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July for me

Well, I'll be part of the string next month. I'm single so will be doing IUI from a donor.
It's been an education reading these posts the last couple of weeks. Now I know what to look for, feel for, and what the doc is even doing.
Here is how my RE has scheduled things out:
  • CD1 - Order specimen.
  • CD 12 - u/s to check ovaries (don't know why. I ovulate on CD 15. Have for years)
  • If follicles are nice and big, I get a shot of Ovidrel.
  • 24-36 hours later, IUI.
  • 7-10 days later - come in for blood test to check hormone levels.

After that, I haven't the slightest idea. I guess wait to see if AF shows. So, I guess I'll be lurking for a few more days. I'm getting excited/scared and have talked myself in and out of this 20 times a day.

Good luck to everybody!
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Welcome kiki! I didn't take Bravelle, but the injectibles are really not as bad as you think they'll be. The first one or two are the hardest as you'll be more nervous and once you've overcome those, it gets easier. I guess the way I looked at it, was that it's just something I have to do in order to get BFP.

Welcome Angi - good luck with your first cycle. I hope it all goes well. Are you doing unmedicated IUI for your first cycle?

Good luck and keep us posted. This thread is great, the people are so supportive and understanding.
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Originally Posted by DLT View Post
Welcome kiki! I didn't take Bravelle, but the injectibles are really not as bad as you think they'll be. The first one or two are the hardest as you'll be more nervous and once you've overcome those, it gets easier. I guess the way I looked at it, was that it's just something I have to do in order to get BFP.

Welcome Angi - good luck with your first cycle. I hope it all goes well. Are you doing unmedicated IUI for your first cycle?

Good luck and keep us posted. This thread is great, the people are so supportive and understanding.
Yep. I've been clockwork regular for 20 years, and can pinpoint ovulation just from feeling it (think it's called mittleschmerz, which sounds like a bagel topping to me), so we are going to try it without any drugs first, except the Ovidrel. If it doesn't work within 3 cycles, we are going to look at other options. And I'm going to look at my bank account.
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Angi and kiki,

I hope you find help and support here. This group has been great for me!

Kiki, good luck with your shots. I find one can get used to anything, so after a few times you'll be a pro, and try to remember what you were worried about!

LiamsMommy, oh oh oh!!! So exciting! I'm holding out for your BFP! I guess your RE lost a bit of her pessimism?

DLT, how'd it go? any news?
you know, my AFs weren't different but I've been on clomid, not injectables... I wonder if that is the difference?

Angi, do you also temp? For me these signs are not always so obvious. Last cycle I had ovulation pain before and after O, but not on the actual day. Plus, my temp didn't actually go up until 2dpo. I know when I oed because they saw on ultrasound the follicles had ruptured and there was fluid around my ovaries.

But if you have o-pain only on one day, that's probably the actual ovulation. For me it may have been the follicles getting nice and juicy big (thanks clomid!)

everyone else? poet? who else is here?
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I'm here but quietly having collected BFNs on 11, 12 and 13 dpo. Not holding out much hope for this cycle and wondering if it will ever happen...

Leah, this development sounds promising! Have you not had spotting since that bit day 10? Hope not!
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Went to the RE this morning for a CD 12 ultrasound- things went OK. My lining is thin (which I have been saying for months!!!) so now I get some cool estrogen patches for a few days to build that up. I had a bunch of eggs (like 9) but we're going another 2 days before we trigger, so we may (hopefully...)lose a few. IUI is tentitively scheduled for Sat.

Poet- I was so hoping for a BFP for you!

Welcome Angi and Kiki!

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tThank you all for the words of encouragement. I got all the medication and the needles yesterday and although I'm still slightly freaked, they're not as big as I expected. And DLT, you're right, it's just something I have to do so it will get done. Plus, if I can't my DH has assured me he won't mind taking a stab at me...lol.

EastbayK, I had all sorts of issues with the Clomid, including hysterical fits of crying over not having sour cream for the tacos I made for dinner! I know exactly how you feel. Good luck with your lining, the last round of clomid I did I had issues with it as well. That's why they went to injectables this time around. They just waited till I surged naturally instead of giving me the Ovudril and by the time CD 18 rolled around, it was good enough for them to do the IUI. They put me on progesterone though, not estrogen - and not the patches - which sound so much more pleasant. Good Luck!
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Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I get more confident that this is right everyday. The Single Mom thing is going to be hard, but I know I can do it.

