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Diva Cup users - help!

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Just started using my new diva cup yesterday and I'm having a bit of trouble. It keeps falling out!!! Not exactly out, but it keeps...sliding outward.

I've trimmed the stem twice already - it keeps pinching my skin. Should I just cut it off alltogether?

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I don't use the Diva, but I do use the Mooncup. The stem is completely off of mine...trimmed it with fingernail clippers to get a nice rounded end.

Don't know if this is an issue with you, but I had uterine prolapse issues after my last child. My midwife says this is common with fast births (as my last two were) and that it would correct itself with kegels and exercise. The first couple of times I used my cup, it tended to work its way down where it was uncomfortable. I upped my kegels and started swimming laps and exercising more and now I don't have that problem.

Hope this helps!
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I love my diva cup! I trimmed the stem completely off and now can't feel it at all. The diva cup is designed to sit just inside the vaginal opening, it is not supposed to go up high near the cervix. You should be able to touch the tip of it just inside your vagina. Is this what you mean by slipping, or is it actually falling out?
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How timely
I just started using mine this morning, and am having a hard time getting a comfortable fit. I've already cut half of the stem off....maybe will cut the rest off? It just seems to rub right there....think that stem has to go.
I also am having trouble emptying my bladder fully with the cup inserted....having to take it out. Anyone know if that is common? :
Oh, and what is the trick to getting these things OUT without pain? Always expands right at the wrong spot.....(ouchie!)
(Chicklet...I hope you don't mind my added ???'s on your thread)
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Hey, after 5 days I've finally gotten the hang of it.

Yes, I took the stem completely off mine. MUCH better!

I also called Diva and it turns out to be a common complaint - the feeling that it is slipping out - I've been told that some Kegals will help - 100 - 200 per day.

I really do love the Diva - especially when it's up high and not down around my ankles!!!

I'm going to try the Kegals for the next month before my cycle starts and se if it makes a difference. Now, I actually have to remember to do them!

I'll post back next month to report.

sunnmama - I just grab the bottom, give a slight squeeze, and gently pull. I think it breaks the suction to gently squeeze.

3boysmom- I mean it's touching my underwear - falling out!! Yep - it's kegal time!!
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