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Really bad heartburn

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Hi, I was just wondering what you guys do for heartburns that are safe for pregnancy. I'm just having really bad heartburn which sucks because being latin myself I only love spicy foods. I've never been a picky eater and now I am not sure what foods cause less heartburn than others. I never had a problem eating spicy foods, and now it's my worst symptom. I know, I'm laying off the spicy foods, but seems like everything I eat is giving me heartburn, so plz let me know what all you mammas do for it.
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Tums is (are?) safe. I used Rolaids with dd but I am not sure if they are approved or not.
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I am one of those people that gets heartburn the minute I have a positive test, and it lasts until the birth. And it is BAD. Crying bad. I've wondered about damage to my esophagus because it is so constant and so bad when I'm pregnant. And I looooooove spicy food.

So here are my suggestions:

1) When you eat a meal, try NOT to drink a lot of fluids at the same time. Drink your fluids between meals. The point is to keep from diluting your spicy food in your belly, cause liquidy spicy food will reflux easier than thick spicy food.

2) Snack on almonds. I can't remember what it is about almonds, but they reduce heartburn. And they are good for you.

3) Try papaya tablets. You can get them at your coop. I'd try this before trying a medication, as they are gentler and more natural and for many people they work really well.

4) Most OBs do say Tums are safe. But if you need to eat 20 a day to get relief, I'd think twice about it. Even the maker of Tums admits there is both lead and aluminum in them, yet they won't admit how much. And I've seen research that says the whole Tums with Calcium is a gimick - your body absorbs calcium best when your stomach is acidic, so eating calcium in the same pill as an antacid means you get very little if any of it.

5) Pepcid Complete is something else to consider if you get it bad and daily. I resorted to this in my last pregnancy, but really preferred it to eating Tums like candy. The three active ingredients are Famotidine (classs B), calcium carbonate, and magnesium hydroxide (class B). Class B drugs say EITHER animal-reproductive studies have not shown a fetal risk but there are no controlled studies in pregnant women, OR animal studies do show a fetal risk but studies in pregnant women do not show a risk. I felt more comfortable with taking this because I could get relief if I took just ONE pill ever TWO days, versus Tums which I would have been maxing out on every day.

Other general suggestions - don't lay down immediately after eating or drinking lots of fluids. Foods that are more alkaline can help counter the acid problem (figs, tofu, apricots, raisins, almonds, carrots, potatoes, etc).

Hope this helps. I definitely feel your pain.
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Thank you so much ladies!!! Usually if I don't get the heartburn right after I eat then I get it in like two hours or so and it sticks for a long time. Anyway I try not to use any conventional otc (over the counter) drugs unless I have to. Funny thing I actually have those papayas tablets which I took before I was pregnant but not for heartburn. If they can help with heartburn then that's a BIG plus!!!! Anyway thank you both again so much I'll definetely be doing all your suggestions, and Firefly I hope you feel better too.
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Papaya. It really is the key miracle food for heartburn.

For immediate relief when no papaya is available, stand on your tip toes.
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Thanks RomanGoddess!!!!!
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Papaya enzymes! Those crunchy little tablets are fabulous!
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