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Bumping this thread.  Anyone out there?  I'm looking at Enki, Live Ed and Christopherus and would love to read (even) more.

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I am using enki grade 1 right now and my love of it is matched only by my complete feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the I formation and ideals.
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Thanks for checking in!  Do you have a blog you could share or some details of what your days look like?  I know they say they provide lots of materials so that you don't have to dig it up yourself and you can customize your curriculum.  I'm interested in how your family does that. 

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There is a yahoo group for Enki that answers many curriculum questions. Generally the day consists of learning through movement activities ( sensory integration) and a morning lesson. Each month you alternate between language arts and math with science mixed in. Learning is done in a three fold process. First in the I trod unction of the material through a story. You do nothing with the material until the next day so they can absorb it through play. Then you do some artistic digestion activities on day 2 and on day three practice more concrete skills. The afternoon is quiet time and special activities.
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Thanks!  I've joined the yahoo group (and then they moved to Google+).  I've ordered the foundation guides and am looking forward to reading them.

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Hello Everyone,

I was so glad to come across this thread! We began Enki 1st grade this year with our 6.5 year old and I am so grateful for it. It is perfect for our family. I would love to find others in Maine who are using Enki. We live in the western mountain area. Anyone else nearby?

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Hello everyone,

I've been using Enki K for about a year. This will be my son's last year of K (turned 6 in Nov) and I have a daughter turning 4 this month. She was along for the ride for our first two years of homeschooling, taking in early childhood type stories along with her brother. At the beginning of this school year I found them to be in different developmental places and shared an early childhood (Enki) story with them in the morning and told my son an older K story from the Enki K curriculum as I settled the children in separately before quiet hour. As winter approached I started noticing my daughter seeking repetition with the early fairy tales I had shared with her, and I began to experiment to see if in fact she was more nourished by these early fairy tales. Yes, it was true! So, now I've been taking a completely different approach to next year's planning than I expected. I'm going to be using the Enki Gr1 curriculum (core stories) with both children and adapting our school work to meet the two different age children where they are developmentally. It has been so helpful to me to be part of the Enki online community to learn how others have used a single curriculum to meet multiple ages. In fact, the concept had never come to me before reading about others' experiences and realizing that it might be the best fit for my family. I'm in Colorado. Looking forward to being a part of this thread!


I did want to clarify from a post by lilysmama that in the first step of the 3-fold cycle, it is important to take the new learning into the sleep cycle (overnight) and that is why you don't work further with the martial the first day.

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A great way to learn more about Enki before making a purchase is to join the Enki Experience Google Group (previously on Yahoo). https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/enki-experience

The folders there contain a lot of information including comparison to other curriculums. You can post questions there to be answered by others using Enki and/or the Enki leadership. A great way to learn if Enki is a good fit for your family is to do a pre-purchase call, you will see this folder in the Enki Experience Google Group. Be sure to send your join request from a computer, I've heard that page doesn't work from an iPad. Once you join, it can be accessed by an iPad or mobile device.

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Thanks for your reply!  I've ordered kindergarten now and am looking forward to getting it and seeing everything.  I agree that the prepurchase call is helpful.  I wish there were more videos or something of Enki in action for those considering it. 

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Hi everyone,

I have two kids (first and fourth grade) and I've been using Enki since the older one was 4. Initially, the 'schooling' was limited to myself learning a whole lot about child development and the basics of Enki (how to establish a daily rhythm for example - just this has saved my sanity countless times over the years.) and as the kids grew to be 'proper' school age, we have organized our days with my growing understanding of Enki and with the help of the Enki materials (lots of them there are).

I have always been interested in how people learn (I used to teach ESL, as well as study techniques and brain/memory development skills before I had kids) and Enki has provided me with a great framework to observe and learn more about that than I ever thought I'd get from teaching 'just' my own two kids.  I love this curriculum and all the background information that it lays out - fortunately there was enough nuts-and-bolts stuff there in the early grades (step-by-step how to's and schedule ideas ... that does not have to be followed but provides a very manageable shortcut for a mother who does not always have the time to plan from scratch) to learn 'on the job' so that now (the support materials are not yet available for fourth grade and beyond) I feel confident and immersed enough to pull together my own material while still using Enki methodology. We'll surely continue to do so for the future.

I can wholeheartedly recommend using the Enki curriculum and only wish it were available in German so I could treat my sister and friends to the richness of this resource.

The only thing to remember (and remind myself) is that not all ideas must be realized - the Enki libraries provide so many that you'd go bonkers trying to do everything. In all fairness, they give fair warning (do not attempt to read all of these stories...) but the quality of the material is so high that it's often hard to leave things out. (Good thing I have a second child. She'll get to do all the crafts, stories, etc that were not selected first time around.)


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I have enki teaching guides, recorder, and christopherus materials grade 2 and kindy. They served me well. Now they are collecting dust on the book shelf.
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Hi gee mom, it's nice to read that you feel well served by your curriculum materials. Since becoming a mother I've become more interested in my own biography, and find it hard to find concrete information regarding my own early childhood experience. I'm personally planning to pass along my Enki curriculum materials to my children when they are adults so they know firsthand about their early experiences. I also look at it as a time saving factor for them if and when they have their own children because I spent so much time in the beginning searching for great materials. I will organize these items and store them in my storage space when they are no longer needed on my bookshelf. If I didn't have a future plan for my materials, I'd load them into my car when I go to the recycling center and drop them in the bin without a second thought, no reason to have a dusty shelf! 