I'm hoping I won't have to go to the drugs. My RE sounds very optimistic. I guess we'll find out soon. I'm tentatively scheduling my u/s to check the follies around the 18th, since that would be CD12. Though I'm thinking CD 15 would be the better day. I'll be talking to him soon, so we'll get it figured out then. I'm taking a nice long trip to visit the parents next week, so will just relax. It may be the last chance I have to for a while. Hopefully!

And I've been temping also. My temp spike was the same day I could feel the ovulation.

Baby dust for everyone! Keep hope. Kim - Best of luck on Saturday! Good luck Kiki. I don't know if I could give my self the shots. You are much braver then I.
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Well, I went for my HSG yesterday afternoon, and OMG, it was very painful. The outcome is good, my tubes are open and all is well in that area which I'm relieved about.

So tomorrow we go back to meet with RE to discuss the results (an excuse for a consultation I think), and that's where I'll confirm whether we can have unmedicated IUI this cycle. So here's hoping.

kiki - good luck with your injections. Let us know how you go with them.

EastbayK - good luck with your patches, hope they work quickly!

poetgirl - Don't give up just yet. good luck and here's still hoping for BFP to come to you!
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Hey girls!

DLT - sorry your HSG was so painful...but GREAT news that your tubes are open for business! I did an unmedicated IUI this month as well.

Angi - welcome! I would venture to guess the reason why they are giving you an ultrasound on CD12 is to check your follicles to ensure 1. they aren't TOO big and 2. that there aren't too many.

Kiki - I agree with Angi - I'm not sure I could give myself shots. Major props to you! I have had my blood drawn just about every week (at one point I was going 3x/week) and I STILL can't stand the sight of needles.

Eastbay - YAY for Saturday's IUI!

Poet - I'm so sorry about the BFNs. I'm right there with ya. Got one yesterday and the day before. I was too scared to test this morning.

Bio - did you get the results of your progesterone test? How were your numbers?

So, my chart still looks pretty. I was a bit scared about the .2 degree drop this morning but I think I was sleeping with my mouth open. Doh. My CM is back to being copious & creamy. No more blood. Strange. I've had a lot of pulling & crampy funkiness over the past few days...I'm really afraid it's all in my head though.

Will update tomorrow (if I'm brave enough to test!)
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Hi All, Went for a blood test today. Results tomorrow, though i know it's neg.
bfns while doing art are HARD. I've been pretty weepy today and if there's a smiley for hiding under the covers that would be me.
I did get a nice horoscope today:
"You kept a dream in your heart for a reason. Honor it by trying one more time."
So of course we will try over and over and over until we get it.

Thinking of you all and hoping for some bfps for you.
(more personals later, sorry, sleepy and wallowing )
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Jen- that's a wonderful horoscope! And am I correct in remembering that the number 21 is supposed to bring you good luck? Feel free to wallow in your self-pity, we all understand how it feels.

DLT- I'm glad your HSG went well. There seems to be no rhyme or reason on who it is painful for and who it's not. Mine was painless and I remember thinking- sheesh, I don't know why everyone complains about these. My mom concieved me, her one and only, a week after her HSG back in the 1970's. It does work.

These estrogen patches are pretty cool. DH could hardly see them and I haven't had any b*&^%y side-effects yet. The RE said the suppository ones are messy and gross so I'm glad I got these. Fingers crossed for my ultrasound tomorrow that I'll be ready to go.

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Poet: right there with ya, girl. Major hugs.

BFN for me too. So pissed.

Trying 50 mg Clomid (again) next cycle.
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LiamsMomm, Poetgirl - I'm sorry to hear about your BFN. Stay hopeful, maybe next cycle will be the one.

Eastbayk, my fingers and toes are crossed for you. Hope all goes well!

I did my first shot of the injectables last night...actually I chickened out and had my DH do it for me. He was all smiles, it was almost cute...haha. I think because of all the prep work to get the shot ready, it made me freak out more than if it was already prepared and I could just do it and not think about it. I totally panicked and couldn't stand still long enough to inject the shot. It was almost funny. Almost. Never-the-less, one down, who knows how many to go. I have two more days of this before going back for the oh so lovely blood and u/s testing again. I think it's going to be like this for two weeks or so, so i better get used to it.

Has anyone done acupuncture? I have an appointment this weekend to basically get stabbed with more needles, ironic no?
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jen and LiamsMommy, hang in there.

Kim, yay for treatments without many side effects! that's too rare. GL with the U/S

DLT, so sorry the HSG hurt but good news that your tubes are good! Yippee!! GL at the meeting with the RE. Don't let him talk you out of something you want!

kiki, so sorry the shot was so difficult for you! I'm sure they'll get easier. How is everything else going? I haven't done acu, but a lot of the IVF cyclers do it. If you read the IVF thread, I think you'll see many praises of it.

