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So excited to join!!!

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Hello there Ladies!!! I am so excited to be part of the EDC!!! I have a 7 1/2 month old little boy and just found out, today actually, that we are expecting #2 February 16, 2009!!! Oh, the joy!!! It seems that we are very fertile!! I have not had a post-partum period yet and it looks like I won't have one for a while longer! We were planning on another baby, not something unexpected! I am just excited to get to know all of you and share our experiences together! Last time we had a planned homebirth that ended up on transport after 36 hours of labor because of a posterior position and accinclitic(sp?) head position. I did have him without a c-section but plan to stay home this time and have my baby with a great healing experience and joyous occasion!! This time, I plan to do lots of pilates to help baby be positioned properly. I am also exclusively breastfeeding my little boy so I am over tired right now and very hungry!!! I do need advice on a great prenatal! I am taking one now but I feel like I need a better quality one. Any suggestions are welcome! I hope that everything is going well for everyone! I look forward to the next 9 months with you all!!
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Welcome and congrats Kristina!!

My first two dd are just 14 months apart, a similar situation to what you are going through. Except it took me a loooong while to realize that I was pg, like 20 weeks, lol!
You new dd is my b-day!
I don't know what would qualify a prenatal as being "great". I am taking the ones from Costco now and they don't seeem to bother me.
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Congratulations!! :
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Congratulations!! What an exciting time for your family!! So excited to get to know you!!
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Congratulations How exciting

I am wishing you a very healthy and happy pregnancy and the birth of your dreams.

For a prenatal I'd search for a food based one... easier to digest IME
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Congratulations!!!! I am using Rainbow Lite prenatal, it is food-based and contains enzymes and herbs as well!!
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My youngest two are 14 months apart. It was quite an adventure at first, but it has gotten easier as the littlest has gotten older and I wouldn't change a thing.
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