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Doula partnerships

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how to find one, how to run one.

Let's discuss!
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does anyone have a partnership with another doula (whom they did not attend training with?)

does anyone work with a group of doulas and everyone serves as back up on a rotating basis?

I'm looking for women helping women situations. and HOW TO set up a group, or recruit local moms.
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Hmmm...not sure why there aren't more replies. I don't have a formal arrangement with anyone. I'm one of several back-up doulas that another (very experienced and very busy) doula calls on if two moms go into labor at the same time. I'm in a small natural birth-friendly community, so many of the doulas pretty much either know each other or ay least know OF each other; if I had two moms in labor at same time, I feel certain I could find one willing to help out/step in as a back-up. My client load is small enough, however, that it's not likely to happen (hasn't yet in two years).

I did know of two doulas who partnered for awhile; they held group interview meetings (more of an informal "come and meet us and ask your questions" kind of thing). If hired by a couple, they were hired together, with the couple knowing that they rotated every other birth to more adequately ensure a "fresh" "rested" doula. The only exceptions were repeat clients; in those cases, they tried to have the same doula attend if that's what the client preferred. As far as I understand, the deposits were split, and whichever doula attended the birth received the reminder of fee and also did the postpartum visit. Hope that helps!
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I'm part of a trio. So far we assign the the mom to a doula initially based on which one seems a good fit. Sometimes we'll have just one at the initial interview or two. But typically we do much of the general info via email, so teh first in person meeting is often not as much "interview" as getting to know you. Then we assign a back up. The mom always has final say and we let her know. So far its worked well, and the moms have been happy. So they have their own doula. We back each other up, and help watch each others kids during a birth. We have our business (which is still new, but going well) set up that a specific amount comes off the top of every birth, or a percentage if your dong a reduced fee for someone, and goes right into the business account. WE all having matching binders that we track mileage, expenses etc, and our group calendar, which we have on a yahoo group, so we can keep up with each other even if we're not having a meeting. As of now, I handle most the promotions and emails for the group. Its just easier having one person do this! If a doula meets a mom and she comes to us, that doula keeps that mom. She got her in, she gets to keep her unless she thinks one of us would be better. Which we've had before. I just met a mom who I know would be perfect with my friend. We try to have a child free meeting once a month to discuss where we are currently, and our plans for the future and how we plan to achieve them.

Hope this helps some. We are also very networked with other local doulas, and take referral work as well.
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