Angi, good luck with your upcoming cycle! Have you found forums here for single moms/moms to be too? It seems like they have a forum for everything... though of course you should stay here with us too!

I'm getting all optimistic again, like I do at this point in every cycle. I start thinking about pregnancy, and the due date, and telling people that we're going to have a baby... and of course telling DH it worked. I'm looking forward to that the most. I try to bring myself down from all that high hope and light feeling... then, it's so funny, I imagine how surprised I'll be (since of course now I'm expecting AF and not hopeful at all) when I do get the BFP. And I'm right back at imagining it's going to happen. Sigh...

I'm 10dpo, testing Monday night. At least I have this big work thing on Monday to keep me occupied. And of course the Eurocup finals!!! (any other soccer fans?)
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Biomama - Keep up that positive thinking!!!! Here is some baby dust for you too... I like soccer!! Hope to see some of it if we are around.

kiki99 - At least you DH was willing to give you the shot. I think mine would pass out if I asked him to do that for me. I'm sure the next ones will only get easier (i know, easy for me to say, but a friend did tell me that it does get easier to give them to yourself). I do acupuncture and find it very relaxing actually. It really doesn't hurt too bad and if it does hurt it is only for a couple sec while they get the needles in the right spot. My suggestion is once they are in don't try to move that limb b/c that is when it will really hurt (in your muscles). Good luck. I really think it does help and they say that it is the only way to improve your egg quality. ( i think that is right, correct me if i'm wrong anyone.)

LiamsMomm, Poetgirl - Sorry to hear about the BFN. Keep your heads up and it will happen!!!!

DLT- How did your RE appt go??? Hope it went well.

Well, I just called about my DH semen culture results and I guess they said they were abnormal (but didn't tell exactly what that ment b/c it was just an answering system) so I guess our RE wants him to do another one. Anyone have an abnormal result from a semen culture before you had your IUI done?? Wonder what is up with that? Hopefully it is just a fluke and nothing else or if it is something else maybe that is our problem and it can be fixed!!! Who knows...I guess it is good we are waiting until the next cycle to do our IUI. I haven't told DH yet, but I know he is not going to be happy that he has to go back and do it again!!!!!!!!!
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LiamsMommy31905 and poet so sorry about your BFN. Nice horoscope though - gives us all hope, doesn't it.

kiki I'm glad DH managed to give you the shots. I felt exactly the same when preparing the shot. I can't do needles, but I somehow overcome that because I HAD to and I knew there was a good reason. It's amazing how strong the mind can be

I started acupuncture about a month ago and I go weekly. It's not painful at all and it's quite relaxing. I look forward to my weekly session. My sister-in-law was trying for #2 for almost 2 years, and she stopped all medication, went for acupuncture for 4 months, and conceived naturally, so she swears by it!

biomama I'm smiling at your story of emotions! It's de ja vu for me. It's great that we can talk ourselves into ANYTHING.

blueyezz4 I guess they need to give you details of the sample so that you know what sort of 'problem' they had with it. GL and hope DH understands.

My RE appointment is this afternoon, and I'll be sure to let him know that I WANT an unmedicated IUI this cycle. If I don't have to miss out, then I won't! I'm sure he'll be okay with that, but I'll update you all afterwards.
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Hello ladies...

DLT, blueyezz - as soon as I was done reading your replies to the acu question I let out a sigh of relief. Thank you. I've heard good things about it and figure at this point, it can't hurt. I lose a little more faith sadly every time AF comes to town and someone recently suggested to me that acu might center me and refocus all this negative energy. Honestly, it sounds a little hokey to me but if it works I'll be the first to admit I was wrong. I recently took up yoga as well, all in the name of stress-relief (and getting into shape for bikini season )

biomama I completely understand how you feel and I too had a smile on my face while reading your post. It's incredible the roller coaster ride that has become our emotions isn't it. I can pretty much convince myself that it will never happen and that it's going to happen this month...all in the same week. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...little extra faith never hurt anybody

DLT, good luck with your RE appt. Let us know how it goes.
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Update.... I went to my RE this afternoon and he said that I can do an unmedicated IUI this cycle if I want, but the stats show that unmedicated have a much lower chance of conception than medicated. But hey, I'm not prepared to miss out on a chance if I have it. I will just get the trigger shot and the progesterone shots after IUI.

So, I'm back in with a chance this cycle! : I think my IUI will be scheduled for the end of next week, but we'll see what the blood tests and u/s say.
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Yeah!!! That is very exciting!! I'm glad it all went well and now we will all just keep our fingers crossed that your blood work and u/s look good too. Good luck!!
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