we are slowly easing into our circle stuff and right now it is only just a walk.
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I posted a separate Enki question, can you all read it and reply...pretty please?
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yes! I'm in for this. I am reading the early childhood one now

Originally Posted by numericmama View Post
What about an Enki K discussion as we read the manuals?
Anyone interested? There is so much information that I will learn it better in a group setting.
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We used Enki for K and a short time for Grade one. I'm working now so we are switching to the waldorf school this fall. Enki was wonderful for us and I am very sad to leave it behind. Beth was an incredible support for us, the camp was great, consultations incredibly valuable, and ds and dd loved the curriculum. I hope to be able to keep up with the stories, at least, to balance out the eurocentric waldorf curriculum.

Recorders; we were on a tight budget and so got this one rather than the official enki recorder http://store.musicforlittlepeople.com/1276.html
I haven't compared the two but this worked fine for us.

I'm glad to see the block planning materials; I found Grade one pretty confusing and overwhelming, these would have helped me a huge amount.

Hope you don't mind me popping my head in here occasionally; haven't left enki behind completely yet, and who knows, we may come back to it some day too.
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from page 4!

So I'm about the start the 2nd teaching guide. I really love what I've read so far and think this curriculum is the perfect fit for our family. I love the idea of the enki ecosystem and web. I love the whole section on unity and diversity..and I find it soo so so true.
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Oh, and I'm starting to re-think the whole idea of having a specific school "room" the in house.
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I finally bit the bullet and placed my order for the 1st Grade package today! I feel so excited! :

After doing a pre-purchase consultation with Beth, we decided to do a split year--so a ramp up in the beginning of the year with Kindergarten, and then move into 1st Grade come January. I LOVE that we can do this with homeschooling--totally tailor things to suit my child's needs. He needs some Kindy skills solidified, but is already doing some 1st grade things all on his own.

So, I'll be hanging out with the K and 1st grade crowd here it looks like! YIPEEE!
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I've got OM K and 1 for my dd. However, I am also considering the folk and nature stories of Enki K to round out her education. I'd like to blend them into a cohesive whole that would be her LA.

Otherwise, I'm using OM for nature, science, and math.
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I just ordered the Enki K curriculum yesterday and I can't wait to get started. I'm thankful someone started this thread.

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great leelee2!

finishing up guide 2 today... how are you all coming along in your reading so far?
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wow, i just came across someone selling their kindy package that was purchased a year ago.
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i saw that too.
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Here on the TP or elsewhere?...

(off to search the internets...)
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Nevermind, found it.
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ok, so did you all buy your supplies from the recommended websites? or have you found a cheaper source? i've been looking around and it seems they have the best prices. especially on playstands!
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Originally Posted by eco_mama View Post
wow, i just came across someone selling their kindy package that was purchased a year ago.
I thought it wasn't allowed to resell the Enki materials? Has that changed?
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