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We use Enki too :) I started this fall with first grade as my daughter didn't have a great experience in K. I love the materials and they have served my daughter well. Most of what you need for a complete school year is there, excepting craft materials and school supplies. There are even directions for games as well!


People tend to either love or hate Enki. I think one of the reasons is because implementing all of the material can be hard both because of the scope of what you are doing (I did say Enki was complete!) and because you do need to individualize for your child, and this means that not everything can be laid out for you in the way you might find with other packaged curricula. Having a supportive community is really helpful when implementing Enki because when others have done it before you, they can suggest how to modify a story or a game in a way that might help you out. Also, at times the directions can be confusing or even missing parts, so having others to help out is important sometimes!


Enki used to provide this community as part of their packages. In fact, that was the no. 1 reason I picked Enki over my other choices. However, as of tomorrow they will be shutting down their google community. There are other google groups you can join as well as a FB group sponsored by Enki. In addition, several other FB groups have popped up that are very helpful. They can be found by searching Enki on FB. This recent shift away from an Enki leadership-sponsored community was precipitated by the formation of a group on Facebook that used the name Enki in the title. The Enki Leadership was very upset about the use of Enki, even after the Facebook legal team chose not to shut the group down because it was not a legal copywrite infringement. The group also contacted several lawyers who also stated the group name was not a copywrite infringement. Despite this, the Enki leadership decided to remove members of the Facebook group from the Enki google community.


I'm including the last paragraph here because Enki will be changing their packages in the near future to reflect the loss of the community supported by the Leadership. In addition, if you choose to buy Enki, you will be joining during a time when there is a lot of upheaval and turmoil. In addition, a big issue like this seems to be cyclic event that happens every several years. People who have been with Enki longer than I have told of a similar issue about 2/3 years ago. So if you buy, please be aware of the issue going on now so you can understand. It's "my way or the highway" with them, and if you don't agree with the leaders and you speak up about it, you may eventually be forced to leave.


I love the Enki lifestyle and the materials I bought. I do feel it is well worth the money (understanding there is no included community anymore, and reducing the price for this) and the time investment to implement it. However, this issue has led me to not trust the Enki leadership's business. It is run as cottage industry, with a few people doing everything and without much sense of how a business should be run. Hopefully in the next few years they can change their ways so more people can enjoy the wonder of Enki without being subjected to the leadership's personal control issues.


Finally, I post this in response to the leadership's "call to action" to have current Enki users post positive reviews about Enki on the web, against a supposed campaign against Enki despite the fact that most of the people who were forced out of the Enki community actually enjoy the curriculum but did not agree with the decisions and actions of the leadership. This is my own real experience and I'm happy to discuss it more in detail through PM because I don't want to start a long discussion that will be viewed by Enki leadership as a smear, despite that fact that there is no negative campaign going on.

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And yes, I know you're all about to come post a response. Please keep in mind it was a honest opinion on Enki and not an attack or smear. When I joined Enki I was asked to post my experience as part of CBE and I'm doing that.
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I think information like that is helpful.  Enki does seem to be radically different from much of what is out there and it is important that people get multiple viewpoints.  I was perplexed, honestly, but the lack of information about Enki that was not produced by Enki itself.

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Hi!  I've been using Enki for about 5 years, and I have 3 kids with sensory issues, so I can tell you that both the movement work and the guidance with rhythm of the day are very helpful. Need to run, but wanted to say that I'm out here and have had wonderful experiences with Enki.



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The situation is more involved than that.  If you go to the Enki Ed site, and follow the link to Enki Experience, there is a writeup about the issue from the Enki Leadership perspective.  I will just say that I agree with their viewpoint, and still am glad to have the materials. and that I am not worried about this transition time. 



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I am a part of that group and have seen the posts about it.  It is complex, for sure, with many viewpoints.  This arose at the time I was attempting to purchase my package and I continued anyway, trusting my gut feeling that this curriculum is a good match for our family. 

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Hi everyone,


I'm new to Mothering.com. I'm homeschooling using Enki Education and I'm happy to find people here to connect with on this! I am using Enki 2nd grade and this is my first year. I cannot even express how much it has met my desires and needs for a homeschool curriculum. I used Christopherus 1st grade last year. It is a very sweet Waldorf curriculum, but it felt very limited from a cultural standpoint. I don't personally connect with everything Steiner. However I'm very grateful for it as it was a very effective bridge into Enki for me.


Enki is absolutely epically awesome!!! There is so much material in the 2nd grade package I could use it for 2 years and probably not do everything. It is incredibly nourishing with it's story telling base and is an education for me on childhood development and parenting in general. My son has a sensory processing disorder, ADD and an anxiety disorder. (plus suspected Aspbergers) Enki is truly therapeutic for him. I feel very very grateful that this material is something that he can associate with and is producing forward movement and momentum in his development. There are also consults available for purchase with the writers/leaders at Enki Education. Beth and Amy are two of the most engaging, understanding and insightful people I have ever had the privilege of speaking to about my son. This is saying something as he has been in professional therapy for years at our local children's hospital. 


I have been present throughout the upheaval with online support and while I have a heart for everyone involved I respect the leadership and definitely favor their viewpoint. They are in the midst of re imagining and restructuring the online support part of things, but I have total faith it will be even better.


I'm happy to find so many here with and/or considering Enki. The more the merrier! (-: And we can all help each other.



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Our family has used Enki curriculum since 2005. I have always found it to be a flexible adaptable curriculum. Beth is a wonderful source of support. She gives clear, insightful,and helpful feedback. We are going through the grades again with my youngest. It's so much fun and very different from the first time I went through. There are so many options that it's very easy to tailer to each child.
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