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Hold on tight , the state has been hijacked by the Republicans

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I just wanted to throw that out there, while i sit here and cry at my computor....
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The people have spoken and said that they value PR more than substantive policy.

This country will hit bottom sooner or later, and when it does...it won't be pretty.

Crowing victoriously now, often means eating that crow later!

...Joyce in the mts.
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It's too bad

George W. Bush wouldn't help CA when he had the chance, back when Davis asked him to invoke federal power to stop the energy companies (enron) from quadrupling the cost of energy. This is what Shrub wanted: to punish CA for voting for Gore, to make Davis look as bad as possible (he was damned no matter which road he took regarding ENRON). Bush was more interested in helping his buddy, Kenny Boy get as much cash as he could before his company went belly up five months later when all the fraud was discovered.

I wonder if Arnie will be taking orders directly from Rove's office now.
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I declare this Answer Everyone with a Song Lyric Day.

It helps.

Here goes:

They're selling postcards of the hanging
They're painting the passports brown
The beauty parlor is filled with sailors
The circus is in town

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Originally posted by Nursing Mother
Hardly hi-jacked. The People have spoken the the power of the vote.
I agree.

I am confused why the Dems, who claim to favor popular voting, are so angry about this outcome-- obviously the people of CA got what they wanted. It was a majority-- not just a plurality. :
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Just so everyone knows....as of the recent stats.

Arnold got 3,655,074 votes

Davis got 3,520, 933 votes

Despite what you may hear that is not a landslide...what was the landslide was ARnold in comparison to the other candidates. (Not gray).

so, arnold can do what he wants but 3,520,933 people weren't interested in him running this state and will be watching carefully.
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There is number crunching going on right now...there are those who are doing analysis on the numbers and something is up.

Will post more when more is available...I don't understand a bit of it...but those who do, are having a very uneasy feeling.

....Joyce in the mts.
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OOooo my goodness - this is sounding exciting!
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I agree the state of California was not hyjacked by republicans. It was invaded by body snatchers who happen to be morons. Who in their right mind would vote for a candidate who never spoke on issues, never gave a straight answer to a question, and physically ASSAULTED women in his RECENT past? It boggles the mind, truly it does.

That's fantastic if you are a republican, my concern isn't that Arnold is a Rep, IMO it doesn't matter what party your from as long as you work with the peoples best interest at heart.

My issue is that we have Republicans on this board supporting Arnold, and they don't even have a clue as to what he is in favor of or what is is apposed to. What if he turns out to be a very liberal republican?

BTW, running businesses is not akin to running a state, he's going to be dealing with real people and their lives now, not money.
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The People have spoken with the power of the vote.
I thought that's what regular elections were for?!
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I know this guy. He knows his stuff...no kidding.


What I don't know about statistics....could fill many, many books. Seems there are some anomalies that smell. (Kind of what I remember of the midterm elections last year.)

This is still an ongoing research process.

Check it out...Joyce in the mts.
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I heard on the radio that even though 16 (or however many there were that came forward)women said that Arnold assaulted them, "people" didn't think it was important. However, if his financial situation was not good, well then, "people" would be worked up about THAT! I guess worked up enough not to vote for him. That is what I heard on the radio and I was floored!
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On a lighter note...
My 20 month old DS has always been very touchy with me and his dad. He is constantly putting his had up our pantlegs and shirts to rub our skin. We think its cute and that he is just looking for some skin to skin contact that has been lacking since he weaned from BF a while back. We have fondly referred to him as Mr. Groper. Until yesterday. Now we call him "The Governator" or "Ah-nold" . I am sure this tasteless nickname will wear off as soon as the denial of this icky situation does. Hang in there California.
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I am right with ya! Very sad. Another exit poll stated that only 51 percent of those who voted for Arnold thought he was a competent politican. You see, many people voted out of anger and for the person they know most-Arnold. Well, at least have seen the most.

Also, the polls were consolidated for this election. Which means many polling places were closed and people in LA did not know where to go and vote. The spanish station 34 recieved 300,000 calls from people thoughout LA county wanting assistance. They had opened there phone lines for help. Rev. Jesse Jackson wants answers You know he is gonna" fight the powers that be!"

Anyway, Arnold is just a pawn for the Rebublicans anyway. He is so connected to Enron! I am not a Dem. or Repub. but am sad and angry at this!
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